25 Stunning Arizona Landscape Ideas That Easy to Maintain

Beautiful houses must have beautiful landscapes of the garden as well. No matter if the space is big or small, in Arizona, you can create your own landscape ideas that are stunning and amazing to look at. Its dry climate doesn’t stop you from getting creative in arranging the plants for a green view.

Here, we give you a bunch of lists of Arizona landscape ideas that you can make in your own home. With or without professional help, it is based on the design you prefer.

Check out the front yard and backyard since we’ve already covered it all.

How Do You Landscape in Arizona?

Of course by measuring your area first before starting landscaping, and after that, do these steps:

  • Choose the right plant size, if your space is small. Please consider choosing small sizes of plants too.
  • Less water plants or drought tolerant plants are good ideas for Arizona weather.
  • You can integrate seasonal color to beautify the view.
  • Ask a professional helper if needed.
  • Although you can plant drought tolerant plants, you should have to maintain their growth.

Arizona Front Yard Landscape Ideas

It is time to turn your front side of your house into something that is colorful, memorable yet low maintenance for the busy people like you. These Arizona front yard landscape ideas below fit for your front yard. Spacious or limited, you can have it all.

1. Colorful Front Side Arizona Landscape

arizona landscape ideas
Source: Pinterest (@Family Handyman)

For the front yard beside your house, this Arizona landscape idea can be your inspiration to transform your space into desert landscape but still there are various shrubs on it. It fits dry climate yet still has a seasonal color for your Arizona outdoor space. This is one of the simple yet stunning landscaping ideas you can do with no extra effort.

2. Purple Color and Beautiful Arizona Landscape

arizona landscape ideas
Source: Pinterest (@pinterest.com)

Salvia and crassula can be your beautiful border in front of your house since the color combination is matched and fresh to look at every day. It fits for all seasons in Arizona. The lavender color is calming while bright green will energize your day. The maintenance for this landscape is not difficult either.

3. Easy to Maintain Landscape Idea

arizona landscape ideas
Source: Pinterest (@sonorangardensinc.com)

Sandy soil, medium stones, dwarf palm, succulents and front space in your house you can turn for one of stunning Arizona landscape designs. These drought tolerant plants need very little water, so it is easy to maintain them. As for busy people like you, you can have a fresh view every day but require less effort to take care of them.

4. Through The Stairs Landscape

arizona landscape ideas
Source: Pinterest (@Better Homes and Gardens)

It must be boring when your front house has stairs but there are no decorations or plants at all. Therefore, you can complete the look by growing the shrubs that are drought tolerant, grass, and dwarf palm. You may choose plants with different colors so it can integrate seasonal color from your patio. Although the plants seem simple, when they are maintained well, the look will be perfect.

5. Welcoming Cactus Front Yard Landscape

arizona landscape ideas
Source: Pinterest (@colwellshelor.com)

Whether it is prickly pear cactus, barrel cactus or other varieties of cacti, you can plant it in front of your house. Adding salvia between the cacti will be a great idea. This Arizona landscaping fits for your Arizona home. Cacti will never go wrong for a dry climate but still freshen the looks. So, you can have various sizes of this plant for the front space of your house.

6. Mini Garden Arizona Front Yard Garden

arizona landscape ideas
Source: Pinterest (@dcranchhomes.com)

A spot of succulent like this will recharge the whole look of your yard. You can do it for your front area in your house if there is no fence on it. Planting aloe, senecio, cacti and placing the stones between the plants will be a good spot to fill the empty space. Also the water features for these plants are not that much. So, it is a good one for you!

7. Cute Succulents for Mini Arizona Garden Idea

arizona landscape ideas
Cute Succulents for Mini Arizona Garden Idea

Mini garden with cute succulents like this will attract not only you but also your kids. You can prepare a space (no need for a big one), then you can create pots for your succulents and paint them with brick color. After that you can place your succulents inside and arrange them in the space you have prepared. No need for a big landscape for your Arizona garden since this one can be an excellent idea to fill your front yard.

8. On Top of The Stone Cacti Landscape

arizona landscape ideas
On Top of The Stone Cacti Landscape

When your front space is limited and the fence is already built, never worry about the ideas to add the plants since you can fill the space on your stone fence to plant the cactus. Cacti don’t need much effort to maintain, but they still can grow perfectly in Arizona. So, your front yard will have a green spot (although it is small), once the cacti are mature enough.

9. Coastal Garden for Arizona Landscape

arizona landscape ideas
Source: Pinterest (@reddit.com)

A coastal garden on the corner of your yard. Although it only fills the small corner, you still can get creative by arranging the plant’s variations on it. Growing palm, agave, cacti and many more plants will give a new vibe for your Arizona landscape, especially for the visitor to see it. Don’t forget to add the small lamp for night view.

10. Small Spot in Arizona Front Yard

Small Spot in Arizona Front Yard
Source: Pinterest (@Noelle Johnson)

You have no yard? Of course, it’s not a problem. You can enjoy a beautiful view in front of your house like this one. Cute, adorable in a small spot. Just plant barrel cactus, senecio, sempervivum and other small plants for your small spot. Throwing pebbles and medium stones to cover the soil will be great too. They will get the sun enough and you don’t have to maintain it every day.

11. Soothing Pavers Landscape

Soothing Pavers Landscape
Source: Pinterest (@squaredrootlandscaping.com)

In front of your house, this is a very soothing Arizona landscape idea that you can have. You don’t have to provide much space for growing the succulents since you just need the size of pavers to create it. Crassula, sempervivum, and echeveria will be good plants to fill the space. The colors of those plants are calming and will give you a new sensation.

12. Full of Cacti for Arizona Garden Idea

arizona landscape ideas
Source: Pinterest (@Mydesired Home)

Although you cannot walk to the pavement, unless you want to get hurt due to the cactus there, you still can enjoy the view below. The size of cacti is relatively small yet it is attractive and stunning because the varieties and the color are sync. Your garden, even if it is not that big, your eyes still can be spoiled by the fresh one.

13. Potted Cacti for Arizona Landscape Idea

arizona landscape ideas
Source: Pinterest (@Paula Ann)

To add the new accent on your Arizona lawn, it is as easy as placing the potted plants like this. In Arizona, you can place drought tolerant plants on the center point of your lawn. If the potted plants are already available, then the task for having this idea is by rearrange the placement only. Then, you can get this view for your Arizona yard everyday.

Arizona Backyard Landscape Ideas

Landscaping your backyard can be viewed more personally by you and your whole family. Therefore, you can create Arizona landscape ideas based on your preference without having to worry if it will be seen as good or not by others. Below are the most stunning Arizona backyard landscape ideas you can try for your Arizona space!

14. Cacti for Arizona Backyard

Cacti for Arizona Backyard
Source: Pinterest (@Decoration Blog)

To decorate your Arizona backyard that is already filled with lawn but you need more layers, why don’t you go for the edge and grow the succulents or other drought tolerant plants to freshen the looks? You can arrange the size and plants you want by filling them off the edge of your lawn. Don’t forget to throw pebbles or gravel on it.

15. Beautiful Arizona Landscape on Rooftop

Beautiful Arizona Landscape on Rooftop
Source: Pinterest (@The Phoenix Filly)

Having a rooftop but you want to turn them for an amazing Arizona landscape garden? You can try this idea! As you can see, the plants or succulents are not that many, but it still looks stunning especially when there is already a seating area beside the garden. It can be an inspiration for your Arizona backyard as well when you want to beautify your seating area on the back of your house. The pebbles to cover the sandy soil will be a focal point since it will absorb the heat and rain.

16. Succulent for Arizona Landscaping Idea

Succulent for Arizona Landscaping Idea
Source: Pinterest (@Food52)

Isn’t it lovely to have beautiful backyards and one of these is like in the picture? The space is not that big, but it is full of colorful flowers, agave, cacti, and succulent. Since your space is limited, you don’t have to create pavers. All the people who come to your house could see this amazing landscape with their own eyes.

17. Arizona Backyard Space

Arizona Backyard Space
Source: Pinterest (@farmfoodfamily.com)

This Arizona backyard idea is suitable for you who already have big gravels or river rocks. When you are out of soil, then this type of landscape will fit your specification. You don’t have to demolish or create a new landscape design since this one can be planted for cactus, palm, and other types of succulents. And also, an environment like this will give everyone who sees it like being in the desert.

18. Arizona Native Plants Landscape

arizona landscape ideas
Arizona Native Plants Landscape

If your backyard is too empty and you want to fill it with Arizona native plants, then go for succulent varieties. You can have cactus in different sizes and shapes. The weather of Arizona fits what cactus need. You can set the fence as well if you don’t want any disturbance to appear for your plants. So, it is like a natural showroom for your healing spot.

19. Aloe Plant for Arizona Landscape

arizona landscape ideas
Source: Pinterest (@colwellshelor.com)

Aloe has many benefits for your health. So, growing them as part of your Arizona landscape plants will be a good idea. You can plant it directly to the ground between the trees where they already existed. So, while you need to use aloe, you can just harvest them.

20. Stunning Desert Landsape with A Pool

Stunning Desert Landsape with A Pool
Source: Pinterest (@desertxeriscape.wordpress.com)

What a stunning view for your Arizona backyard or rooftop. This outdoor space really amazes people who visit your house for sure. It is like a dream Arizona backyard since the plants are arranged perfectly and complete with a pool. For a spacious place, this Arizona landscape idea is really worth trying. The pool becomes a focal point of this Arizona landscape. Ask the professional landscaper to help you grant your wish.

21. Arizona Backyard Landscaping with A Path Walk

Arizona Backyard Landscaping with A Path Walk
Source: Pinterest (@sonorangardensinc.com)

It’s pretty simple to fill the empty space that you want to beautify. Along the path walk, you can grow aloe, agave, and many more. The sandy soil fits for these drought tolerant plants. Also, you don’t need extra efforts to add something new since the succulent will turn to be attractive once they grow. There is no dull look anymore when you are going to your Arizona backyard by growing them.

22. Full of Cacti Backyard Landscape

Full of Cacti Backyard Landscape
Source: Pinterest (@landscapefocused.tumblr.com)

Prickly bear, prickly bear everywhere! When you are out of ideas to make your Arizona backyard become that fabulous to look at, then fill it with prickly bear cactus. The result will really amaze you. Once they grow mature, your backyard will be a dreamy yard ever! Try this and you will never regret having this backyard landscape idea in your house.

23. Arizona Raised Bed Landscape Idea

Arizona Raised Bed Landscape Idea
Source: Pinterest (@Arizona Daily Star)

This is a minimalist and aesthetic background on the back of your house. The various cacti sizes and varieties will create new vibes for your house especially during summer. Since they are directly planted on concrete raised beds, you can let them grow as big as they are. The sunlight is coming enough in Arizona, so this is a perfect idea to have a new background in your Arizona yard. 

24. Colorful Cacti on Arizona Backyard

arizona landscape ideas
Source: Pinterest (@sunset.com)

Ah, isn’t it so peaceful to relax and chill while you’re in a gazebo, and seeing your plants? For sure, that is a great idea for the Arizona landscape. If you really dream to have that type of landscape, you can do it now! This landscape can be done only by professionals since you have to measure the space and build the concrete raised bed first before growing the plants. Yet, the result will amaze you.

25. Minimalist Arizona Backyard

arizona landscape ideas
Source: Pinterest (@冶洋 齊木)

If your house uses a minimalist theme and also runs out of space in the backyard to have a green yard, this minimalis Arizona landscape could be the answer. As the base, you can place the wood first and pebbles to absorb the water easily before you put the potted cacti and other succulents. Don’t forget to plant snake plants too because they are good to provide fresh air. So, this can be your cute spot for your backyard.

Final Thought

Creating a stunning Arizona landscape for some people might be tricky since the dry climate and type of soil in here will confuse you about what plants that can grow perfectly. But, through our recommendation ideas, you still can have an amazing landscape in Arizona that are easy to maintain.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How do you landscape a backyard in Arizona?

Creating a landscape for a backyard in Arizona seems simple especially if the backyard is still empty or with a lawn only. So, you can follow these steps to landscape your Arizona backyard:

  • Choose the theme you want, for instance the simple, full of plants, or to beautify the pathwalk.
  • Choose the right plants, drought tolerants will be the best one. Dwarf palms are also good as the background.
  • Don’t forget to add the lamp for a night view.
  • Always maintain the plants although they are low maintenance ones.

Can you use mulch in Arizona?

Yes, you can. Usually, the common type that is often used in Arizona is wood chip mulch. You can use this kind of mulch to cover the soil while you grow the plants. Wood chip mulch is made of heavy materials, so it tends to stay in place when you use it for your plants.

What is the most popular plant in Arizona?

Desert plants are quite popular in Arizona due to the dry climate there. For instance, agave, aloe vera, cacti, salvia, and severvivum are the most popular and often chosen by the Arizona gardener to fill their yard and beautify the space in their house.

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