10 Stunning Low Maintenance Landscaping in New Jersey

Some people think that creating a landscape garden will take more time and effort. Also, they often assume that it will cost a lot to establish it. Yet, they don’t know there is low maintenance landscaping in New Jersey for a stunning view throughout the house. That’s why it is time to choose landscape plants and start to design them in New Jersey as you have a spacious yard.

You can read it thoroughly while remembering what type of soil you have, how spacious the yard you can provide, and many more. Don’t forget to pay attention to its hardiness.

It may seem petty yet it is the important one regarding the purpose of your plan.

1. Hydrangeas

You will know that Hydrangeas are not only low maintenance landscaping plants in New Jersey, but also a winter hardy! Isn’t it the best idea to have it in your yard?

This one is a Jersey friendly yard. This most famous shrub can grow up to 3 feet tall. Also, when it blooms, you can see how vivid the flower colors are. Imagine a view like this directly from your home.

low maintenance landscaping new jersey

2. Boxwood

This is a perfect landscape plant for an amazing background in your yard. Boxwoods are deer, pest and insect resistant. So, once you establish it, there is nothing to worry about.

You can plant it together with other perennials to add the layer for your garden and a complete contrast view. A dwarf variety will be a good idea for your selection.

low maintenance landscaping new jersey

3. Lilac

Lilac is like lavender, they love a site full of sun and well drained soil. It is good news if you have a very spacious open yard, because it will be happy to be planted in an open space in order to reach a good air circulation.

Moreover, this plant is well known as the tough and long-lived landscape plants. So, you should keep the base well weeded and do the regular watering.

low maintenance landscaping new jersey

4. Pansies

When you are planning to have pansies in New Jersey as your landscape plants, then this is a ‘green light’ for you! This plant can thrive in winter since it is the hardiest one.

Also, growing pansies are suitable for the beginner who is just starting to create a landscape plant in outdoor space. Pansy is easy to maintain too. Although the blooming look of this one is not that pretty in winter, still, it can survive in the frosty weather.

low maintenance landscaping new jersey

5. Norway Spruce

You can choose the dwarf variety or the full one based on the space you have. This one is pretty good and stunning as the landscape plants in your yard. This ornamental plant has a signature shape that makes people feel about Christmas whenever they see this.

Also, Norway Spruce is a winter hardy, it will remain green when the frost comes. So, your garden will always look fresh if you decide to plant this.

low maintenance landscaping new jersey
Norway Spruce

6. Daffodils

Planting these stunning yet warm flowers as one of low maintenance landscape plants in New Jersey will make your garden stand out once it blooms. You can start planting Daffodil before the first frost.

This plant is not that picky about soil types, but it prefers well drained soil to prevent rot. Also, place it under the full sun to reach the perfect blooming period in March or spring.

low maintenance landscaping new jersey

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7. Lavender

Lavender can grow well in the landscapes in New Jersey. It is not that low maintenance, but still easy if you know what to do with this fragrance plant. This beauty loves well drained soil.

It cannot tolerate wet soil or heavy irrigation. So, you have to consider the soil on the ground. Don’t forget to place it under the full sun. A much exposure from the sun will be better for this plant.


8. Weigela

Looking for a classic pink to magenta flowers as your low maintenance landscape in New Jersey? Then, choose Weigela. This one is easy to take care of and will bloom in spring.


You can see the beauty and elegance from the foliage colors which are wavy and the color is deep purple to black. It creates a metallic hued effect for every person who sees it. This stunning shrub is also a favorite for hummingbirds.

Place it under the shade or you can expose it under the sunny site directly because it can handle the light yet you have to consider the moistness of its soil.

9. Meadowsweets

A stunning pure white shrub like Meadowsweets can be your option to add the plant collections. This white flower will bloom in midsummer to early fall. Also, you can place it either under the full sunny spot or part shade.

Wild flowers like meadowsweets love wet soil, hence if you live near the swamps or river, they will love it so much.


10. Wood Anemone

Call it wood windflower as the another name of wood anemone. This perennial is suitable for ground cover or your landscape plant. Moreover if the soil in your yard is moist to wet, then Wood anemone will be happy to be planted there.

Enjoy the beauty blossoms of its flower in spring to add the sweet vibes in your house.

Wood Anemone
Wood Anemone

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How do you design low maintenance landscaping?

You can see the soil you have in your yard, then start choosing the plant. If you have an open space that can get a full sunlight exposure, you can start planting lavender or lilac as low maintenance landscaping in new jersey.

But if your environment is always wet since it is near the swamps, you can have meadowsweets as the low maintenance landscaping.

What can I plant in a low maintenance yard?

All of the plants we mentioned above are considered as low maintenance landscaping in New Jersey for your yard. You can choose hydrangeas for a vivid color while it blooms. Or pansies if you want to see the flowers that can thrive in frost season.

For the classic enthusiast, Weigela can be your best option! All is low maintenance which means it is easy to take care. 

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