25 Fantastic Tropical Bathroom Ideas You Will Find Relaxing

Most people are busy designing and decorating the interior of their homes to make them comfortable to live in. Usually, they tend to focus more on the bedroom because it is a place to rest after a day of activities. In fact, having a relaxing bathroom is no less important. You can take a warm bath while unwinding after a hard day’s work. Especially if the bathroom has a calming, greenery atmosphere. If you are interested in such a setting, tropical bathroom ideas are the solution!

To gain a tropical feel, you can create an indoor or outdoor tropical bathroom style with tropical plants like potted banana leaves and palm trees. In addition, several other tropical elements, such as rocks and woods, can be combined with the various themes you want, such as contemporary, rustic, or retro designs.

To find more tropical bathroom ideas, you better check out our best compilation below!

What Is A Tropical Bathroom?

As the name implies, a tropical bathroom is a bathroom that carries a tropical theme by showing off nature-inspired, neutral shades for tropical bathroom colors. Usually, the walls are painted green, gray, or creamy brown, which indicates plants and soil. Meanwhile, white is also popular for creating a flat background for bathroom decor. 

Furthermore, you can design a tropical bathroom with an outdoor or indoor style. If you live in a cold climate, an outdoor bathroom is unlikely to be ideal, considering the low winter temperatures.

But you can still make a lovely tropical bath by placing potted tropical plants, like orchids and ferns. Hardy dwarf palmetto and Monstera will also give you a fantastic tropical look on the bathroom floors.

How Can You Decorate Your Bathroom To Look Tropical?

The decorating idea for a tropical bathroom is pretty simple. You don’t need fancy stuff since tropicals means natural! We have some tips to make your bathroom like a tropical paradise.

  • Tropical plants are a must!
  • Choose natural tones for tropical bathroom colors.
  • Use natural materials. You can arrange the gravel for flooring at the bathtub or shower base.

How Do You Accessorize A Small Tropical Bathroom?

Perhaps, many think that tropical bathroom ideas are only for those with a large space. Surprisingly, even a narrow area can make an amazing tropical-themed bathroom. You just need to be creative with creative ideas to make it happen. Let us give you some tips to make one below!

  • Use hanging plants.
  • Put a tropical theme wallpaper.
  • Install warm lights. It will have a calming effect in your bathroom, making your showering and bathing feel even cozier. 

Indoor Tropical Bathroom Ideas

Whether you live in a home or apartment, an indoor tropical bathroom setting will give a new atmosphere to the area. It is beautiful to look at, and the atmosphere is relaxing. Thus, you can enjoy your bathing time as much as you need. Below, we include several indoor tropical bathroom ideas with diverse interior designs from which you can get inspiration.

1. Natural Wooden Tropical Bathroom

tropical bathroom ideas
Natural Wooden Tropical Bathroom

Apart from looking aesthetically pleasing, including wooden materials in your bathroom vividly highlights the tropical setting. You can use wood blocks to cover the walls, along with white ceramics. Mount a circle mirror above the sink to allow you to get ready for the day. Also, place some potted tropicals outside the rectangle shower glass wall to offer greenery. Such an area also protects your plants from splashing water which can make them overwater.

2. Contemporary Bathtub Setting

tropical bathroom ideas
Contemporary Bathtub Setting

Millennials nowadays like things that are simple and modern but look attractive. And this design answers those dreams. It features a minimalist design, using neutral gray colors with hints of green that aren’t overwhelming. A wooden rug is brilliant for bringing up a tropical setting. Also, the potted plants make this bathroom’s beautiful atmosphere feel even more. You can use a glass wall as a barrier for the shower area and the bathtub to prevent water splashes and make this layout look wider.

3. Green Tropical Plants Bathroom

tropical bathroom ideas
Green Tropical Plants Bathroom

What does tropical design mean without a calming green atmosphere? Besides the tropical plants that elevate the design, choosing green ceramic for the walls is a fantastic idea. The color also makes your bathroom not look dirty due to water splashes that often leave marks. You can also mount a hanging pot with vines that grow long, mimicking tropicals in the rainforest. In addition, choosing a wooden rub to clean your body can be an interesting tropical element to hang on the wall.

4. Simple Tropical Forest Bathroom

tropical bathroom ideas
Simple Tropical Forest Bathroom

Simple but fascinating are two things that perfectly describe this tropical bathroom. The idea of placing two large potted banana plants is excellent for making this area feel like a tropical jungle. You can see the terracotta pot adds a wooden-like color to brighten up the space. Meanwhile, the white, broken white ceramics covering the wall harmonize with the tropical plants. Showering in this area will feel like it’s raining under the thick tropical rainforest canopy.

5. Enclosed Tropical Shower Setting

tropical bathroom ideas
Enclosed Tropical Shower Setting

Even though it is impossible to make an outdoor bathroom in cold climates, you can be more creative with a glass window for a walk-in shower. Instead of using a thick wall, the glass allows you to connect to your indoor tropical garden, allowing you to absorb the tropical vibes around you. You can plant pothos, alocasia, and fishtail palms outside the wall. Meanwhile, set a potted orchid on your bathroom floor to add a tropical flower touch to this space.

6. Vivid Green Tropical Shower Design

tropical bathroom ideas
Vivid Green Tropical Shower Design

Adding greenery to a tropical bathroom setting is always the best idea to highlight the theme. To achieve this, people usually grow as many plants as possible to offer fresh touches. If you don’t like dense foliage, it is better to replace the green plants with green walls, like this bathroom. Choose a warm tone that resonates with the banana plants on the floor. You can also place a long, green, or brown bench to arrange potted cacti or succulents. It also works fantastic to put your body care.

7. Modern Tropical Bathroom Idea

tropical bathroom ideas
Modern Tropical Bathroom Idea

It doesn’t matter that you have a small bathroom. You can always rely on tropical settings to spice up the area. Considering the limited surface, try to use hanging tropical plants like English ivy or ferns as wall decorations. Some people also mount them on the roof, and that’s OK! If you want some on the bathroom floor, pick small pots that won’t take up much space. Instead of brick walls, use transparent glass with black frames to make the bathroom look wider.

8. Rooftop Tropical Bathroom Layout

tropical bathroom ideas
Rooftop Tropical Bathroom Layout

Who would have thought a rooftop could be a comfortable tropical shower area, despite the limited space? The selection of various tropical plants with diverse foliage is a perfect idea to add textures to the area. The window provides good lighting for the plants so they can thrive optimally. Apart from that, the white background from the ceiling and walls highlights the minimalist setting. You can add a mini chair as decoration. Also, build a mini bench next to the shower to place your toiletries.

9. Floating Tropical Plants For Bathroom

tropical bathroom ideas
Floating Tropical Plants For Bathroom

Lately, the white theme has become a favorite feature in a tropical bathrooms. It offers clean background settings to allow the greenery to stand out. To outsmart the small space, you can hang the potted plants on the ceiling to create a stunning floating effect. Set a wooden chair as another tropical element. To make it more lively, use patterned floors. Choose neutral, black, or brown ones so the colors don’t contrast too much with the theme.

10. Cozy Bathroom Jungle 

tropical bathroom ideas
Cozy Bathroom Jungle 

Jungle bathroom decor can be something other than lavish green foliage. You can adjust it to your indoor space, like this setting. Instead of growing banana plants, potted palm trees, or Monstera, it decorates the wall with English ivy and dangling ferns. Meanwhile, the ornamental plants around the bathtub make you feel like you’re bathing around the lake. In addition, the wooden floors give a natural touch that prevents you from slipping easily. To make it more artistic, set a chair with a soft white cover next to the tub. Also, the mini table allows you to organize your makeup, skincare, or other toiletries.

11. Tiny Tropical Bathroom Design

tropical bathroom ideas
Tiny Tropical Bathroom Design

Worry no more about the tiny bathroom, as you can decorate it stunningly with a tropical design! The white background gives this area a clean and tidy feel. In addition, the dense Monstera growing against the windowsill provides a fresh, greenery atmosphere. Meanwhile, the vines perfectly adorn the tub side. To make you more comfortable when soaking in the bathtub, you can place a wooden block to put books. You can also enjoy a glass of wine while bathing.

12. Bohemian Tropical Bathroom

tropical bathroom ideas
Bohemian Tropical Bathroom

Surprisingly, combining bohemian and tropical design is an awe-inspiring idea. The brick walls are left raw without being painted, offering a natural setting that harmoniously blends in with the wooden rugs and shelves. Those potted tropical plants provide a green touch to the space, which is dominated by brown color. You can mount a big, round mirror to create a wide-area reflection. Set a white curtain if you wish to make it more attractive.

Outdoor Tropical Bathroom Ideas

If you live in a warm climate, consider building an outdoor tropical bathroom to feel the sensation of soaking in an ordinary bathtub and taking a shower under the sky. These ideas also allow you to plant more bathroom plants and get closer to nature. Find the best one that suits your taste in the following lists!

13. Resort Style Bathroom

tropical bathroom ideas
Resort Style Bathroom

This tropical bathroom has a design that belongs to a luxury resort near the beach. The beachy vibes are reflected by the use of stones for the floors. In addition, the dominance of the creamy brown color also makes the setting feel warm. Moreover, the glass windows provide a broader sight of the walk-in shower area. Not to mention the details of hanging the woven lamp frame, which makes the vivid rustic atmosphere. On both sides, you can plant some tropical plants, like Canna lilies, palms, and Calathea lutea, to elevate the tropical theme.

14. Jungle Tropical Shower

tropical bathroom ideas
Jungle Tropical Shower

Suppose you are a nature lover who likes the atmosphere of a shady forest. In that case, this jungle tropical shower design is truly yours! It looks simple but strongly demonstrates the tropical forest with tall palms and banana plants growing around it. You can also notice the flowering plants that live next to the palms, offering colorful shades once fully bloomed. To create a dramatic, forest-like atmosphere, we recommend using transparent glass walls as a barrier to the indoor area.

15. Balinese Tropical Walk-In Shower

tropical bathroom ideas
Balinese Tropical Walk-In Shower

Apart from the beauty of the beaches, many tourists love the interior design of resorts in Bali. If you are one of them, this Balinese tropical walk-in shower can be your best choice. It doesn’t need a large area to build one. You can use the side of your house with a slightly open roof to make this shower space. And, of course, you must take advantage of tropical plants, like Ti plant, aglaonema, and banana plants, to feature in this walk-in shower. Instead of leaving the floor empty, spread river stones and flat black limestones as a foothold when showering.

16. Fancy Semi-Outdoor Tropical Bathroom

Fancy Semi-Outdoor Tropical Bathroom
Fancy Semi-Outdoor Tropical Bathroom

Most outdoor bathrooms are built in-house. However, you can make it in your apartment bathroom now, thanks to advanced architectural developments! Unlike the shared resort-style tropical bathroom, this one only requires banana plants that characterize a tropical setting. In addition, the dominance of brown color also luxuriously describes the atmosphere of nature. Furthermore, we recommend hanging a Monstera painting to add more greenery. Even though it’s not entirely outdoors, you can feel the vibes of tropical islands while bathing.

17. Relaxing Tropical Oasis Shower Theme

Relaxing Tropical Oasis Shower Theme
Relaxing Tropical Oasis Shower Theme

Nothing is more enjoyable than enjoying a shower under the sky accompanied by various tropical green plants. Tall frangipani trees provide protection from the sun, while the dense Ti plants, palms, and crotons offer a calming feeling. In addition, the use of rocks and stone paths is a clever concept to make the bathroom more one with nature. It would be a perfect design for those who love tropical climates.

18. Semi-Outdoor Rustic Tropical Shower

Semi-Outdoor Rustic Tropical Shower
Semi-Outdoor Rustic Tropical Shower

Another semi-outdoor, tropical bathroom concept that will draw your interest. Its spacious location gives you the flexibility to take a shower and get ready for your activity. The rocking style walls around the shower and cemented floors figure the rustic theme that blends in with nature. Meanwhile, the transparent ceiling allows sunlight to illuminate this area. You can also notice the brown touches of wooden doors and chairs that sync beautifully with the settings. Of course, you cannot miss the tropical houseplant sitting on the floor!

19. Stylish Outdoor Bathroom Tropical Design

Stylish Outdoor Bathroom Tropical Design
Stylish Outdoor Bathroom Tropical Design

If you like tropical bathroom designs in tropical island resorts, this stylish outdoor bathroom setting is one of the best. It doesn’t need complicated adjustments since the palms are the star of attention here. Besides that, you can be more playful with stones to spread at the base of your tub. In addition, lean a mini wooden stair on the glass wall to hang your towels. Also, set a wooden block on the tub to enjoy drinks while enjoying your soak time.

20. Zen Tropical Bathtub Setting

Zen Tropical Bathtub Setting
Zen Tropical Bathtub Setting

Calling for zen people because this zen sanctuary setting will definitely be on their list of tropical bathroom ideas. Unlike other designs, the bathtub is made of concrete. Thus, having a unique gray color. Meanwhile, decorative stone paths and river stones beautifully decorate the tub base. In addition, the dense tropical plants on both sides of the showering area add a fresh, greenery spot. To highlight the zen design more, you can install warm lights around the retaining wall.

21. Black And Green Tropical Bathroom

Black And Green Tropical Bathroom
Black And Green Tropical Bathroom

The black color is uncommon to predominantly feature in tropical bathrooms. But who would have thought that it would make a dashing statement in the midst of green leaves? To make the area less dark, you can use this color for the bathtub. Then, grow dense Calathea lutea and palms as the background. Spread stones to cover the spill. And instead of painting the wall with colors, you can leave it cemented to create a natural setting.

22. Rainforest Inspired Walk-In Bathtub

Rainforest Inspired Walk-In Bathtub
Rainforest Inspired Walk-In Bathtub

For those who love dense forests and want to adopt the idea for the bathroom, you can always count on this design. This walk-in bathtub features thick banana plants on one side and trees with some Canna lilies on the other surrounding the tub. Meanwhile, the fancy, rectangular stone paths connect the bathroom area with the tub. It would be great to add river rocks to fill the gaps between the tracks. To make the atmosphere more harmonious with the theme, choose a brown rock color to mimic the soil.

23. Industrial Tropical Bathroom Interior

Industrial Tropical Bathroom Interior
Industrial Tropical Bathroom Interior

In case you fancy industrial and modern design, this modest tropical bathroom interior will be your favorite. The gray and black colors dominate the area giving a bold impression. But somehow, it doesn’t look too dark, thanks to the broad-leaf tropical plants whose leaves provide shade underneath. In addition, the metal faucet and shower perfectly demonstrate the industrial era. Moreover, the combination of wooden tree stumps as a small table is also brilliant in emphasizing the rustic vibes. What an amazing design!

24. Backyard Bathroom Tropical Oasis

Backyard Bathroom Tropical Oasis
Backyard Bathroom Tropical Oasis

Take advantage of the area behind your house to build an aesthetic backyard bathroom. The rocks scattered around this area with an ellipse-shaped bathtub make it look like an oasis in the middle of the desert. Meanwhile, tropical plants surrounding the tub provide relaxing vibes that will make your bathing more enjoyable. Plus, the wooden planting area describes the trees with dense leaves. You can place a wooden wicker chair as an additional decoration to beautify this setting.

25. Luxurious Tropical Spa-Themed Bathroom

Luxurious Tropical Spa-Themed Bathroom
Luxurious Tropical Spa-Themed Bathroom

Want to experience a luxurious spa at home? Build this spa-themed bathroom! With the wooden walls, this setting feels more natural. The palm trees, trailing vines, banana plants, and Monstera around this outdoor bathroom make the tropical atmosphere more alive. Choose the white tub and set it against the walls to create a pleasing color contrast. We recommend placing a fluffy, white rug or mat under your bathtub, so the water doesn’t splash everywhere while bathing.

Final Thought

Outdoor tropical bathrooms highlight a warm atmosphere with tropical plants growing around them. Several elements, such as wood materials and stones, also enliven this setting. While they are perfect for those in tropical climates, these designs are not suitable for people living in countries with four seasons.

Hence, the answer to this concern is an indoor bathroom. But don’t worry, they are no less captivating as you can incorporate indoor tropical houseplants to grow in your bathroom. Putting a green wallpaper or ceramic is also another alternative to experience tropical vibes vividly.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do you make a small bathroom feel tropical?

You can highlight the tropical theme, like placing several potted tropical plants in the corner. Ferns, banana plants, and Monstera are some of the best tropicals for tropical bathroom accessories. Apart from that, try to include woods and stones in the setting. Provide a little spot on your bathroom floor to spread the rocks. Meanwhile, you can set a wooden chair for your body and face treatments, such as shampoos, liquid bath soaps, and skin care.

What looks good on tropical bathroom walls?

You can hang tropical plants, like maidenhair ferns and orchids, as tropical bathroom wall decor. Apart from that, you can also mount a wooden mirror and wall art figures featuring tropical plants.

How do you make a tropical bathroom look good on a budget?

You can put stones and tropical plants around as tropical bathroom decorations. If you have an old stair, you can lean it against the wall as a hanger for clothes and towels. For the rugs, use what you have. But make sure the colors aren’t too bright because tropical themes emphasize earth tones that blend with nature.

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