lawn mower for steep hills

Best Lawn Mower for Steep Hills

Having a hilly landscape is a beautiful thing until it reaches a time to mow it. You might find yourself cursing the reason why you bought the hilly land. You don’t have to worry about this anymore. You can greatly enjoy your beautiful hilly landscape by mowing it using the right lawnmower.

Hilly yards seem to be great but are hard to mow. Most lawn mowers are designed to mow about an inclination of 15 degrees. Ride-on models are considered the best zero turn mowers for hills because they cope perfectly with slopes and save time. You should not rule out walk-behind lawn mowers as they are quieter, cheaper, and easier to maneuver.

Most people don’t understand the perfect way to mow a steep hill. Therefore, they don’t acquire the best mower. For mowing a hilly landscape, you need to consider various aspects such as strong, reliable, and light lawnmower. Other essential features include self-propelling and cutting height adjustments that make mowing steep hills much easier.

Best Lawn Mower For Steep Hills

Importance of Lawn Mowers for Steep Hills

Mowing steep lawns is an essential part of proper garden care. There are numerous benefits related to mowing a steep hill that make it perfectly worth it in the end. So you need to give deep thoughts regarding the best lawn mower for hilly landscape before purchasing it.

You will realize some of the benefits of owning a lawnmower after buying one of your choices from our product list, such as:

  • Mowing faster: You will notice that using a lawnmower in cutting your steep hill grass will mow faster than other existing cutting methods. We recommend using our lawn mowers because they complete the work in less time compared to other mowing devices.
  • Clean job: Most people buy our lawnmowers, expecting good results. So, this is the perfect solution for your steep hill. Most of these mowing machines have a higher blade tip speed. This is an essential reason why they are faster and provide a clean, mowing job.
  • Long-lasting: It is important to buy a mowing device that can last for a long time. Most of our machines are sold at affordable prices, and they are of good quality. You can know that they last for long because they have the best warranty period of more than two years.
  • Perfect maneuverability: You are likely to enjoy good maneuverability using our lawnmower. Lawnmowers have rear wheels fitted with motors that allow better maneuverability.

The following are some of the types of lawnmowers that are considered to be the best mowers for steep hills: 

1. Greenworks Cordless

Greenworks can be your best pick if you prefer the silent operation of a battery-powered lawnmower. It is the most powerful battery-powered, and it has a super silent power unit with minimal vibrations. It provides long run times for every battery charge because you can use it for about one hour without recharging.

The mower uses Smart-Cut technology to enhance performance and run time. The brushless motor provides enough power to make mowing an easy and quick task. It needs minimal maintenance, and it also has zero emissions.


  • It is comparatively affordable.
  • It has long run times.
  • Minimal wear and tear
  • It is effortless to give it a start.
  • Minimal noise and fewer vibrations


  • The lawnmower does not come with a charger.

2. Honda (HRX217K5VKA) Mower

This is a self-propelled grass cutter for a hilly landscape. It is convenient, powerful, and efficient. It uses an automatic choke system to enable starting an easy process. The perfect mulching and bagging help to capture the grass and clippings. This eliminates the need to rake afterward.

The Honda lawn mower gives the grass smooth and even cuts using MicroCut blades, four cutting grass surfaces. It also has seven cutting levels ranging from 3 to 4 inches. This makes it very useful for various mowing situations. It also has the following additional features:

  • 187 cc-power
  • 21 inches Clearing Capacity
  • Weight of 108 lbs


  •  It is a self-propelling lawnmower
  • Comparatively easy to start
  • Perfect bagging and mulching
  • It has extra cutting surfaces


  • It is a loud lawnmower
  • It has plastic wheels

3. Arien Zero Turn Mower (915223 IKON-X 52)

It is one of the best riding lawn mowers that can smoothly and quickly cut your grass. It resembles tractor features, and it is good for small and large steep lawns. It is easy to ride and has a powerful twin-engine.

Hence, it has a 54-inch clearing capacity to get your work done quickly without wasting time on your steep hill. The mower is made of steel and strong metal, ensuring it lasts for a long period. You are assured of getting an enhanced cutting quality with Arien zero turn mower. It is considered to be the best zero-turn mower for hills.


  • It is comfortable and easy to ride.
  • It is a powerful zero-turn lawnmower.
  • It makes navigation through slopes much easier due to its zero turn ability.
  • Easy to operate and cuts your grass perfectly.


  • It is a bit expensive but worth your price.

How to Use a Lawn Mower on Hilly Landscape (Steep Hills)?

How To Use A Lawn Mower On Hilly Landscape
  • Maintain the lawnmower at the maximum height setting to avoid damaging the lawn blades.
  • If you are using a walk-behind or self-propelled lawnmower, you should go on sideways to provide proper control and traction. Pushing the mower up and down takes a lot of hard work.
  • If you are using a ride-on lawnmower, you should go up and down the steep hill. This prevents the mower from putting all the weight towards one side.

Final Thoughts

Mowing steep hills can be difficult, whether using either riding or walk-behind lawnmowers. Getting a walk-behind lawnmower up the hill can be hard work, and ride-on lawnmowers lack proper safety for mowing on a slope. You can get the job done by getting a suitable mower that works perfectly for you by considering the following additional features:

  • Rear Wheel Driving System: This is an important feature because it improves traction down and up the steep hill.
  • Size of the deck: Consider the deck’s width because it determines how you can move on a steep hill.
  • Ease of operation: Some mowers are complicated and difficult to use. You should consider features such as cruise control designed to make it convenient and easy to operate your lawnmower.
  • Weight: A heavy lawnmower can be strenuous when maneuvering up the hill. It makes you use more effort. So you should consider powerful engines with light mowers.

We feel that these are the best lawn mowers for steep hills, having exceptional features. Don’t you agree? 

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