11 Fresh Perennials That Bloom All Summer in Ohio

In summer, especially when you are on summer holiday and don’t want to go anywhere, you can enjoy the immersive view through your garden. Because there are perennials that bloom all summer in Ohio. When some plants tend to produce beautiful flowers in spring, check out the flowers that will freshen your summer.

All of them are low maintenance, easy to find since most of them are native plants to Ohio. Also, you can adjust to the soil that you already have in your garden. Just read it thoroughly.

1. Blue Flag Flowers

You know it is not only perennials that bloom all summer in Ohio, but also a low maintenance one. The Blue flag flowers or people often call it Harlequin blue flags love partial shade sun.

perennials that bloom all summer in ohio
Blue Flag Flowers

Its stalks are sturdy and the bloom colors are purple and blue. You can plant it inside the moist soil, because it will be happy in the wet meadows or streambanks area and enjoy the blooming period during all summer.

2. Black Eyed Susan

This might be the most popular flower in Ohio and any other USA area. Since this one is native perennial in Ohio, you can find it to plant in your yard easily.

This low maintenance plant is drought tolerant, hence you can see them blooms during summer. Also, it is pretty suitable for the beginners who just start planting.

perennials that bloom all summer in ohio
Black Eyed Susan

3. Phlox

These beautiful perennial flowers mostly bloom in summer, around mid to late summer. There are some of them that bloom in mid fall too. There are 9 species that are native to Ohio.

You can spoil the view with the stunning color of Summer Phlox in your garden.

perennials that bloom all summer in ohio
Phlox Flowers

4. White Wood Aster

Aster is a very simple yet elegant flower to see. The petals are just like the stars. White wood aster looks like a white star once it blooms. These perennials often occur in dry open woods.

perennials that bloom all summer in ohio
White Wood Aster

They are drought tolerant plants and love dry or moist soil under the partial shade. When you see that Aster is very smooth and calm, actually they are tough plants and easy to adapt.

So, it is suitable for you who want to have perennials that bloom all summer in Ohio.

5. Blue false indigo

These bush-like perennials will bloom in early summer until mid summer. The blue wild indigo has dense clusters, so it makes people love to plant it in their yard.

It is like creating a natural background or shade gardens.

perennials that bloom all summer in ohio
Blue False Indigo

These perennials love clay and loamy soil. Also, the soil moisture is at medium level. Be prepared for the hummingbirds, since these animals love this plant so much.

Don’t worry about any other animals that will come since it is a deer resistant plant.

6. Wild Columbine

Various beneficial pollinators will come due to its beauty of these native perennials. Wild Columbine will be happy if they are planted inside well-drained soil and under full sun to shade.

perennials that bloom all summer in ohio
Wild Columbine

You can see the beautiful deep red and bell shaped flowers bloom during all summer. Because it is a long blooming perennial with a period around May to June.

Moreover, this one is deer resistant.

7. Swamp Milkweed

Stunning perennial plants with flower clusters will attract butterflies to come. These perennials will bloom during all summer until fall. The violet flowers and pink flowers can be your option to plant this one.

These native pants love full sun and part shade. The moist, wet and rich soil will be a favorite of Swamp Milkweed.

perennials that bloom all summer in ohio
Swamp Milkweed

8. Butterfly weed

The bright orange flowers love full sun. These native plants prefer well-drained soil with a little bit of sandy texture. It is drought tolerant with the unusual flower structures, but still lovely to see.

This one also blooming perennials since the flowers will last long after it shows.

perennials that bloom all summer in ohio
Butterfly Weed

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9. Joe Pye Weed

The flower clusters of pale lavender flowers bloom in midsummer. It might be considered as late blooming but you will not regret the flowers already shown.

perennials that bloom all summer in ohio
Joe Pye Weed

Joe Pye weed will reach the best blooms if you plant it in a pot when the spring comes. These perennials love moist and well-drained soil under full to partial sun.

The deep green foliage will make a beautiful contrast with its large flower clusters.

10. Ox Eye sunflower

Bright yellow flowers will freshen the look of your garden particularly under the morning sun. These perennials will produce flowers throughout the summer, from early until the summer ends.

perennials that bloom all summer in ohio
Ox Eye sunflower

The yellow petals of OxEye Sunflowers will spoil your view and attract beneficial insects, such as butterflies, pollinators, and even birds. This plant loves full sun with dry to medium soil.

11. Cardinal flowers

Cardinal flowers are native perennials in Ohio. These plants produce flowers during summer and can be done in fall too. The dark green leaves create amazing contrast to the cardinal flower.

It loves morning sun and afternoon shade, but if you live in a cooler area, then it needs full sun to reach the best bloom.

perennials that bloom all summer in ohio
Cardinal Flowers

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What perennials stay bloomed all summer?

Best flower-sparkling plants of summer are Phlox and OxEye Sunflowers. Garden phlox produces fragrant flowers showing off pink, purple, white or purple blooms. Blue false indigo and cardinal flower will be the best summer companion in your yard too.

Since they are the long blooming perennials.

What flowers bloom in July in Ohio?

Swamp milkweed, Ox Eye Sunflower, Cardinal flower, Blue False Indigo, and Joe Pye Weed will bloom in July in Ohio. You can choose various options of these perennials to get a delicate view during summer. 

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