25 Stunning Christmas Succulent Ideas You Can Try At Home

Christmas celebrations are identical with various colorful knick-knacks to enliven the atmosphere. You will easily find typical Christmas ornaments, such as Christmas trees, reindeer dolls, Santa Claus clowns that entertain children, and various plant decorations, including succulents. In addition, it turns out that succulents will be unique as mini Christmas trees, planters, terrariums, wreaths that are suitable as Christmas decorations in your home, and Christmas gifts for people you care about dearly. You can try to create them at home, in case you don’t want to buy one.

If you are interested but don’t know where to start, kindly follow our Christmas succulent ideas below to get some insights on how to make some succulent Christmas creations on your own. Let’s dive in!

Amazing Christmas Succulent Ideas

Let’s embark on a creative journey to explore the myriad of ways succulents can bring a fresh, lively twist to your holiday decorations, making this Christmas not just merry and bright, but also beautifully unique.

1. Aloe Vera Succulent Decorations

christmas succulent ideas
Aloe Vera Succulent Decorations

Despite not looking exactly like succulents, aloe vera has a distinctive, succulent-like structure you can decorate with golden Christmas balls!

With the addition of dried mandarin, tiny red star ornament, and pine cones surrounding the white pot, we assure you that it will be a centerpiece to display on your Christmas eve. Just put it on your coffee table and turn on the Tumblr lights to create a whimsical Christmas night right under your roof.

2. Florarium Christmas Succulent Ideas

christmas succulent ideas
Florarium Christmas Succulent Ideas

Who thought that you can create another realm with succulents inside a bulb of glass? Well, it is possible! Choose mini succulents, sand, and artificial stones to arrange a forest-like landscape inside the glass. Don’t forget to add a deer ornament as the hallmark of the Christmas celebration!

You are also welcome to install fairy lights to make them more aesthetic. Whether you give this wonderful piece as a Christmas gift or simply have it on your tabletop, this florarium will surely steal the heart of anyone who takes a look at it.

3. Succulent Golden Balls and Garlands

christmas succulent ideas
Succulent Golden Balls and Garlands

This is an ideal piece for those who are tumbling with the hustle of their daily activities, and only have limited time to prepare their Christmas tree. You will only need golden balls, Tumblr lights, and some garlands with contrasting colors if you want to beautify the succulent even more.

Leave some space when placing the balls so they don’t overlap and add garlands around them. Meanwhile, wrap the lamp close to the golden balls and garlands so that it gives a beautiful light reflection effect.

4. Small Succulent Inside

christmas succulent ideas
Small Succulent Inside Hanging Decorative Terrarium

If earlier we presented a terrarium for table display, this time we have a hanging decorative terrarium with a small succulent inside! Not only is it an enchanting piece to display on your patio, but you can also hang it on your Christmas tree.

Add some bubble lights inside the terrarium or wrap them around the glass in case you want it to be more attractive. In case you don’t have a succulent, a cactus will be great too! 

5. Succulent Christmas Tree

christmas succulent ideas
Succulent Christmas Tree

Apart from some Christmas succulent ideas for Christmas trees we mentioned before, we have another one that is the easiest and simplest succulent Christmas tree you can try at home!

How to make it? Just put a red star at the top of the succulent with some hanging red Christmas balls to enhance its appearance. Don’t forget to choose a broken white or white pot to create a striking color contrast. 

6. Succulent Topiary Tree

christmas succulent ideas
Succulent Topiary Tree

Suppose you are too lazy to decorate your Christmas tree. In that case, you may love one of our beautiful Christmas succulent ideas to bring your Christmas tree to the next level. Nope, you won’t need to adorn it with a bunch of knick-knacks since it features natural beauty from rose-shaped succulents that grow like a topiary tree.

However, this succulent tree demands your patience to arrange them in such a breathtaking look. 

7. Decorative Succulent for Houseplants

christmas succulent ideas
Decorative Succulent For Houseplants

Giving a touch of winter to your succulent may be an excellent idea as Christmas decorations in your home! It doesn’t just have to be white, but you can create it by placing your succulent in a golden pot covered with a green wreath and little golden balls attached to them. This arrangement seems to give the impression of cold winter but you’ll still be surrounded by the warmth of Christmas.

8. Unique Succulent for Christmas Décor

christmas succulent ideas
Source: Pinterest (@Dalla Vita)

Wanna go beyond the mainstream to decorate your Christmas tree? Why don’t you try to create your own? Explore your creativity by making attractive Christmas ornaments using a rose succulent attached to a hook to hang on your Christmas tree.

Having a rose shape, this unique succulent already looks beautiful without any additional knick-knacks. For the hook, you can choose a golden or silver which is a common color for Christmas.

9. Winter Christmas Succulent Planter

christmas succulent ideas
Source: Pinterest (@MyTastefulSpace)

Since Christmas falls in December, it is often associated with winter. Hence, a bunch of Christmas ornaments also have hints of the season with white as one of the main colors, like this succulent planter. The combination of sage green and white colors from imitation stones with golden balls and snow symbols makes it look lovely.

Moreover, this alluring piece is packaged on a star-shaped gold planter that symbolizes the ‘Star of Bethlehem’. Having such an attractive appeal, you can make it a Christmas gift for loved ones.

10. Sleigh Ride Succulent Plants

christmas succulent ideas
Source: Pinterest (@AllFreeChristmasCrafts)

Another winter-inspired succulent decoration idea to welcome Christmas! Its distinctive sleigh ride-shaped pots depict the distinctive vehicle to slide on the snow that Santa Claus uses to deliver Christmas gifts.

Furthermore, the selection of various types of succulents makes the decoration design look much more attractive. It is also coupled with a combination of green, red, white, and gold colors that give a cheerful accent to these wonderful pieces.

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11. Christmas Tree Artificial Succulent Ornaments

christmas succulent ideas
Source: Pinterest (@Little Yellow Wheelbarrow)

Seeing this, you definitely can’t guess whether it is real or faux succulents. Well, since succulents, in general, have pretty much bigger sizes, artificial ones are a great option to create this Christmas ornament.

What you need to do is choose the best planter and white macramé style that suits your taste, carefully place the succulents in the middle, and make sure they are firmly attached to the macramé. 

12. Magnetic Succulent Pots For Christmas Gifts

christmas succulent ideas
Source: Pinterest (@Spy.com)

Express your care and love for your family and friends by giving these magnetic cactus and succulent pots for Christmas gifts!

They may look simple, yet stunning and unique since not many think that a succulent pot can be attached to magnets as decorations. Plus, the bronze, silver, gold, and shiny red colors of the pots are very characteristic of a typical Christmas atmosphere.

13. Head Of Santa Christmas Succulent Ideas

christmas succulent ideas
Source: Pinterest (@beachexpressions.com)

Looking for Christmas gifts for your plant lover’s friends?

Here comes Santa Claus as a planter of mini succulents! Its unique shape and small size make this cute piece extremely handy for a gift. The succulents are also diverse, so it doesn’t make it boring to look at. Aside from being a gift, you can showcase this lovely succulent décor on the windowsill of your room or kitchen to ignite Christmas vibes in every corner of your house.

14. Hanging Succulent Plants Decoration

christmas succulent ideas
Source: Pinterest (@inthegardenandmore.com)

Greenery never fails when it comes to decorations and this hanging succulent plant is one of those. This succulent arrangement has a bold accent decorated with green succulents and green grass, and reindeer horns as a symbol of safety – inspired by a story of Father Christmas. 

Moreover, you can also put some cactus to add some more textures. If you want to hang this decor, install soft rattan so that it can withstand the weight of the wooden frame.

15. Christmas Succulent Wreaths

christmas succulent ideas
Source: Pinterest (@Southern Living)

Welcome your Christmas dinner guests with this exquisite wreath made of different kinds of unique succulents. Instead of being dominated by red, you can be playful with your choice of succulents to highlight each of their distinctive characteristics.

After that, attach a large ribbon with a golden color to set off its appeal and to hang your wreath on your front door. We guarantee your guests will be amazed by its beauty!

16. Colorful Bubble Glass Succulent Candles

christmas succulent ideas
Source: Pinterest (@Wayfair.com)

The combination of unique succulents and creative arrangement of these glasses and candles synchronize the harmony of Christmas eve. They look beautiful and calming which makes them a perfect match to welcome the joy of Christmas at your home.

Moreover, the color contrast created by the stones, green and pink succulents, and white candles is captivating. You can enjoy the holy night by playing the Silent Night song while lighting these stunning candles and letting the warmth of Christmas wrap you around.

17. Embroidery Hoop Succulent Planter

christmas succulent ideas
Source: Pinterest (@Our Crafty Mom)

This embroidery hoop can be an amazing choice to decorate your home before Christmas comes. The succulents bring a green atmosphere to the room that gives a fresh impression, while the candle lamp enhances the glow of the light hitting the hoop planter frame.

You can hang this lovely piece in your living room or patio that has a void corner to juice up the space.

18. Tablescape Succulent Ideas For Christmas Dinner

christmas succulent ideas
Source: Pinterest (@brit.co)

Christmas dinner is one of the most awaited traditions during Christmas celebrations to gather with your family, friends, and people you care about dearly. And of course, you can showcase your creative skills in tables-capes to decorate the dinner table with your favorite succulents!

Arrange succulents of various types into a long wooden planter to give different accents at the dining table. After that, place it in the middle of the table as an aesthetic mark between one guest and the opposite one.

19. DIY Succulent Planter

christmas succulent ideas
Source: Pinterest (@newschannel5.com)

This planter turns out to be the most colorful succulent Christmas tree you can possibly imagine. Thanks to its vibrant colors, there is no doubt that it will be a festive centerpiece!

The base is made of softwood twigs covered around to create a Christmas tree and decorated with unique succulents of various shapes and shades. If you want more fun, wrap fairy lights around the edges of the succulents.

20. Succulent Christmas Tray

christmas succulent ideas
Source: Pinterest (@etsy)

If you have no time to buy and decorate a Christmas tree, you may want to create a Christmas tray full of your favorite succulents. Just arrange two to three succulents and put them in an attractive pot, then arrange them on a wooden tray.

Moreover, polish your tray with Christmas ornaments, like golden balls, garlands, stars, or warm-white Tumblr lights to make it look even more charming. Apart from being an alternative to a Christmas tree, you can use this tray as a home display when Christmas is over.

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21. Flea Garden Succulents Décor Ideas

christmas succulent ideas
Source: Pinterest (@fleamarketgardening.org)

Not only does your house need some touches of Christmas vibes, but your garden is an attractive spot for people passing by. Hence, impress them by decorating your front yard with this stunning inspired flea garden piece adorned with succulent, green plants, and a medium-size candle-shaped lamp. It may not look so eye-catching in the daytime.

However, it will show its beauty at night when the dazzling glow from the lamp illuminates the surrounding plants. You can put these flea garden succulents along the garden path to your house to elevate the serene atmosphere of Christmas Eve.

22. Succulent Bug Lanterns

christmas succulent ideas
Source: Pinterest (@Celebrated Nest By Stephanie LeBlanc)

Beautify your Christmas eve by hanging these succulent bug lanterns on your patio or on trees in your garden. The arrangements of the green succulents on the white bowl planter provide a color contrast that is not too stark, but still beautiful to look at. 

Moreover, the selection of the lantern shape that resembles a tiny house is so clever! It seems like there are fairies living in it, thanks to the warm bubble lights.

23. Christmas Succulent Garden Project

christmas succulent ideas
Source: Pinterest (@Stampington & Company)

This is one of the most incredible Christmas succulent ideas if you want to make a creative Christmas project for your kids to show your care. It doesn’t take tons to make this garden-inspired planter since its size is not too big. How to make it? 

Prepare a medium-wide planter, small river stones, and succulents. Next, arrange the stones first, then place your succulents on top of them. Add two artificial white pine trees that are identical to the winter season. Lastly, give a touch of party vibes with paper ribbon and tie it at the top end of the tallest pine tree.

24. Succulent Wall Art

christmas succulent ideas
Source: Pinterest (@Crafts by Courtney)

For plant lovers, the best Christmas gifts are those related to plants. Therefore, show your care for them by giving this succulent wall art as a Christmas gift. There are three unique succulents that are painted with very interesting shade gradations. 

Furthermore, the background is broken white which allows the colors of the succulents to radiate even more. 

25. Aesthetic Succulent Plants In Christmas Balls

christmas succulent ideas
Source: Pinterest (@thesucculenteclectic.com)

If you usually use succulents as an alternative to Christmas trees or hanging decorations, this time you can create something out of the box by designing succulent Christmas balls!

Featuring golden color and red to orange succulents makes these ornaments look enchanting. Apart from being a decoration on the Christmas tree, you can also install it on a mini planter and place them on a tabletop as decorations.

Final Thought

After exploring the world of Christmas succulents at ThankYourGarden.com, it’s clear that these charming plants offer a unique twist to traditional holiday decor. From aloe vera adorned with golden balls to whimsical succulent wreaths, each idea brings a fresh, green touch to the festive season. Whether you’re crafting a succulent Christmas tree or a sleigh ride-themed planter, these creations are not just decorations; they’re a celebration of life and nature in the heart of winter.

So, why not dive into this green wonderland? Transform your home with these succulent ideas and watch as they bring a special kind of joy and warmth to your holiday celebrations. Remember, it’s not just about decorating; it’s about creating memories that, like succulents, are resilient and evergreen.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What types of succulents are best for Christmas decorations?

For Christmas decorations, opt for varieties that can withstand indoor conditions, like Echeveria, Jade, and Zebra plants. Choose succulents with red, green, or variegated leaves for a festive look. Hardy varieties like Sempervivum are great if you’re planning to keep them outdoors.

What are some creative ways to display succulents for Christmas?

Creative ways to display succulents for Christmas include making succulent wreaths, ornaments, or a festive succulent sleigh. You can also arrange them in holiday-themed containers or use them as part of a table centerpiece. Incorporating elements like pine cones, fairy lights, and ribbons can add a festive touch to your succulent displays.

How do I care for my Christmas succulent decorations?

Care for Christmas succulent decorations by placing them in a well-lit area and watering sparingly. Succulents prefer bright, indirect light and minimal watering, as their roots are prone to rot in moist soil. If your decorations are glued or pinned, misting them lightly is sufficient. Post-holiday, you can replant them in soil to continue growing.

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