How to Take Care of Hoya Kerrii Easily

Succulent is mostly what people choose to be a houseplant. It is because succulent, usually, has a tiny and adorable size and doesn’t require too much maintenance. Generally, succulent is very adaptable as long as you are not overwatering it. Also, succulent is drought tolerant, so when the summer comes, you don’t have to be worried about it, since succulent will handle it well.

One of the most favorite and well-known succulent is Hoya Kerrii or people often know it as Hoya hearts because of the shape of leaves that are similar to the hearts. So, no wonder that people used it as a symbol of Valentine’s day as well, especially in Europe.

Interested in planting Hoya Kerrii? Keep on reading!

What is Hoya Kerrii

This succulent is native to South-East Asia. Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, and Indonesia are the original areas where Hoya Kerrii is easily found. The foliage of this succulent is thick with heart shaped as we mentioned before. Besides Hoya hearts, people often know it as a lucky heart. Usually it grows up to 4 meters high or 13 feet long, and the stem is 7mm diameter. 

hoya kerrii care
Hoya Kerrii in Nature Stick to The Tree

For the leaves, the width is 6cm and the thickness is 5mm – isn’t it that thick as for the succulent? If you are looking for a fresh scent from this succulent, you barely experience it because the smell is unclear or doesn’t appear at all. This succulent is suitable for planting inside the pots. Therefore, you have to take a look at our brief tips about how to care for Hoya Kerrii. 

How to Care Hoya Kerrii

After deciding to plant Hoya Kerrii, you have to know about the light intensity, temperature and humidity requirement, watering frequency, and about the soil type. It is, even if this succulent is easy to maintain, you have to understand its characteristics and make sure everything the Hoya Kerrii needs is ready. 

1) Light Intensity

Hoya kerrii loves full sun exposure. If you plan to put the pots besides the window, a west- or south-facing window will be the ideal spot for Hoya Kerrii to grow. If you think your house doesn’t have enough sunlight for the succulent, you can add the light from LED grow light. It might help Hoya Kerrii to get enough light intensity and will develop happily.

2) Temperature and Humidity Requirement

The ideal temperature for Hoya Kerrii to grow is 60 – 80’ F and avoid the area where the temperature can reach below 50’ F. The area where humidity level is high is the best place to plant this one.

Therefore, if you want the foliage of Hoya Kerrii to always be plump and healthy, you can place it inside the area where the humidity is naturally high, such as the kitchen, bathroom or even the laundry room to beautify the interior. If you want to put it in the living room or bedroom, you can place it near the humidifier. 

3) Watering and Drainage

Yes, just like other succulents, Hoya Kerrii only need a little bit of water. Don’t over water it unless you want these lucky hearts to survive inside the pots. Water it when the soil is completely dry in order to keep the soil moist.

Especially if you plant it inside the small pots, you have to water it step by step using a small glass to avoid too much water and cause the roots to rot. As long as the foliage is still plumpy, then this lucky heart grows in a good way. 

4) Soil Conditions

Hoya Kerrii loves well-draining, acidic and neutral soil. Extremely air soil will be the ideal one for this succulent to grow. In the dry season, Hoya Kerrii can withstand long periods because of its thick leaves and the water-storing leaves. 

hoya kerrii care
Soil Conditions of Hoya Kerrii

5) Fertilizing

When spring and summer come, you can apply a balanced liquid fertilizer once a month to support a healthy growth of Hoya Kerrii. Because this succulent is not a high feeder, giving a good experience through fertilizer will give them another good way to live ideally. 

6) Propagation

Have a plan to propagate Hoya Kerrii? Never do it before you read this step. You can do it in water. You just have to do it using one medium instead of using more than one method.

Choose the mature Hoya Kerrii for you to do stem cutting and use a pair of sharp pruning scissors to do it successfully in a time. Make sure there are at least 3 nodes along the stem because it is the spot where the leaves and roots will grow. Also, there should be at least 1 leaf at the stem’s top as well. 

hoya kerrii care
Propagation of Hoya Kerrii

Simply fill a small container with water, if you choose to propagate using water. Place the bottom of the cutting stem in the water, the leaf on the stem should above the surface of water. You have to refresh or change the water carefully once a week. Then after a couple of weeks, small roots will emerge. But, don’t plant it in a hurry because you have to wait until the roots can reach 1 up to 2 inches long. After all the process is done, you can start planting it in a pot for a new Hoya Kerrii propagation. 

Hoya Kerrii Care Tips

You must wonder about the spots to plant Hoya Kerrii. Indoor or outdoors actually don’t mind as long as you plant it inside the pots. So you can move the succulent easily in order to get proper light intensity or avoid it from the wet area. Check out the quick tips to take care of Hoya Kerrii indoors and outdoors here!

1) Indoor Hoya Kerrii Care Tips

hoya kerrii care
Indoor Hoya Kerrii Care Tips

Yes, it is a good idea to plant Hoya Kerrii indoors using small pots and place the several pots of this succulent inside your house. Make sure you do these tips to let the hoya kerrii grow optimally. Take your notes now!

  • Place it beside the windows, west or south facing windows will be the ideal one.
  • Add the humidifier if you put it where the air is not at a low humidity level.
  • The best spots to put Hoya Kerrii are in the kitchen, bathroom or laundry room.
  • A full-spectrum LED grow light will be a good idea to add the light intensity if the sun exposure is less than this succulent needs. 

2) Outdoor Hoya Kerrii Care Tips

hoya kerrii care
Outdoor Hoya Kerrii Care Tips

When you think it is the best way to plant Hoya Kerrii outdoors, do not ever miss these tips! So you can have these lucky hearts last longer. 

  • The best outdoors for Hoya Kerrii is around your porch where the sunlight can come directly.
  • USDA hardiness zone 11 in the USA is an allowed area to grow Hoya Kerrii outdoors.
  • Although it is drought-tolerant, always pay attention to the texture of foliage. Once it gets wrinkled a bit, water it thoroughly.
  • Do not let the succulent get wet because of the rain.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Do single leaf Hoya kerrii grow?

Yes, it can grow because when you propagate Hoya Kerrii, usually you have to cut the stem where at least 1 leaf remains on it. Then, it can grow once it is removed to the pots again. So, it is possible for a single leaf of Hoya Kerrii to grow well. As long as the soil and light intensity are given properly.

Is Hoya kerrii a succulent?

Yes, Hoya Kerrii is one of tropical succulent vines. This succulent is different from desert succulent because the original area for Hoya Kerrii is a tropical environment. Yet, it is still a succulent category too.

How big can a Hoya kerrii get?

Mature Hoya Kerrii can grow up to 13 feet long. You can set the rattan to let the succulent grow well and the stem will stay still along the rattan. It can beautify the look of your plant as well. 

Why are my hoya kerrii leaves thin?

It is because your Hoya Kerrii is thirsty and lacks water. The leaves become thin because the plant consumes the water inside the leaves. It can be a sign that your plant is stressed as well. Usually it is because of not good drainage provided, the soil is not based on the needs and overwatered. 

How do you take care of a heart leaf hoya plant?

Place it inside the pots, and put the pots under the full sun area. This succulent needs a little bit of water, so you have to check thoroughly if the soil is getting dry, then you can water it again. The best soil is a well-draining one, so make sure the pots have good drainage too! You have to remember this succulent is a slow growing plant, so don’t overthink it if you think that your Hoya Kerrii just stay the same, especially for the length. 

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