How To Grow Calathea White Fusion. One of The Rarest!

Who can’t deny Calathea? This adorable houseplant is a favorite for plant lovers who like stunning patterns or lines above the foliage. It is like a living painting that you cannot miss. But still, you cannot just ignore or forget the Calathea after you plant it and expect it to grow beautifully because everything about Calathea needs a thorough process that you should do. Here, we give you quick tips to grow Calathea White Fusion. Since it is one of the rarest Calathea varieties, you must ensure everything is ready and well-prepared. 

At first, you may say it is complicated and confusing, but after you practice it directly, you will realize it is pretty simple. So, never skip our tips; better, you take notes after reading it all. 

What Is Calathea White Fusion?

With large glossy foliage and its striking white stripes and edges that look like painting, this is the reason that many plant lovers cannot take their eyes off of Calathea White Fusion. Many people call it a peacock plant due to its beautiful colors, especially the stunning purple underside of the foliage. Having this Calathea can be the center point of your natural room decor. Generally, Calathea White Fusion’s size is around 40 – 60cm. Its size is pretty wide but still suitable to place indoors. 

What Is Calathea White Fusion
What Is Calathea White Fusion

Calathea White Fusion is native to Brazil and is considered one of the rarest Calathea varieties. Hence, since it is the rare one, it is lucky for you to have this and successfully grow it in your home. Moreover, Calathea White Fusion is pet friendly. Yes, it is non-toxic to dogs and cats. So, you don’t have to worry about your pets because you can plant them indoors. 

Calathea White Fusion
Calathea White Fusion

If your Calathea White Fusion has already grown up beautifully, don’t forget to wipe down the large leaves in order to remove the dust since it will allow Calathea to breathe well. Never try any leaf shine products since they will cause damage to your plant. Also, since it cannot thrive under direct sunlight, it is better to have a beautiful pot to plant this one. Are you interested in growing Calathea White Fusion? Check out the plant care below. 

How to Care for Calathea White Fusion

calathea white fusion care
How to Care for Calathea White Fusion

So, have you already chosen the houseplant to beautify your house? Let’s get prepared by taking care of Calathea White Fusion here. Some people find it tricky, but we guess it is not tricky yet with detailed and precise requirements, especially for beginners. It is done like that because the beauty of Calathea White Fusion can be seen through its foliage colors and shape. Keep on reading!

1. Light Intensity

You may provide bright but indirect light because growing Calathea White Fusion means you have to avoid direct sunlight to this plant. Too much light that you expose to this plant will lead to marking on the leaves and cause leaves to curl.

calathea white fusion care
Light Intensity

Moreover, although Calathea prefers bright light, this plant can tolerate low light too, but you have to check out more about its condition regularly when you place it under the soft light spot because this plant will grow slower under the low light one.

2. Temperature and Humidity Requirement

calathea white fusion care
Temperature and Humidity Requirement

The ideal temperature for growing Calathea White Fusion is within 65-80’ F or around 18 – 27’ C. While for the humidity, this plant will be happy if the humidity level is above 60%. Since this plant loves high humidity levels, you may place it away from air conditioners and drafty windows since most houseplants hate it. You may also add the humidifier if you think it will help Calathea White Fusion grow to the optimum size.

3. Watering and Drainage

For this houseplant, watering might be tricky. You can check the dry level of soil within a week to avoid overwatering that will cause root rot and bacteria and fungus will appear. Therefore, you have to ensure the bottom of the pots is well drained, so the water will not get stuck in the pots.

calathea white fusion care
Watering and Drainage

Calathea White Fusion watering can be done when 5cm from the topsoil is almost dry. During summer, you can water the plant once a week. Reduce watering frequency during winter since the plant will go dormant.

Watering and Drainage Tips: To keep the leaves in beautiful colors and the leaves being crisp, you should use distilled water because Calathea White Fusion is sensitive to chemicals in the water.

4. Soil Conditions

calathea white fusion care
Soil Conditions

Moist soil is what Calathea White Fusion is looking for. A well-draining soil condition that consists of peat moss, perlite, and potting soil could be the ideal soil mix to grow this houseplant. Although the mixed soil seems too varied, you need to ensure the soil is light as well, not that heavy for Calathea to grow. You can check with this measurement: 30 % potting mix, 30% succulent soil or coir, and 30% perlite or pumice.

5. Fertilizing


Spring and summer are the ideal time to fertilize the soil for Calathea White Fusion. You can fertilize once a month using a balanced fertilizer; it is NPK 10-10-10 or 5-5-5 for the ratio. Feed the soil with a mild liquid and indoor plant fertilizer. Never fertilize in winter since the plant will go dormant.

6. Propagation

Propagating Calathea White Fusion can be done by yourself as long as you know how to do it and not propagate it in a rush. You really have to do it smoothly since the way you grow it into large plants is not that easy. Therefore, propagation of Calathea White Fusion should be done carefully. Here we give you step-by-step tips to divide your Calathea and move it to the new pot.

calathea white fusion care

Before dividing Calathea into the new place, you can water the plant thoroughly for a few days. Then, the day you want to do it, you have to prepare a pot with a size around 3 inches or 4-6 inches. Then, don’t forget to get well-draining soil and put it in your pot, a sterilized knife, and a flat workspace that has been cleaned first. Identify your plant for the offsets or the new shoots. For instance, you can take the baby plants as the new shoots and isolate them to the roots to be re-planted. Or you can choose the mother plant and split it in half if the baby plant is not big enough to move because the offset should be 7inches tall.

Propagating Calathea White Fusion
Propagating Calathea White Fusion

If you are unsure how to take the plant out from the pot, you can carefully turn it upside down, and then you can secure the plant and take its root ball. Separate the roots, then cleanly cut the root system. You have to ensure that each half has part of the root system and the leaf is still attached to a stem. Replant the plant in a smaller pot (3-inch one) and the mother plant in a bigger one (4-6 inches). For the area where to place it, just like the usual, you have to place it in bright light but indirect to the sun.

For the developing process, you have to check that it is moist and not soggy. Generally, the roots will develop in two weeks, and your new plant is ready to grow!

Calathea White Fusion Care Tips

Calathea White Fusion Care Tips
Calathea White Fusion Care Tips

Growing an amazing houseplant, of course, makes you want to show it off indoors and outdoors. Guess everyone has to see how stunning your houseplant is. It includes Calathea White Fusion, you can put the pots of this one indoors and outdoors, but you have to see the requirements and brief tips in order to make you succeed in growing this rare variety.

1. Indoor Calathea White Fusion Care Tips

calathea white fusion care
Indoor Calathea White Fusion Care Tips

Yes, the indoor area is the ideal place for growing Calathea White Fusion. Here, we give tips and tricks if you want to grow this adorable plant indoors. Simple yet detailed!

  • Avoid drafty windows or air conditioners when placing Calathea White Fusion. 
  • Wipe the leaves to let the plant breathe well.
  • You may add a humidifier to reach the optimal humidity level for this plant.
  • Water it a cup once a week during summer.
  • Not too bright light is ok but will let the plant grow slower.

2. Outdoor Calathea White Fusion Care Tips

Outdoor Calathea White Fusion Care Tips
Outdoor Calathea White Fusion Care Tips

Houseplant, ideally, is planted indoors. The humidity, the environment, and it is easier for you to check when it is placed indoors. Yet, if you plan to grow this one outdoors, you have to check out our tips before doing it. Make sure everything is ready!

  • Place it under the filtered spot or indirect sunlight area.
  • Choose light soil and moist soil.
  • Look for areas where the plant is still safe from winds in order to avoid the change in temperature.
  • Always choose the pot to plant this one to make it easier for you to move the plant.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is Calathea Fusion White Rare?

Yes, this plant is one of the rarest Calathea varieties. The pattern and the colors are unique and vivid. Moreover, there are purple color undersides to complete the look of this houseplant. Therefore, you have to be well-prepared while growing this one.

How do I keep Calathea White Fusion happy?

Placing it in an area where the humidity level is based on their need will make Calathea White Fusion happy. Also, ensure the pots have drainage holes to avoid overwatering. Don’t forget to wipe the foliage, especially the large one, but without any shiny leaf product, to let the plant breathe well.

Why is my white fusion dying?

The main reason your Calathea White Fusion is dying is this plant gets too much direct sunlight, and the humidity level is less than this plant needs. Also, overwatering can be the factor your Calathea cannot survive.

Why is my white fusion turning yellow?

When the foliage is too wet for too long, there is no way for the foliage except to turn its color to yellow and then brown. Then, it does not take too long for the stems to collapse. We inform you to have a good drainage pot and wipe the leaves to ensure this plant can breathe and get enough water. 

How do you make Calathea White Fusion bushier?

By fertilizing and keeping the humidity at an optimum level, you have to check out this houseplant since this kind of plant is the one that you plant and then forget due to your busy day. Also, you have to re-potting or propagate it while the plants look full in one pot. 

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