25 DIY Rose Garden Ideas You Can Easily Make

Who can deny roses? Seems like everybody loves this timeless flower. But not many people like to plant it in the house because most of them think that it is hard to grow roses. If you are interested in having a rose garden, we will give you a bunch of DIY rose garden ideas that you can easily make in your yard. You can freely choose the color of roses and grow them perfectly in your house.

Take a look at how to layout the rose garden or if you already plan one, you can check out the design ideas that we’ve got only for you!

How Do You Layout A Rose Garden?

The key to do layout a rose garden is by setting the area where the sunlight is enough for the flowers to grow. It is very vital because the flowers love the sun very much. It gives you a garden that bursts with rose blossoms if the lighting is proper for the plants, especially morning sun.

For the space, you can prepare the space for each rose, such as 2.5 feet for all sides. It not only lets the flowers grow beautifully, but also helps you to prune the flowers easily. The irrigation or drainage should be taken care of as well to avoid the root rot or the water stuck. Then for the soil, roses love soil rich in organic matter. So, whether you grow modern shrub roses, old garden roses or another type, this kind of soil should be prepared.

Mini DIY Rose Garden Ideas

One color of rose already gives you a daily good vibe for you especially for DIY a mini garden. Planting it in your garden, although you only choose one color, whatever it is, you will feel that warm when the flower blooms. So, let’s take a look at our recommendation of DIY rose garden ideas here.

1. White Roses On The Edge of The Lawn

diy rose garden ideas
Source: Pinterest (@Interior Design Inspiration)

At a glance you will think that it is a climbing rose, but it is not. Those white roses are planted in a high wood medium to adjust the layout since the roses are planted to accompany the lamp park. Below the roses, you can plant the shrubs to substitute the planters. It is very beautiful to look at, especially if your yard already has a lawn. So, the contrast between green lawn and roses can be a perfect combination for the view.

2. Stand Out of Roses In A Crowd

diy rose garden ideas
Source: Pinterest (@Brighter Blooms)

Planting only in one place for your roses? It is still undeniable for this adorable flower. That pink blossom will burst in your garden and everyone will be attracted to see and smell the scent. You can cover the soil with mulch, so your lawn will look clean as always. If you still have space, you can repeat planting another color of roses to create a colorful roses garden by yourself.

3. Adorable Backyard With Pink Blossom of Roses

diy rose garden ideas
Source: Pinterest (@Jana Mogorová)

Boring to only have a lawn and evergreen shrub? Then creating a rose garden can be a solution. You can have a few rose trees, the color of roses are free to choose based on your favorite. It can be a fabulous background for your plain fence too. In spring, don’t forget to take a photo with this fresh background. Guess your friends cannot wait to come to your house.

4. White Rose Bushes On Seating Area

White Rose Bushes On Seating Area
Source: Pinterest (@hydrangeatreehouse.com)

Want to have a stunning background for your seating area in the backyard? Planting roses is the answer. If you already build the concrete planter, then growing roses can be done easily. The blossoms can be a living decor for your seating area. So, your leisure time will have another fresh vibes when you and your family or friends chill for a while there. Adding a mini fountain will be great, but if you think it takes too much time to build a fountain, you can put the table with rose vases instead.

5. Boxwood Roses Garden

diy rose garden ideas
Source: Pinterest (@Flower Patch Farmhouse)

Tell us that you cannot hold yourself to having a rose garden like this, right? A soft pink, white, and even a purple rose covered beautifully in a boxwood that is regularly trimmed. You don’t have to create a complicated design since this layout is classic yet astonishing to look at for your daily view. It also can avoid your pets from coming since there is a border around the flowers. So, it is like a win-win solution for building an elegant yet simple rose garden.

6. Yellow Rose In Brick Planters

diy rose garden ideas
Source: Pinterest (@Interior Design Inspiration)

Yellow roses are perhaps not a favorite for some people, but this variety is pretty rare to find in a florist. But as the yellow rose fans, you can grow it by yourself by creating a diy rose garden idea like this one. You can reuse the empty brick planters in your yard. So, no need to buy or create a new medium to plant the flowers. Your boring garden will turn into this pretty again in spring.

7. Simple pink rose in front yard

Simple pink rose in front yard
Source: Pinterest (@Janet Meachum)

Through its simplicity, you can have a bunch of roses in your yard. It is pretty easy because the borders for these flowers are only the medium stone. You don’t have to build the planters or buy new pots. As a first timer, it is such a good idea that you can do it. Once you succeed in building a diy rose garden, you can improve the look of your garden into more eye-catching.

8. Rose Bushes On Edge of The Backyard

diy rose garden ideas
Source: Pinterest (@HGTV)

This DIY rose garden idea is pretty simple. The various colors of roses that are planted on the edge of the lawn, you can make a border with wood material and cover it with mulch or gravel. When they already grow, you can see beautiful yet conventional shrubs that turn your backyard into something exciting to see. Let the flowers grow freely to get the astonishing view privately!

9. Backyard With Rose Arborea 

diy rose garden ideas
Source: Pinterest (@flickr.com)

You can fill your garden full of roses like this. Whether you choose one color or a few ones, there is nothing wrong with filling all of your garden space with this flower. Roses are timeless and beautiful, so the beauty of your garden will last forever too by having this flower. Make sure you prune and trim this rose arborea regularly to make the flower blooms vigorously.

10. Boxwood of Roses and River Stone

diy rose garden ideas
Source: Pinterest (@Better Homes and Gardens)

If you are a fan of layering, then you can have a layer garden on your own. This diy rose garden design is not that difficult because you just have to add the height of the boxwood, then make sure the roses can grow higher than the others. The river stones can be a seating area after you walk past the garden. It can be a great background too if you take a photo there.

11. Burst In Pink Roses Blossom 

diy rose garden ideas
Source: Pinterest (@Bayley Romig)

A single color of your mini garden is an excellent thing to do or you can go for two tones. This DIY rose garden idea gives you a freedom to choose the favorite color you want for the roses. You can have a bed rose, pot, or just directly seeding on the ground. Make sure the lighting is enough from the sun.

12. Beautiful Roses On Your Ground

diy rose garden ideas
Source: Pinterest (@flickr.com)

Yes, the easiest way to build a rose garden is planting directly to the ground. You don’t need to get a pot or planter to build a stunning garden like this one. Whether you create a block to distinguish each color or just compile them in one place. It may take time as you are the first timer to create a garden rose, but as time goes by, the view will be mesmerizing.

Heavenly Garden of Roses Ideas

When you think that one color of rose is not enough (and we guess so), having various colors of roses in a garden is not a mistake. Your garden will turn into a stunning private park for sure. There are no exact rules about the color combination since all of the colors of roses are mesmerizing to look at.

13. Roses Around The Fountain

diy rose garden ideas
Source: Pinterest (@Decor Home Ideas)

A beautiful backyard like this can be yours when you like to grow roses. If you feel confused about how to design roses in your garden, you can arrange the flowers like in the picture. The layout is simple yet it fills the empty space in your yard around the mini fountain. So, in spring, the yard will turn into a colorful garden.

14. Shabby Chic Garden With Roses and Lavender

Shabby Chic Garden With Roses and Lavender
Source: Pinterest (@HGTV)

It is not that hard to have this shabby chic design for your front yard. You can decor your plain fence with these colorful plants. Pink rose flowers, lavender and other plants. The color combination is very stunning since all of them come in pastel or soft colors. Once the plants bloom, your view will be spoiled and the scent can be smelled not only by you, but also the people who pass by your house. This diy rose garden idea should be yours as the shabby chic lovers.

15. Your favorite roses in the wagon

Your favorite roses in the wagon
Source: Pinterest (@The Gardening Cook)

Don’t know how to place the roses in your garden? Why don’t you use the old wagon as the medium to plant them? You can place it in the center of your garden, so while the blossoms appear, your roses will be a center point in your yard. It is like a giant bouquet that you can see every day. Also, if you want to make a mini bouquet, planting a diy rose garden like this will make it easier to cut the flowers.

16. Colorful Roses Through The Pathwalk

Colorful Roses Through The Pathwalk
Source: Pinterest (@Rex Arrasmith)

Already having a pathwalk but still no idea what to plant in an empty field? Then growing roses in various colors in your yard can be your solution. Having a rose garden in your yard will give you a new sensation due to its vibrant colors and also you can make bouquets as roses are the most favorite cutting flowers for many people. Also, if you plant it in your backyard, you can enjoy it by yourself privately.

17. Warm Colors of Roses As Bed Flower

Warm Colors of Roses As Bed Flower
Source: Pinterest (@French Country Charm)

Adding a new variant of roses is never enough. At first you may be satisfied with growing red roses, then you want another color. It is good because as you succeed growing those flowers, then as long as you still have space you can add new variants of this flower. Especially as the bed flowers like this. Using the roses as bed flowers can be the easiest diy rose garden that you can do as well. Make sure the soil is based on the characteristics of this plant.

18. Concrete Raiser Filled with Roses

Concrete Raiser Filled with Roses
Source: Pinterest (@Flowers In Heart)

In your yard, you can plant some colors of roses. As long as the soil is moist, rich with organic matter (although it is covered with gravel), you can have them all. Make sure you make enough space between each color of roses to avoid the roots and flowers aggressively coming to other plant space. Giving a space for each flower will make it easier for you to cut the unhealthy stems too.

19. Stunning Roses To Welcome The Guests

Stunning Roses To Welcome The Guests
Source: Pinterest (@rosebook.ru)

To welcome your guests, you can plant the roses beside the fence of your house. No need for a pot or bed planter because the pathwalk itself is already a border between the patio and empty space that is allowed to be planted. You can have a few colors in one space. Then, once they bloom, you will see how beautiful the color gradients from this mini garden are.

20. Country Cottage Roses Style

Country Cottage Roses Style
Source: Pinterest (@Country Living Magazine)

Filling the empty space when you already plant the shrub can be done by growing roses. It is like building a new garden inside the boxwood without any pots. Especially if the soil there meets the criteria to plant the rose, you just have to make sure the lighting fits the roses too. Then, you can have a pool of roses in your front yard.

21. Rose Bushes In The Middle of The Lawn

diy rose garden ideas
Source: Pinterest (@flickr.com)

Although your backyard seems too plain or not that beautiful, after you grow two or more colors of roses, your plain and dull view will instantly be stunning in a simple way. You just have to plant the flowers directly on the ground. Make sure you prune the leaves and stems regularly, so the flowers will vigorously continue blooming. If you want to beautify the backyard, you can build the concrete bed raiser as well.

22. Mesmerizing Roses View Along The Pathwalk

diy rose garden ideas
Mesmerizing Roses View Along The Pathwalk

No fence, no worry if you have a rose garden as the fence of your house. As you walk by the pavers, you can see the blossom of roses bloom vigorously. Three colors of roses will be a perfect filling for your yard. It can attract the guests to see the flowers too before they go to your house.

23. Bed Raisers Blocking of Roses

diy rose garden ideas
Source: Pinterest (@Jennifer Hale)

A very big garden can turn into a rose garden if you want to. It is simple for you because you just have to build the concrete bed raisers. You can create some in order to block different varieties of roses. Adding the bricks on top of bed raisers is a good idea too because it gives a different accent on it.

24. Simple and Classic Roses Garden

diy rose garden ideas
Source: Pinterest (@lovethatimage.com)

Let your flowers grow freely in the empty yard. Seeding the roses with a spacious gap will be great because they can grow properly without having to seek some spaces as they grow. The yard is lower than the lawn too, so it gives you a limitless view to see all the flowers at one spot.

Final Thought

So, when some people think it is difficult and need a big space to build a DIY rose garden, after reading our ideas, of course you will change your mind, right? Since there is a will, there is a way to turn your empty space (although it is limited) into something more eye-catching, fresh, and undeniable.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How do you make a simple rose garden?

Since it is a simple rose garden, you don’t need much tools or medium to build the garden.

  • Choose the varieties of roses you want to plant.
  • Prepare the soil that the roses need. If you have it in your yard, no need for extra preparation.
  • Make sure the space is enough if you want to seed some varieties in your garden.
  • Water the roses regularly once a week.
  • Maintain the stems or leaves, make sure all of them are healthy.
  • Fertilize the roses after they reach 6 inches, do it once a month after the first bloom.

What side of the house do you plant roses?

The east side or south side of your house will be the best places to plant roses. It is done because roses do best under the full sun. If your yard doesn’t get sun exposure all day long, at least the roses get a morning sun daily to let the flowers grow beautifully.

What can you not plant with roses?

There are a few plants that are not well together with roses. For instance, toad lilies since they need a full shade area to grow. Fuchsia also doesn’t go well with roses. Basically, the plants that require full shade cannot be planted together with the roses.

How often should roses be watered?

Watering roses once a week is enough. You can water them around 1 to 2 inches of water during spring to fall. In summer, you can do it every three or four days to keep the soil moist and they can grow well under the heat temperature.

When should I fertilize roses?

You can fertilize roses when they have already reached 6 inches. Usually, the roses will feel the benefit of liquid fertilizer after second feeding. So you can maintain the growth process after twice feeding this flower. Also, after the first bloom, you can repeat fertilizer around 2 – 3 weeks until the late summer.

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