25 Easy & Amazing Recycled Garden Ideas You Can Do

Recycling items is not only beneficial for our environment, but also for ourselves. Recycling or upcycling old items into useful items again can heal our stress and release our creativity.

By doing it, you can help the earth to breathe more since you can reduce the waste and turn your old items into something amazing, especially for your garden. Yes, easy recycled garden ideas you can do here are inspired by DIY projects in order to decorate your garden. Whether it is a vertical or landscape one.

Moreover, you can find the items easily in your house since we will use old items that consist of plastic bottles, gallons, and even fashion items that you don’t use anymore due to its damage or out of style. By taking a look at our ideas, you won’t forget how easy it is to recycle the things into something beneficial and stunning to see in your garden.

Vertical Garden Ideas

Having a vertical garden is the solution if the space is small yet you are too in love to do gardening. Also, by building a vertical garden, you can decorate the wall, usually in the backyard, so it doesn’t seem that plain anymore. To make it more attractive and beautiful, you can use recycled items as part of your DIY activities with your family too. Check out vertical garden ideas that you can get inspired below!

1. Hanging bottle plastic pots

Hanging bottle plastic pots
Source: Pinterest (@Simple Life of a Lady)

Yes, plastic bottles are the most famous recycled items that you can use for your garden. Whether it is for a vertical garden or landscape one, you can choose based on your preference. Just like in the picture, you may cut one side of the bottle to put the plant inside, then set the rope to hang the bottle pots on your patio. Be careful when you put the plant inside since sometimes the cutting part will be sharp, you can hone the cutting part first to make sure there is no sharp part on the bottles.

2. Vertical garden using bottle plastics

Vertical garden using bottle plastics
Source: Pinterest (@Simple Life of a Lady)

This recycled garden idea is easier than the previous one since you just have to cut the bottles in half to upcycled them into pots. Also, you can easily create a hole and put the string in order to hang it in your vertical garden. As the drainage, you can upside the bottles and make a small hole on the bottle cap, so the water can flow through it. Now, your backyard wall will not be that plain anymore. You can plant your favorite veggie without having to spend much money for pot or plant containers.

3. Vertical garden with cans pot

recycled garden ideas
Source: Pinterest (@Create. Play. Travel.)

If you run out of space to have a lovely garden, then go for vertical style. Moreover, you can create a vertical garden using recycled material like old cans that you paint colorfully. You can use any size of cans that you have and ask your kids to paint them, so the kids can have another interesting activity during the weekend as well. Then, you just have to choose which wall you want to decorate as the vertical garden.

4. Colorful tires 

Colorful tires 
Source: Pinterest (@reddit.com)

When your husband is too lazy to throw away his old tires, then ask him to paint them all because you can use old tires for your mini garden. Having a mini garden using recycled materials will be fun especially with tires, since the space is like a pot. You can arrange them as seen in the picture after your husband finishes painting them all. Veggie garden suits this idea the most.

5. Beautiful plastic containers as pots

recycled garden ideas
Source: Pinterest (@5T1 Garden)

Who can guess that these pots are from old plastic containers that you don’t use anymore for safe food? Yes, reuse plastic containers for your vertical mini garden is definitely a good idea. Growing flowers inside these old plastic containers is one of the easiest ways to reduce waste and press the cost of having a new small garden. Stack it like in the picture then you can have a beautiful spot you can enjoy every day.

6. Vertical garden with hanging plastic bottles

recycled garden ideas
Vertical Garden With Hanging Plastic Bottles

What a stunning vertical garden you can have with this idea! Again, you can reuse plastic bottles of your favorite drinks in order to decorate your vertical garden. Start by painting them first to make it more attractive to see, then cut one side to place the plants and arrange the bottles using tie cables to make it steady.

7. Upcycled bottles

recycled garden ideas
Upcycled Bottles

Often consuming fresh juice in the bottles, then end up with a stack of unused juice bottles in your house? It is time to cut them in half, paint them colorfully, and place new plants as the gardening ideas using juice bottles. You can use it by turning the bottles upside down, so the bottle cap is on the bottom and functions as the drainage by creating small holes on it.

8. Boots for pots

recycled garden ideas
Source: Pinterest (@Salvage Sister and Mister)

Planning to throw away your kids’ boots? Think again because you can use it as pots and hang it in your backyard. Also, your kids will feel excited to see that their old boots can decorate the backyard into something stunning and cool! Let your kids choose the flowers they want to be grown inside the boots. It teaches them the responsibility to take care of the plants too.

9. Plastic bottles for vertical garden

Plastic bottles for vertical garden
Source: Pinterest (@Hometalk.com)

Want to start building a simple vertical garden? You don’t have to take extra cost and effort to do it because you can collect old bottles in your house, cut it in half and start seeding the greens you already prepared. You also can use the old wood as the fence to hang all of the bottles, so your plants can grow properly. It needs extra time yet you don’t have to worry about the results.

Landscape garden ideas

If the space is enough and you have already prepared it, you can have a landscape garden idea and fill it with recycled items as pots before growing the new plants. From small or cutting flowers to vegetables that you can crop during harvest season, you can have it all.

10. Coke bottles

Coke bottles
Source: Pinterest (@greenheartden.blogspot.com)

Planting leeks will be that simple by re-using the coke bottles that you haven’t thrown it yet. In order to plant the leeks or any veggie that you want, you can cut one side of the bottles. Also, don’t forget to create small holes as the drainage on the other side. You can arrange the bottles as you want in your garden, it can be your garden border as well if you want.

11. Bed containers with glass bottles

Bed containers with glass bottles
Source: Pinterest (@Laura Beth Love)

Instead of using concrete as your bed containers, why don’t you upcycle old bottles into your garden accessories? You can see this recycled garden idea. Placing glass bottles as the garden border will be an excellent one. Your garden will look different, fresh and more environment-friendly. Also, you don’t have to call for the expert to build the concrete as the containers. This landscape idea can be done for some spaces in your garden if you have various collections of plants in your yard.

12. Upcycled teapot 

recycled garden ideas
Source: Pinterest (@Hometalk.com)

Are you a vintage enthusiast? Then this idea can be your inspiration to build your own colorful garden by reuse the old materials that you can find easily in your house. Simply just use your old wooden bath tub as the mini pond, then you can build a mini fountain by using your classic teapots. After that, you can place the pots around the fountain as the beautiful corner spot you can have and enjoy every day. Don’t forget to plant colorful flowers to spoil your view.

13. Re-used Galvanized Bathtub

recycled garden ideas
Source: Pinterest (@Molly Dwyer)

When you have too many galvanized bathtubs in your house and don’t want to throw them away, you can use them to beautify your yard as big pots. No need for extra painting since the old bathtubs will give a vintage sensation for the guests. All you need to do is create a few small holes on the bottom of each bathtub as the drainage, so your plants can grow properly and healthy inside. This upcycled idea for the garden is pretty easy to do alone, right?

14. Plastic gallon 

Plastic gallon 
Source: Pinterest (@lovethispic.com)

A simple landscaping idea to place your plants using plastic gallons. The method is the same as using plastic bottles, but using gallons will let your plants have more space to grow. You can cut it like this or cut the gallons in half as the pots for your plants to grow. So, there is no guilty pleasure anymore when you consume the water using plastic gallons because you can reuse the medium for your garden.

15. Bed container

Bed container
Source: Pinterest (@minhacasa.abril.com.br)

Turn your garden into more neat and attractive to see by having a diy garden idea like this. If you have many containers from fruits or veggies, you can reuse it as the containers for your new plants in the yard. Also, you don’t need to create drainage on each container since they already have it. Place the containers based on the landscape you have already created, then it is easier for you to maintain the plants because you can see clearly each plant you have.

16. Cute plastic bottles

recycled garden ideas
Cute Plastic Bottles

It is time to do diy craft for your garden using recycled materials! You can ask your kids to paint the old bottles before cutting it to make it safe for children. Plastic bottles are the most suitable for this craft. Then, start planting small varieties inside them. You may place the pots around the pond or in your patio.

17. Upcycled old shoes

recycled garden ideas
Upcycled Old Shoes

Dare to do a different diy from your old shoes? Yes, you can upcycle your shoes into pots for your favorite flowers. Planting daisies will be more fun inside the shoes, because once the flowers blooming, it will give another sensation since it grows from the shoes. It fits a small garden as well. So, let’s find your old and broken shoes to turn them into pots, instead of throwing them away.

18. Recycle the black tire for bed containers

recycled garden ideas
Recycle The Black Tire For Bed Containers

No need to buy new big pots if you have many unused tires. Now, you can have an environmentally friendly garden by turning the tires as medium of your plants or veggies to grow beautifully. If you want, you can paint the tires first to make it more interesting to see. You can plant lettuce, cut flowers or any greens that can be your favorite place to heal, especially during the weekend.

19. Sustainable garden from fashion statement

recycled garden ideas
Sustainable Garden From Fashion Statement

As a woman, we bet you have many unused fashion statements in your wardrobe, right? Therefore, you can upcycle the bags, shoes, or even purse as the pots for your favorite greens. The beautiful colors of your fashion items can be a center spot of your recycled yard art. Make sure the drainage is provided. You can hang the bags on the big trees if you grow the plants that require shade spots. The plants inside the shoes can be put under the tree as well to get the dappled shade sunlight.

20. Old kitchenware

recycled garden ideas
Old Kitchenware

For those of you who don’t want to get rid of the old kitchenware because of too many memories from the items, you can place them in your garden as pots for your succulents or any other plants. With this method, you still can have your old kitchenware but in a useful way. Your mother will feel impressed to see this idea.

21. Closet pots

recycled garden ideas
Source: Pinterest (@Hometalk.com)

It might be very intriguing for some people to turn the closet into pots as the gardening idea using recycled items. You may ask the expert to clean up the closet first if you are not sure to do it by yourself. After that, start planting cutting flowers in your backyard. The spring season will become your favorite time.

22. Used concrete as bed containers

Used concrete as bed containers
Source: Pinterest (@Barefoot In The Pines)

Old concrete can be used as the bed containers for your veggie garden like this. Getting a mini garden with a cool landscape like this will be more effective than just planting it on the ground because you can plant different varieties in a small gap of concrete. During harvest season, you can crop your veggies directly from your own garden.

23. Old dresser 

recycled garden ideas
Source: Pinterest (@earth911.com)

Getting rid of the old dressers takes more time since it is heavy and you need another person that wants to have it. If your old dresser’s condition is impossible to give it to another person, you can move it to your backyard as the big pots for your flowers. Open all of the drawers and grow the flowers inside. By using the old dresser, you don’t have to get extra space anymore for adding new flowers.

24. Old cups

recycled garden ideas
Old Cups

Run out to a place to save the cups and mugs? Then, you can move the old mugs and cups to your patio and fill it with your succulents. Yes, you are not wrong because you can turn your old cups or mugs into pots for your cute succulents outside. Place them together in one big basket, and you can water them easily.

25. Fashion items pots

recycled garden ideas
Fashion Items Pots

Old cool shoes as the new place for your plants to grow are different things that you can do to beautify your garden. It can be a center point once your guests come and see them. Small flowers like daisy, succulents, or your own favorite plants can be grown inside. You can clean up the shoes first before putting the soil and the seeds inside.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How do you make a recycled garden?

By finding the old items in your house, such as plastic bottles, old tires, or your fashion statements and turning them into pots. You can hang them all as the vertical garden ideas or place it on the ground as the landscape garden if the space is pretty spacious.

How can I make my garden beautiful on budget?

By not adding any painting and extra items. You can upcycle the tires, plastic bottles, or kitchenware without having to do re-painting on them. Just start growing the plants inside and you can have a beautiful garden on budget.

What recyclable material can help plants grow?

Plastic can help plants to grow since there is no corrosion appearing from the plastic material that can affect the soil and your plants. So, it is safe for you to use old plastic bottles and upcycle them into pots or containers. Just don’t forget to add the drainage to ensure the water can flow easily.

What is recycled container gardening?

It is gardening by using recycled containers. For instance, you can use old food containers or big fruit containers as the recycled container for your garden. Usually, old containers already have gaps, so you don’t have to create drainage anymore for the plants.

How can I reuse my garden?

By adding the recycled items as pots to plant your new greens inside. You don’t have to demolish all of your garden. Just by refreshing some items, you can reuse your garden again.

What are the benefits of planting in plastic bottles?

No need for extra cost if you plant in plastic bottles. It can reduce the waste for sure and you can ask your kids to paint it together as the beautiful decoration in your garden.

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