12 Best Flowers To Grow in Ohio For Cutting

Having a flower bouquet that can be made by your garden is an exciting experience to do. There are best flowers to grow in Ohio for cutting, so that you can have the most beautiful flower bouquets. A colorful and fresh bouquet can be an ornamental inside the vas in your house.

You can surprise your parents as well with these beautiful flowers that you arrange first. There is no worry about planting the cutting flowers if you pay attention to the details for it.

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BEST Cutting Flowers in Ohio

Ah, the Buckeye State, with its rich soils and gentle seasons, is a gardener’s paradise waiting to be discovered! Imagine stepping into a garden where blooms stretch out, vying for your attention, each one whispering, “Pick me!”

From vibrant dahlias to delicate lilies, Ohio is the canvas upon which a tapestry of cut flowers flourishes. Dive with us into this blooming wonderland, and let’s unveil the best floral treasures Ohio has to offer for that perfect bouquet.

1. Gladioli (Gladiolus)

best flowers to grow in ohio for cutting
Gladioli (Gladiolus)

You can call it Sword Lily to these immersive lilac flowers. It can be included as cut flowers once it blooms in summer, fall, and even in late winter, depending on the species of Gladioli.

In Ohio, you can grow Butterfly or Nanus species with well drained soil. These bell shaped flowers can be planted in fall and wait for this one to bloom in spring.

This is one of best flowers to grow in Ohio for cutting.

2. Ageratum

best flowers to grow in ohio for cutting

The blue floss flower that you can have for cutting gardens in Ohio. There are various colors for the flowers, but the most famous cultivar and easy to find is the blueish purple one.

Ageratum will bloom from spring to fall. You can start the seeds using the warm soil outside. Hence, you can start in summer or late spring to wait for it to bloom in fall.

Also, you can start the seeds indoors first before moving them to the garden.

3. Sweet Peas (Lathyrus Odoratus)

best flowers to grow in ohio for cutting
Sweet Peas (Lathyrus Odoratus)

Having annual flowers for bouquets made by yourself is another happiness. Just like planting sweet peas in your Ohio garden. The flower petals that look like paper flowers. The foliage is deep green.

Hence, the contrast is excellent to see.

You can cut these flowers and since the shape of petals are pretty uncommon, this can be a great filler for the flower bouquet.

You can start planting this flower once the soil is dry enough, so it can be done in early spring or very late winter. Sweet peas are a pretty hardy plant. But once you see the flower blooming, you can enjoy the fragrance and its beauty through your garden.

4. Tulip (Tulipa)

best flowers to grow in ohio for cutting
Darwin Hybrid Tulip (Tulipa)

You can have tulips in your flower bouquets although you live in Ohio. This one is also considered as the best flowers to grow in Ohio for cutting. This plant is hardy, so that you don’t have to worry when the winter comes.

Furthermore, you can place it under the full sun since they will love it to reach the best blooms. One thing you should pay attention to when planting Tulip in Ohio is the weather.

5. Allium

best flowers to grow in ohio for cutting

This plant is deer resistant. This one loves well-drained soil and sunny locations. So, you can start planting it in fall, before the winter comes. Since it is a cutting flower, then you should pay attention when mid spring or early summer comes because the foliage will fade.

That’s why you have to cut it before the leaves turn yellow.

6. Zinnia

best flowers to grow in ohio for cutting
Zinnia Flowers

Growing Zinnia from the seeds can cut the cost for the maintenance. These flowers, when already in mature age will require low maintenance and less water because the flower is drought tolerant too.

Moreover you can cut Zinnia flowers and combine it with various colors that Zinnia have. It can be pink, purple or yellow. Don’t forget to put it under the full sun to reach the flower petals open perfectly in your Ohio garden.

7. Purple Coneflower (Echinacea)

best flowers to grow in ohio for cutting
Purple Coneflower (Echinacea)

People often know it as Purple coneflower as well. This drought tolerant plant can thrive in poor soil conditions, but the best soil is well drained under the full sun.

As the flowers bloom, you can cut it for flower arrangements based on your needs. Moreover, these native plants will attract butterflies and birds.

8. Peony (Paeonia)

Peony (Paeonia)
Peony (Paeonia)

Although peonies will tolerate all types of soils, the flower will be happy if you plant it inside the well drained soil that is rich in organic matter under the sunny location in Ohio.

This stunning flower will bloom in spring, hence the best time to plant it is in the fall. It can reach up to four feet tall.

Once they bloom, you can enjoy the cut flower arrangements beautifully through its smooth colors. Yet, you should consider and pay attention to the disease that may cause Peony to suffer.

For instance, insect or disease problems, planting too deeply, or late freezes.

9. Black Eyed Susan (Rudbeckia Hirta)

Black Eyed Susan (Rudbeckia Hirta)
Black Eyed Susan (Rudbeckia Hirta)

If you just love the cut flowers and want to start planting it as a beginner, then you can choose Black Eyed Susan! This one is a low maintenance plant, fast growing, and drought tolerant too.

Black Eyed Susan is the first plant that survives in a damaged area by fire or any disaster compared to other plants.

You can have cutting gardens by planting this one and see once it blooms in summer long to fall. They will grow happily if you make a space while planting it on the ground, since it will spread aggressively once it grows.

Also, place it under the full sun to partial sun, inside wet to dry mesic soil.

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10. Buttercup (Ranunculus)

best flowers to grow in ohio for cutting
Pink Ranunculus Flower

Ranunculus loves cool weather, but still you can create the environment that suits best for this flower too, such as creating a greenhouse for planting this one.

If you place it in a warm area, it will grow fast and perfectly, including when the time of the flowers bloom. So, you can cut it for the flower arrangement in Ohio.

There are a wide range of colors for this one, such as pink, orange, deep red, and purple.

11. Rose (Rosa)

Wild Rose Bush
Wild Rose Bush

Roses are red, violets are blue, if you want to take my heart, cut flowers that are arranged by you~ Well, who doesn’t know roses? The most popular and best cut flowers that you can give for your partner, parents, teachers, or someone you really want to.

Planting roses in a cutting garden in Ohio can be done if you acknowledge the climate where you live in.

Roses need to expose themselves under the full sun for at least 6 hours every day, hence you should select the best spot to establish them. You can water them regularly once a week to avoid the overwater and keep the soil moist.

Also, stop feeding the roses in early autumn, because you don’t want the new flower buds to appear in the first frost.

12. Blue Vervain (Verbena Hastata)

Blue Vervain (Verbena Hastata)
Blue Vervain (Verbena Hastata)

You can grow cutting flowers like Blue Vervain in Ohio since the plants are spread and can be found easily in wet meadows, pastures, shores and many more.

This one loves heavy loam soils. This beauty comes from its purplish stems. So that you can add the new layer of your flower arrangements by adding Blue Vervain inside.

The cutting flowers are not about the petal, there is a beautiful stem too on it.

Final Thought

In the heart of Ohio, where seasons dance their age-old waltz, the blossoms we’ve explored are not just flowers, but stories waiting to be snipped and shared. Each petal carries the essence of the Buckeye State, a fragrant reminder of nature’s bounty right in our backyards.

As we draw the curtain on our floral journey, remember that every bouquet crafted from these blooms is a personal touch, a fragrant note of love and care.

So, why wait? Let Ohio’s gardens be your canvas, and let every vase in your home brim with the state’s natural elegance.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What makes Ohio special for flower cultivation for cutting?

Ohio’s diverse climate across its seasons offers an array of temperatures, ensuring a variety of flowers flourish. Its soil is typically well-draining and fertile, a dream for many flower species.

The state experiences ample rainfall, which is beneficial for many plants. With its long growing season, flowers have ample time to mature. Lastly, Ohio’s passionate gardening community offers a wealth of knowledge for novices.

Are there specific regions in Ohio better suited for flower growing?

Certainly! Northern Ohio, with its cooler climate, might favor hardy flowers like snapdragons or asters. Central Ohio boasts a balanced climate, ideal for flowers like zinnias or sunflowers. Southern regions, being slightly warmer, are great for dahlias and cosmos. Each region has its gems, and understanding local conditions is key.

What’s the best season to plant flowers for cutting in Ohio?

Spring is the ideal time for most flowers, post the last frost. However, certain bulbs like tulips are best planted in the fall. Ohio’s long growing season allows flexibility in planting times.

Ensure you refer to each flower’s specific requirements. Also, local nurseries often provide planting calendars.

What flowers can you cut and they grow back?

Black eyed susan, roses and echinacea can grow back after you cut them. Because they are the best cutting flowers from the garden.

What is the longest lasting cut flower?

Zinnia, peony and gladioli can last longer than other blooms. Since usually, the longest lasting cut flower have a longer period after bloom as well. So these plants can be your best choices for the bouquet you will make in the future. 

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