Mantis Tillers: How To Choose The Best Products

The Mantis company name has been a synonymous brand with tillers and other gardening products. Therefore, when gardeners think Mantis, they think of tillers. Mantis is one of the best companies providing incredible tilling machines to make your gardening much easier. 

The company’s main aim is to ensure that its advanced and affordable tiling products help gardeners with a passion for keeping the earth green. Mantis claims that their tillers are one of the best in the world because their machines cover approximately all important aspects of gardening requirements. The firm is a trusted manufacturer that provides durable and reliable gardening tools.

When it comes to manufacturing gardening tools, Mantis is the leading brand and is a household name in the tiller business. The company ensures that its products are thoroughly tested, which makes them greatly reliable and durable.

Mantis tillers
Mantis Tillers And How To Choose The Best Products

Best Mantis Tillers

This Mantis tiller review highlights some of the best tillers in the market. We can admit that all the tillers are great and highly effective in their rights, and they possess some unique benefits that make them the best for the particular gardening task.

1. Mantis 7250-00-03

Mantis Electric tiller is a quite small and powerful machine, and it has been designed for narrow garden spaces. It comes with a 3-speed 540-watt engine motor without a carbon footprint. The tiller is about 9-inches wide, enabling it to maneuver in tight garden areas where large tillers cannot reach.

It can easily till hard soil because its tines can move at a speed of 250 RPM. It has an incredible silent start feature, so your neighbors might not be worried about the noise from the device. Mantis has provided an in-built circuit breaker to offer protection against overload.

Buying tip: Mantis 7250 Electric tiller is a powerful and multipurpose machine. Its 3-speed operation makes it one of the best tillers in the market.


  • Easy to carry because it is foldable and lightweight
  • It produces very low sound during tilling operation.
  • Suitable for tight spaces
  • Has five years’ warranty


  • A little expensive
  • Operates within reach of a power source (Cord)

2. Mantis 2-Cycle

Mantis 2-cycle tiller is an incredible machine manufactured to make your gardening enjoyable. It is equipped with a powerful, gas-powered motor engine that needs mixing gas and oil to run in a ratio of 50:1. You can mix the fuel yourself at home if you cannot afford to buy mixed fuel.

It is a lightweight machine enabling you to complete your gardening tasks quickly and with ease. You can hold it at different tilling angles due to it’s sure-grip handle. The grip handle is equipped with a safety switch, controls, and keys, which allows you to control the machine. The cushioned grip offers you maximum comfort and reduces fatigue.

The tines are designed to dig deep into tough soil without bouncing back. The uniquely designed tines are the main reason why the Mantis 2-cycle tiller accomplishes gardening tasks. It has a lifetime warranty, therefore, even if any part of the machine breaks, it can be replaced for free.


  • It’s a versatile machine.
  • Suitable for hard soils
  • Its design maximizes efficiency hence reducing energy used.
  • Foldable handles for easy storage
  • Can dig deeper up to 10-inches into the ground
  • Highly durable


  • Slightly expensive

3. Mantis 3558 Cordless

Mantis Cordless Tiller is a different entry into the gardening business due to its power source. It uses a 60 volt 2.6 aH Lithium-ion power battery to start. Mantis is manufacturing various electric gardening machines due to rising environmental concerns.

The battery takes about 2 hours to charge and can be discharged in about 45 minutes, hence putting some constraints on your gardening tasks. This tiller is extremely powerful, and it can dig up to 8.5 inches into the ground. You can operate it at 2-speeds in any weather conditions and type of soil.

It comes with adjustable wheels into three different tilling positions. The device is quite silent due to its electric motor, so no need to bother your neighbours with noise. It has cushioned grip handle, offering maximum leverage, comfort, and stability while conducting your gardening tasks.


  • It is friendly to the environment.
  • Easy to start using a push button
  • It can be operated using 2-speed.


  • Heavy
  • Limited warranty

4. Mantis 7940 4-Cycle

Mantis 7940 4-cycle Tiller has a powerful and durable 25cc Honda engine, making the model easier to start and quieter. It is a gas-powered machine, which is an added advantage for you. The tank can hold up to 0.2 gallons of fuel and take about 100 minutes to run out of fuel while working.

Most of the Mantis tillers are often lightweight, which is not an exception because it weighs 25 pounds. You can carry it using an integrated handle due to its lightweight. It comes with foldable handles, so it is easy to store.

It is designed to get through different hard soil. The engine is placed above the tines to drive them into the direct transmission. The tines are curved to enable the tiller to dig into tough soil without bouncing back. You are guaranteed to get a lifetime warranty so that Mantis can replace it for you at free cost in case of breakdown or fault.

Generally, Mantis 7940 4-Cycle Tiller is the best machine for your gardening applications. If you are an enthusiastic gardener, then you should go for this device. Be rest assured that you won’t regret buying this tiller.


  • Suitable for tough soil
  • Lightweight
  • Powerful and versatile machine
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Affordable


  • Slightly heavy
  • Has a single-speed operation

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Mantis is a renowned American firm based in Pennsylvania dealing with the manufacturing of gardening tools. The company has been in the gardening business for over 42 years, and tillers were the first gardening machines to manufacture. Therefore, it is a household brand when it comes to producing garden tillers.

Mantis has manufactured numerous products that can sustain most of your gardening needs. Every garden is different, and it needs a certain type of tiller. So we hope that our Mantis tiller review can be useful to you.

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