11 Native Illinois Plants for Landscaping

Creating a landscape for your garden can be done by choosing the perfect plants. When you live in Illinois, where there are many native plants that you can get, you can start to create it. Do not forget to take a look for the soil type, temperature, and the spot whether the area is full sun or part shade. Native Illinois plants for landscaping can be chosen to freshen the look of your view as well.

There are 11 plant selections that you can start to establish. All of them are suitable for creating a landscape garden, complete with beautiful and attractive flowers. Check out here!

1. Golden Alexander

Beautiful and attractive short lived perennials for your landscape yard. This native plant can grow rapidly without too much effort if you plant the seed in spring or fall.

Planting Golden Alexander will attract butterflies, such as black swallowtail butterflies and woodland swallow butterflies.

native illinois plants for landscaping
Golden Alexander

Also, the bees, beetles, and flies will come to the plant as well. Furthermore, this one loves moist places, but still a drought tolerant one during the dry heat in its native environment.

Don’t hesitate to place it under the full or partial sun since it loves the light very much.

2. Wild Quinine

Stunning perennial plants that suit your garden to make a landscape green area. The flowers are like cauliflowers but in mini size. Wild Quinine will bloom in late spring to mid summer.

It will last for about 2 months. This is one of Illinois native plants.

native illinois plants for landscaping
Wild Quinine Plant

There are no significant difficulties when you plant Wild Quinine, since it is the right plant type for you who want to add a new one. Also, be prepared for the bees and butterflies that will visit the flowers because they love it so much.

3. Poke Milkweed

If you plant these native Illinois plants for landscaping, then the monarch butterflies, bumblebees, and other insects will come to it. You will realize this one is a favorite spot for beneficial insects to spread the seed and nectar.

Poke Milkweed
Source: Pinterest (@flickr.com)

A rich loam with organic matter is a favorite soil of Poke Milkweed. This perennial wildflower will grow in the growing season for 2 – 6′ tall and has no branch at the tree.

4. Butterfly weed

This plant is generally planted in late spring. The orange flower clusters will bloom until late summer. Although there is no milky sap, there are seed pods that release silky-tailed seeds to disperse in the wind.

A well-drained soil and full sun will be the favorite spot of this native.

native illinois plants for landscaping
Butterfly weed

5. Compass plant

The slow-growing plant but still worth waiting for due to its eye-catching appearance from the flowers. Compass plant loves various well-drained soils. People often find it difficult to distinguish the compass plant and sunflower since the shape and color are similar.

native illinois plants for landscaping
Compass plant

Yet, if you look closely, the petals of this flower are significantly different from sunflowers.

You can have these long-lived perennials and watch them bloom in late summer until early fall. Also,be prepared for the visit of birds and butterflies because they like this kind of plants native.

6. Little bluestem

This fibrous perennial needs a spacious garden, because it is a fast growing one. The name blue for this grass comes from the bluish color that appears on stems during spring.

Although when the fall comes, the color turns into a reddish tan.

native illinois plants for landscaping
Little bluestem

It can bloom from summer until the early winter.

Little Bluestem can thrive in various soil as long as it is not a wet one. Also, you can place it under the full sun or part shade, depending on the available space in your yard.

7. Indian grass

These native Illinois plants for landscaping are distributed and can be found easily across Illinois. The shrubs suit your home landscape. The beautiful metallic flowers can be a shade garden. As it grows, the height can reach up to 3-8 feet tall.

Also, Indian Grass is deer resistant and can attract butterflies and bees to come.

native illinois plants for landscaping
Indian grass

8. Rough Blazing Star

The stunning pinkish purple flowers for your yard will spoil the view from your house. This flower is not only beautiful, but also has many benefits for the wildlife, such as tiger swallowtail, gray hairsteak, painted lady, wood nymph, and many more.

Furthermore, don’t forget that hummingbirds love it too.

Rough Blazing Star
Rough Blazing Star

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9. Rattlesnake master

The common name for this plant is Beargrass. This perennial is tough, with blue-green, parallel-veined leaves. The diameter for the flower is around 1inch. It is not that big, but its cluster will create a delicate view for your garden.

The soil moisture will be acceptable with various well-drained soil.

native illinois plants for landscaping
Rattlesnake master

10. Swamp milkweed

The milky pink color of these flower clusters will turn your landscaping yard into beautiful and fresh. There are two various colors that you can have, pink and purple.

native illinois plants for landscaping
Swamp milkweed

Actually, the purple color can be reached if you place the Swamp Milkweed under the full sun until the growing season ends. The blooming period for this one is during summer until fall.

So, you can get a colorful native garden by having this plant.

11. Missouri Ironweed

The blooming period for this beauty is from late summer to early fall. You can enjoy the blooming flowers for one month. So, it is pretty long to see it lasts. The moist soils are its favorite, while the full sun until the part sun will make it happy.

Missouri Ironweed is a common and one of Illinois native plants.

native illinois plants for landscaping
Missouri Ironweed

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is the plant for Illinois?

For grasses: There is little bluestem as Illinois’ official state grass. It is the grass in the prairies that covers Illinois. This plant produces extensive turf that is largely feed or hay grass.

There is butterfly weed and Missouri ironweed to freshen and beautify the view for your garden. Also, it matches the temperature and soil in Illinois.

What is the state plant in Illinois?

The wild flowers or milkweed is the state plant in Illinois. Hence, there are various milkweeds in Illinois that you can get easily. They are often found, and low maintenance. So that there is no regret after having them. 

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