25 Innovative & Fresh Approaches to Landscape Tree Ring ideas

Just like the trees in the park, you also can create a landscape tree ring for your favorite plants in your front or backyard. The tree ring is not only a circle shape with the mulch, but also you can use your creativity to make the ring more special and versatile. For instance, you can add the plants, make it into the bench or seating area for your family, and many more. Here, we sum up 25 unique and innovative landscape tree ring ideas!

We are pretty sure you can do it by yourself or by help from your family or expert help. Furthermore, we give you an option whether the trunk of your tree is slim or big, your tree is still young or mature enough.

There is no limitation to build adorable tree rings for your home.

DIY Tree Rings

 You can have a tree ring for your favorite, old tree by doing it by yourself in order to build your own tree ring based on your preference.

Actually, there is nothing wrong if you use your creativity to do that because the most important one is the measurement between the trunk and the ring is enough, so that your tree can still grow freely.

1. Solid Rock Tree Ring

Source: Pinterest (@solidrocklandscapingllc.com)

A landscaping idea around your trees can be done like this one. It is pretty simple because you just have to grow the flowers or small plants that require shade light because they will grow under the big tree.

Then, you can set a tree ring or the border by using medium stones in order to make it clear the area of your tree and the lawn. Also, it doesn’t matter if your tree is getting bigger because there is no solid fence around it.

2. Bricks Bed Flower

Source: Pinterest (@flickr.com)

Brick tree ring ideas can be your best option to build a simple tree ring for your favorite one in your yard. No need to dig the soil because it is more like building a small fence using the bricks.

Give some space for the tree to grow and also you can plant other small greens around the tree. It will beautify and add some fresh air too! Getting a two tone brick will create a different accent for your yard.

3. Wooden Bed Flowers

Source: Pinterest (@The Home Depot)

Setting up a wooden tree ring might be the simplest way for you because it is similar to setting the fence but in smaller size. One thing you have to make sure is you know how much space you need to set the ring.

Never leave a small space for the tree especially if the tree is a fast growing one. You can grow small house plants such as Krimson/Hoya under the tree if you like.

4. Colorful Tree Ring

Source: Pinterest (@Holland Bulb Farms)

If your yard is too full with big trees and you want to add some colorful flowers, yet have no idea where to plant it, then get this idea for you!

Here, you can build a simple tree ring by placing the medium stones around the tree. There are colorful plants such as Calathea, Hoya and many more you can have there.

5. Precast Concrete Tree Ring

Source: Pinterest (@Ed’s Concrete)

Usually, you can find this precast concrete tree ring in front of the building or city park. You can have this idea in your yard if most of the soil is different from the soil you use for planting the trees.

For building precast concrete tree rings, you can do it while the tree is still young, so it is faster and easier for you to do it. Make sure you know the size once they grow mature, so the space between the soil and the tree ring is enough.

6. Cute Tree Ring

Source: Pinterest (@Mydesired Home)

The tree ring is made of clay that looks like a small pot. This can be your inspiration to build a tree ring since it is not expensive and you can add the small flowers around.

Having a few tree rings like you see on the picture will freshen your yard, including planting the tree that seems impossible because there is already a ‘fence’ around the plant.

7. Plain Bricks

Source: Pinterest (@Lauren Thomas)

If you are too lazy to build a tree ring yet you have to do it, then just placing the bricks like this idea.

It is quick, easy and you can dismantle it again if the tree is getting bigger. So, you don’t have to take extra work to dress your tree. Also, it is the safest way since you still can let your tree grow as you want to.

8. Roof and Rocks

Source: Pinterest (@tumblr.com)

When your tree is not that big and you still want to make a tree ring, you can steal this idea! It is stunning yet simple to do it because you just have to arrange the old roof and stones around the tree.

Also, it doesn’t harm the plant since you can remove the tree ring easily while the tree is growing taller and bigger in order to need some space. Also, you don’t need any new items to do it.

9. Hardscape Tree Rings

Source: Pinterest (@professionalstonework.com)

This would be the most excellent idea of tree ring, because it not only builds the ring but also prevents the tree from falling since the land is not even.

The hardscape concept is needed in order to keep the tree steady. You have to select the bricks that are solid, tough and easy to set up. Don’t forget to prepare mulch and soil to cover the ring.

10. Beautiful Tree Rings

Source: Pinterest (@flickr.com)

Filling the tree ring like this is like setting up a new mini garden under the tree.

Your backyard will look fresher and the view can spoil your eyes daily. Basically, the way to create this tree ring is the same but you just need to add small flowers and choose the colorful one to make it prettier than ever.

11. Concrete Ring

landscape tree ring ideas
Concrete Ring

A simple mini ring for the trees or any plant. It is suitable for the trunk that is stable and the growth progress is not too significant.

Furthermore, you don’t have to use many materials since the only material you need is concrete. If you like to give a color, then you can go by painting it, if not, just going with the neutral color is okay.

There is nothing wrong with it.

12. Ring Rocks

landscape tree ring ideas
Ring Rocks

The safest and easiest ring for trees. It also can differentiate the soil around the plant and the grass on your lawn. So, it makes it easier for you to mow.

Choose medium to big stones and place it around the trees. You don’t have to dig the ground but make sure the stones can go deeper in order to avoid the stones moving easily during the rainy or windy season.

13. Solid Bricks

landscape tree ring ideas
Source: Pinterest (@Saul Kemble)

Solid brick is a good one as long as you know the characteristics of your trees. Why?

Because building the solid brick like this will give a limitation for the tree to grow, unless you can predict how big the tree will be due to the age. Also, you have to dig the ground first since the bricks should be set under the ground in order to make it steady and easy for you to add the flowers.

14. Stunning Simple Stones

landscape tree ring ideas
Source: Pinterest (@homegardenvt.com)

You may choose bricks or stones; it is up to you since those materials are a good option to build the ‘border’ for your trees.

Also, the tree’s roots under the ground can freely grow without having to worry about the limitation of the growth process for the roots, trunks, or any part of the trees since the material is easy to remove.

Furthermore, you can add the small flowers under them, just ensure the soil type is the same before you add some colorful flowers below.

15. Classic Bricks

Classic bricks
Source: Pinterest (@s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com)

Broken white will bring you to a classic vibe in a good way.

Adding the red rose or any cutting flowers will increase its stunning look for your tree ring. The color option will instantly change your backyard into a royal view.

16. Mulch Tree Rings

landscape tree ring ideas
Source: Pinterest (@Plow & Hearth)

Setting the tree rings is not only using solid material, but also mulch.

Yes, you can use your existing mulch to be your tree ring since it is natural, easy to remove while your tree is getting bigger, and it is good for another plant once you add another one under the tree.

17. Spacious Landscaping Tree

landscape tree ring ideas
Source: Pinterest (@Family Handyman)

It is pretty suitable for the gigantic tree because the fence is only using medium stones yet you can add the soil too around the tree to create a new layer.

Also, it lets the new plants grow as well if you decide to decorate the ground.

18. Pavel Tree Rings

landscape tree ring ideas
Source: Pinterest (@ArchitectureArtDesigns)

Bricks or gravel will be the safe and quick way to set the tree ring. If you have a tree such as a palm, you can decorate the plant with this idea.

It is an inexpensive tree ring plus you can add another plant under it. Also, it functions to distinguish the soil and the lawn.

19. To The Ground

To the ground
Source: Pinterest (@dlborders.net)

It is like a big pot rather than the tree ring since the style is to the ground.

Yes, it is better to build the tree ring while the tree is still young to make it easier for you to set up and add the mulch on it. A slim trunk will be the best fit with this landscape tree ring idea.

20. Rubber Tree Rings

Rubber tree rings
Source: Pinterest (@Ballard Designs)

For the slim tree, the ring style like this is unique yet cute. The bottom part, you can have gravel or mulch, then you can find the rubber material to cover the ground and make it beautiful.

There are various styles of rubber material as the cover of a tree ring if you want. Find the same theme or concept of rubber and your yard to make it a good match.

21. Pathways

Source: Pinterest (@diynetwork.com)

Cute, adorable and easy to build pathway tree rings. You can use your stones collection and set the pathway although no one can walk on it.

The process is simple but the result is pretty amazing to do. Don’t forget to add small plants around the pathway.

Versatile Tree ring

Here we give you the extraordinary tree rings that can protect the tree and be your favorite spot to sit down, relax, and chill for a while under the tree.

It might be simple or some of you might find it hard to build them. But, you may ask for a professional expert to do it for you. Now, let’s get the shady areas, not only for you, but also for the kiddos.

22. Tree Bench

landscape tree ring ideas
Source: Pinterest (@Gardenup)

A shady spot for you to sit down and relax for a while that you can get every day by building up the bench under your tree like this.

Especially if your tree is not that tall but mature enough, so it is easy for you to measure before building the bench.

Using a wooden material to set up the seating area like this will fit the most. Your kids will love this spot since they can play, relax, or just daydreaming with you.

23. Concrete Tree Bench

Concrete tree bench
Source: Pinterest (@Foter Magazine)

Adding a versatile tree ring is possible if you know how to do it well. Let’s take a look at this useful tree ring because it not only functions as a tree ring, but also as a seating area.

It is very adorable for your yard as well because you can spend your weekend there to read books or just chit chat with your kids.

If you like to do it by yourself, you can create a tree ring like this, but you can ask for professional help as well if there is no time to do it.

24. Bench Sitting Tree Ring

landscape tree ring ideas
Bench Sitting Tree Ring

If you are really ready to create something new yet versatile for your trees, you can have this idea! It is a building bench sitting around the trees and the material is using a wood paneling gray metal plate.

For the bottom part, you can use gravel to make it sturdy and steady. Also, you may ask professional help if you haven’t experienced building this one.

25. Rattan Tree Ring

Rattan tree ring
Source: Pinterest (@Lushome)

A center point of your yard will be more amazing to look at while you decide to set up the tree ring by using a rattan material like this. It gives a country vibe and it will protect the tree in different ways.

This style may not allow you to add some flowers under the tree but you can place mini grass as the cover of the ring on the top. Also, no need to dig the ground to apply this one.


Embrace nature’s beauty and create a focal point that showcases your style and love for gardening. With a well-designed tree ring, you can define boundaries, prevent weed growth, and protect the tree’s root system.

Experiment with various materials, colors, and textures to add depth and visual interest. Consider incorporating complementary plants and flowers for a vibrant and harmonious composition. Don’t forget to choose appropriate edging materials for durability and longevity.

Remember, a thoughtfully designed tree ring not only adds aesthetic appeal but also provides practical benefits for your landscape. Let your imagination run wild and create a stunning outdoor oasis that reflects your personal taste and love for nature.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Are tree rings a good idea?

Yes, because tree rings will help to protect your trees from any damage.

Creating a tree ring also keeps the tree hydrated and can defend themselves against the weed. For instance, you can place the big stones as the border of rings and it will help the water absorb easily to the ground.

How big should a tree ring be?

It must be greater from the trunk since the mulch will help the tree roots compete with the nutrients and water with the grass. The wider the mulch, it is better for the tree as well.

So, make sure the tree ring is not that narrow for them.

How do you landscape a tree ring?

Before landscaping a tree ring, you can check these steps first. It may seem simple but still you need to be careful to do it. 

  • First, you have to mark the tree in order to create a circular shape around the trunk.
  • Measure the trunk and the circle, make sure the tree ring mark is round and even.
  • Remove the grass inside the ring and you can dig down or not based on the material you want to use for the tree ring.

What do you put in a tree ring?

You can put mulch, small flower beds, or even succulents in a tree ring. It depends on the concept that you take for your favorite tree.

There is nothing wrong with the things that you put inside as long as it doesn’t harm the tree and the tree still can grow properly.

How do you make a stone ring around a tree?

Stone rings are pretty well-known for building tree rings, because stone is easy to find material and you can do it by yourself for creating it. Also, you can choose your favorite stones in order to beautify your tree.

  • Place the stone after you measure the space between the trunk and the ring you want to build.
  • Set the stones and fill the ring edge with stone until all is neat and covered.
  • You may add the second layer with smaller stones or another plant.

How do you make a circle landscape?

First, you can mark the tree ring shape by using a garden hose. It is done in order to create a round shape with the right size around your tree trunk.

Before you go to the next step, you have to measure and ensure that the shape is even.

How do you make a tree ring stand out?

You can create a seating area or add a small bed flower under the tree to make a tree ring stand out.

Choose a colorful flower, so that the tree ring will be a center point of your yard view. Furthermore, you can match the shape of the tree with the style of tree ring you choose.

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