38 Beautiful Hoya Varieties You Can Plant

Imagine you can see a lot of colorful flowers once you open the door. Your eyes will be spoiled with natural and breathtaking spots containing plants. If you are determined to add the touch of something colorful, pretty and can calm your mood in the house, you can choose Hoya plants. There are many beautiful Hoya types you can plant and see them blooming beautifully through the pot. Generally, Hoya varieties need medium to bright, indirect light.

Getting too much exposure from the sun may cause the foliage to burn and turn into yellow. Also, you may hang the plants inside the hanging baskets. So that, it is not only space saving, but also attracts the guests once they want to go inside or outside.

Cannot wait to see what Hoya species you can plant inside your house? Why don’t you keep reading thoroughly and see how beautiful it is particularly when this plant blooms.

We often know the type of this plant as a wax plant or the porcelain flower. As the plant lovers, some people already knew that this plant was already popular from the 1960’s.

Through its beauty of foliage, you can touch and feel that this plant is a wax type while the type of foliage looks succulent. Hoya Carnosa has many different varieties for you to choose. All is pretty and as typical Hoya, it is easy to maintain.

Can Hoya Varieties Thrive in Various Indoor Environments?

Absolutely! Hoya’s adaptability makes it a resilient and versatile houseplant, capable of thriving in a range of indoor conditions. From well-lit living rooms to cozy bedrooms, Hoya can add a touch of natural elegance to any space.

Whether your home boasts abundant natural light or leans towards the shadier side, Hoya will gracefully adjust and continue to enchant with its beauty. With their air-purifying qualities, Hoyas are not just visually pleasing but also contribute to a healthier indoor environment. So, regardless of your living situation, Hoya varieties are ready to weave their botanical magic and grace your home with their ethereal allure.

What Makes Hoya Varieties A Must-have for Plant Enthusiasts?

Hoya, also known as the Wax Plant or Porcelain Flower, is a botanical treasure trove that captures hearts with its unique charm. With a diverse range of leaf shapes, colors, and textures, each Hoya variety is a work of living art, worthy of admiration and wonder.

These trailing beauties are not just aesthetically pleasing; they also reward dedicated plant parents with clusters of delicate, star-shaped blooms, emitting a sweet fragrance that fills the air with nostalgia and joy. Embracing a Hoya variety in your indoor garden means inviting an enthralling fusion of beauty, resilience, and a touch of mystery into your space.

Amazing Hoya Varieties and Types

Step into the enchanting world of Hoya plants and prepare to be amazed by their incredible varieties and types. These botanical wonders, also known as wax plants, possess stunning foliage and exquisite flowers that will leave you spellbound. With a diverse range of leaf shapes, sizes, and colors, Hoyas bring a touch of elegance to any indoor or outdoor space.

But it’s their mesmerizing flowers, with intricate designs and captivating fragrances, that truly steal the show. Get ready to immerse yourself in the captivating realm of Hoyas and discover the extraordinary beauty that awaits you.

1. Hoya Carnosa Jade

Hoya carnosa 'Jade'
Source: Pinterest (@groovyplantsranch.com)

You may plant this beautiful plant inside the hanging baskets. So that you can create an indoor jungle look through its bright green leaves. Typically, this Jade wax plant will climb through the trunks to get more light, although the plant cannot go for the direct bright. A 1-2 hour under the direct sun will be good for Hoya Carnosa Jade, then keep them again in your patio for better growing.

2. Hoya Krimson Queen

hoya varieties
Hoya Krimson Queen

This plant is also known as Tricolor. Just like the name, Hoya Carnosa Tricolor or Hoya Krimson Queen has tricolor on its foliage. There is cream within the edge of the leaves, deep green foliage on the center and bright pink for the new foliage and vines.

Moreover, all of the color is very solid, sharp like a queen of plants. That’s why many people love its attractive foliage.

3. Hoya Krimson Princess

hoya varieties
Hoya Krimson Princess

Common people will think both Krimson Queen and Krimson Princess are the same but they are not. The Krimson Princess has reverse foliage’s color from Krimson Queen.

As we mentioned before that the colors are reverse, then you can see the bright pink on the center of foliage when they are mature, followed by the green one. While the plant is growing, the center of waxy leaves is covered with cream color. Furthermore, this plant is native to Asian country. For instance, Thailand, China, India, and Indonesia.

4. Hoya Carnosa Chelsea

Hoya Carnosa Chelsea
Source: Pinterest (@by Brittany Goldwyn)

Its dark green leaves that are concave will make your plants spot looks more attractive. Also, this Hoya species is very easy to maintain once you put it inside the pot. At the first glance, you will see that the leaves shape of this Hoya plant looks like heart. Because of its unique shape, Hoya Chelsea is hard to find.

5. Hoya Compacta

hoya varieties
Hoya Compacta

Guess no one can deny the beautiful flower of this Hoya Compacta. The leaves are curly with a solid, dark green color. The foliage looks like rope with the bright pink flowers on it.

You can see the blooming flowers once you place the Carnosa Compacta in a bright spot but still indirect light to avoid the burned leaves. Because the flowers will not bloom if you just put them indoors. So, you may choose whether to plant and see the flowers blooming, or already feel satisfied with the foliage.

6. Hoya Obovata

hoya varieties
Hoya Obovata

Some kinds of Hoya Carnosa varieties can bloom the flowers easily, some do not. This Hoya Obovata is easy to take care of, since they are a fast-growing plant.

Although it is hard to find nowadays and this plant has flowers, you should be patient since the flowers will only bloom after two or three years. But still, the foliage which tick, waxy, and deep green with silver splash patterns are beautiful to see while they are hanging in the pot.

7. Hoya Ghost

Hoya Ghost
Source: Pinterest (@Odessa Mollee)

Another wax plant type from the Hoya species is this plant. People call it a ghost since the color of foliage is gray that covers the dark green foliage. This variety of Hoya is very rare to find, so if your granny or mother already has it inside your patio, then you should keep it and grow it carefully.

8. Hoya Wilbur Graves

Hoya Wilbur Graves
Source: Pinterest (@Mila Obolenskaya)

This plant still belongs to Hoya Carnosa varieties. The plant is very beautiful with many silver specks covering the solid green leaves. This kind of Hoya Carnosa becomes the rare type as well, and most people who sell it usually from stem cutting. Moreover, it is native to Southeast Asia.

9. Hoya Australis

Hoya Australis
Hoya Australis

When you are looking for the oval green leaves to place it beside the window, then get this plant right now. Since this plant is good in the light indoors, it suits to your patio or living room. The bright light for this plant will make the leaves greener, but still remember to not over exposure the light for this one.

10. Hoya Linearis

Hoya linearis
Source: Pinterest (@waitrosegarden.com)

A hanging plant lover will put this plant on their must plant list. The foliage is also different from other types of hoya. It is long, slightly hairy, skinny, and soft to touch.

Basically, the main important one to maintain this plant is the same as other varieties of Hoya species. So, if you want the hanging plant with the different shaped foliage, you may choose this Hoya Linearis.

11. Hoya Curtisii

hoya varieties
Hoya Curtisii

This is one of the cutest types of Hoya plant. The hanging plant with a beautiful shape of foliage, dark green and silver splash on it making it cool yet awesome to see. Since Hoya Curtisii is native to Asia, this plant will be happy in a warm and the temperature above 10°C.

12. Hoya Imperialis

hoya varieties
Hoya Imperialis

The plant has waxy flowers with dark pink color and dark green leaves. The leaves are longer and wider than other species. Although it is beautiful, please be careful of its white sap since it may cause skin irritation particularly for the children.

13. Hoya Kerrii

hoya varieties
Hoya Kerrii

The plant that is suitable to show your love to your spouse who loves the plants. Because the foliage is heart-shaped with bright green and a bit yellow covering the foliage. Moreover, people call this plant the Lucky Heart plant. It is very pretty and sweet to look at. Also, you can place hoya kerrii on the desk with a small pot or beside the windows for the new looks on your room.

14. Hoya Pubicalyx

hoya varieties
Hoya Pubicalyx

Having a plant with fragrant flowers and beautiful star-shaped in pink color is what plant lovers dreams. Another pretty Hoya sp that natives to Philippines. Plant this Hoya Pubicalyx in your patio and let the flowers bloom, then you can smell the fragrance particularly at night.

15. Hoya Kentiana

hoya kentiana
Source: Pinterest (@by Brittany Goldwyn)

The long leaves are just like Hoya Linearis but wider and sturdy one! This plant has deep pink on the center and changes into cream as the plant grows. Put it beside the window or inside the hanging basket, so that you can enjoy the beauty of this plant every day.

16. Hoya Bella

hoya varieties
Hoya Bella

The beautiful plant has flower clusters with two colors, white and pink. It is very sweet and pretty if you plant it in your house. Imagine planting the Hoya Bella and putting the hanging pot in your patio or next to the windows. Then you can see its beauty after work every day to calm your mood and reduce the tiredness while you spray it.

17. Hoya Retusa

Hoya Retusa
Hoya Retusa

Some Hoya species are epiphyte to nature, including Hoya Retusa. Some people tend to avoid this plant since it is hard to trim the leaves. The leaves look like the vine, but you can still make it beautiful to look if you can trim the plant well. Also, do not over-water the plant since it harms them.

18. Hoya Wayetii

hoya varieties
Hoya Wayetii

This plant is actually just like the others of Hoya sp. which is a trailing plant, but it is a slow grower. Planting Hoya Wayetii will give you a beautiful thick foliage and fragrant flower that blooms in mauve color during spring time. The plants usually start to produce flowers after the first year since it is planted.

19. Hoya Lacunosa

hoya varieties
Hoya Lacunosa

Choosing the smaller size within Hoya sp. are kind of difficult. But you may try Hoya Lacunosa as your first Hoya plant. The size of this plant is smaller than the others. But still, there are white and cream flowers on it if you take care of them carefully.

Moreover, the flower clusters can grow during spring into fall seasons. So, you patio will always look beautiful with its flowers for three seasons.

20. Hoya Memoria

hoya varieties
Hoya Memoria

If you plant this Hoya Memoria, and see the flowers bloom, you will feel it looks like the origami flowers. The color is pink with its beautiful pink gradient between the petals and the corner. The foliage is pointed oval leaves. Also, this plant is native to Indonesia and pretty easy to maintain as indoor plants.

21. Hoya Acuta

hoya varieties
Hoya Acuta

This plant has various colors from the flower clusters. It has pointed oval leaves with a deep green color. But be careful to not expose this one under the sun directly because it will cause the leaves to turn yellow. Just like the flowers of Hoya, the looks of the flowers are pretty, mesmerized through its tiny size.

22. Hoya Shepherdii

Hoya Shepherdii
Source: Pinterest (@plantophiles.com)

Looking at Hoya Shepherdii will make you remember Pandan leaves because of their shape and size. The foliage color is vibrant, and looks stunning when you plant it inside the pot. With its longer size, there are also flowers that bloom with fragrance.

23. Hoya Polyneura

Hoya polyneura
Source: Pinterest (@rayagarden.com)

Looking at the flowers inside the pots after you work a day long will always be a good idea. The Hoya Polyneura blooms the beautiful flowers that look like pearls for the petals. The deep green leaves are very contrasting to the flowers, so it makes an excellent photo when you want to capture it.

24. Hoya Serpens

Hoya Serpens
Source: Pinterest (@plantophiles.com)

Another cute and pretty hairy flower from Hoya Serpens. The foliage is bright and solid green, while the flowers are cream and white flowers. It blooms very well as long as the humidity matches.

25. Hoya Macrophylla

hoya varieties
Hoya Macrophylla

Perhaps the foliage of these varieties is pretty different from the others. Because the leaves are wider and the leaf edges covered with creamy white color while the rest is dark green. This climber plant is pretty rare and hard to find. Also, if the leaves are still young, the color will be pink then turn into green.

26. Hoya Multiflora

hoya varieties
Hoya Multiflora

We bet no one can deny how unique yet pretty the flowers of Hoya Multiflora are. Or you can call it shooting star Hoya. This variety is found in Indonesia.

If you choose this plant for your houseplants, you can enjoy the beauty of blooming flowers in most of all seasons since the flowers will bloom quite often for a year. The shape of the flowers, the color gradients, and the size are suitable as the hanging plants or put it in the pot and place it beside the window.

27. Hoya Pauciflora

Hoya Pauciflora
Source: Pinterest (@Xiao Mey)

When you see the flower of Hoya Pauciflora, you will see the purity of life. The white color is very solid and vibrant, just like the coconut flesh. The meaning of Pauciflora itself is a few flowers.

So, it is very uncommon to see that this variety only produces a few flowers, while other varieties produce a flower cluster. This plant is native to India. Although the plant produces only a few flowers, it doesn’t mean it is easy to let the flowers bloom. A bit tricky yet exciting to try.

28. Hoya Mindorensis

Hoya Mindorensis

Although it is uncommon, this plant is easy to maintain in the backyard. Also, this plant is fast growing, so that you can enjoy the view when the flowers bloom. Its flowers’ colors are deep red and pale pink. So you can choose your favorite flower’s colors first before planting it.

29. Hoya Diversifolia

Hoya Diversifolia Blume

This plant will not only be found inside the backyard, but also on mangrove or coastal trees. Because this plant belongs to the epiphyte plant, it has a wide range of places to grow and live with ease.

Moreover, in Malay, Hoya Diversifolia Blume is often used as a herb medicine by boiling the leaves on the water to reduce fevers and rheumatism. Furthermore, the leaves are green, thick texture, and leathery.

30. Hoya Odorata

Hoya Odorata

Another pure white flower that blooms from Hoya Odorata. It is not only beautiful to see, but has a sweet fragrance through its flowers. You can see the flowers bloom perfectly during the fall season.

Also, it is easy to maintain and the plant itself is strong. Hoya Odorata will not be demanding as long as its basic need is already well-maintained. So, it suits you who is busy at work but still wants to see the beautiful flowers inside your house.

31. Hoya Latifolia

Hoya Latifolia

The first time you see Hoya Latifolia, you will remember Hoya Macrophylla. The difference between them is only the size, while Hoya Latifolia has bigger size for the foliage and flowers.

Although the shape is very common, a star-shaped in a pink pale, it still steals the attention of plant lovers to see. The best spot to place this one is beside the window, so that it can get semi-shade or indirect light from the sun. Enjoy the gorgeous and stunning flowers for several days, particularly on the weekend.

32. Hoya Imbricata

Source: Pinterest (@monaconatureencyclopedia.com)

You can call this a rare variety of Hoya because of the unusual growing and appealingness. This Hoya variety is an epiphyte plant that can grow under the other plants’ leaves.

The color is deep green with white spots on the foliage. Since Hoya Imbricata is native to Southeast Asia, this plant needs medium light and well draining soil mix. Also, you may call it ‘ant-plant’ because of the behavior just like the ants.

33. Hoya Callistophylla

Source: Pinterest (@plantophiles.com)

Another waxy leaves with bright green and darker one on the nerves, makes the foliage of Hoya Callistophylla look like being drawn using marker. The leaves shape is oval and flowers in white or pale yellow blooms that bring delightful fragrance. This plant is a slow grower but sturdy enough to thrive for many years.

34. Hoya Affinis

Source: Pinterest (@afikgan.co.il)

Star- shaped flowers with gradient red colors are the flowers of Hoya Affinis. Also, the size of the flowers is bigger and has a heavy texture as well. Since the plant produces flower clusters, each cluster usually produces 10-12 flowers.

So, it is very pretty to look at when they are blooming. The maintenance and how to take care of Hoya Affinis is practically the same as others of Hoya.

35. Hoya Caudata

Hoya Caudata

The foliage is dark green but covered with silver splash and different patterns of splash. And the splash makes the foliage become more vibrant and different. The texture is pretty thick. Also, this plant is quite rare.

36. Hoya Neocaledonica

Source: Pinterest (@etsy.com)

If you adore the yellow flower and want to plant it in the pot and place it on the balcony, choose Hoya Neocaledonica. It fits for the beginner since it is easy to maintain.

Although the flowers’ fragrance is less than others, it is still beautiful and can be the room decoration in your house. Also, the flowers are pretty strong since they will fall off after 3 weeks from blooming.

37. Hoya Burtoniae

Source: Pinterest (@rare-hoyas.com)

What people remember once they see Hoya Burtoniae will be its fuzzy leaves. The leaf edges have darker color than the deep green foliage on the center. It is easy to maintain and easy to bloom. The dark purple becomes the color when the foliage is still young.

38. Hoya Pachyclada

Hoya Pachyclada

The texture and thickness is quite similar to Hoya Kerrii, but the shape is more rounded with pointed leaf edges. The white tiny flowers from Hoya Pachyclada are fragrant, so that you can enjoy the view and smell its fragrance while it is blooming. This plant is succulent, so it fits for the small pot or bigger one as you wish.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How many varieties of Hoya plants are there?

The Hoya family consists largely of 900 known species and varieties, but not all Hoya are produced equal and many have distinct characteristics and care needs.

How do you encourage Hoya varieties to bloom more frequently?

To encourage more frequent blooming, provide Hoya varieties with bright, indirect light for several hours each day. Additionally, ensure they have a consistent watering schedule, allowing the soil to slightly dry between watering. Providing a period of cooler temperatures in the range of 60°F-65°F (15°C-18°C) during the winter months can also stimulate blooming in some Hoya varieties.

What are the rarest Hoya plants?

Hoya Retusa, is one of the rarest Hoya plants. It is hard to find nowadays, and the price increases. Followed by Hoya Australis, Hoya Caudata and Hoya Polyneura.

The factors that make them become rare kinds of Hoya varieties plants vary, but most people realize that the rare varieties of Hoya plants are not only hard to find, but also a bit tricky to maintain and take care of. Although most Hoya plants are easy to maintain and take care until the flowers bloom.

What is the most beautiful Hoya varieties?

All of the Hoya varieties are beautiful, but for us, the most beautiful Hoya is shooting star hoya or Hoya multiflora. Since the flower’s shape is different from the others, it comes in a beautiful color combination.

Moreover, this plant can bloom several times for year, so that your balcony will fill with its beautiful shaped flowers and your eyes are spoiled with something green, natural, and a mesmerizing view in your house.

How do you combat common pests that may affect Hoya varieties?

To address common pests like mealybugs or spider mites, regularly inspect your Hoya plants and remove any affected leaves or insects manually. Additionally, you can use a gentle organic insecticidal soap or neem oil spray to treat infestations, following the product instructions carefully.

What is the most common Hoya?

The most commonly seen and growing Hoya plant species are Hoya carnosa variegata. Green leaves are covered by waxy thorns that have red and white edges. Moreover, the flowers are shaped mostly like a star that blooms in various sizes and colors.

Hoya carnosa has many varieties and usually it is pretty easy to maintain. You may choose whether the flowers have a fragrance or not. Also, you can adjust the flower size and choose that suits your pots the best.

Most of the Hoya species need bright light but not direct. Also, do not over-water it because Hoya plants are native to Asia, hence the humidity of the soil should be considered first. But, if you already see the flowers bloom, then all of your efforts for these plants are paid off.

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