Hydroponic Lavender: Good Thing You Don’t Know

Lavender is a plant known in the entire world. Its beauty is for displays, and its parts are helpful in different pharmaceutical products and other consumable or therapeutic products.

Are you one of those people who are also interested in these flowers? Are you the kind of person who is willing to plant your lavender garden at home? Then use the process of growing lavender hydroponically.

There are different ways of growing your lavender garden at home, but a hydroponic lavender is excellent for busy owners. If you are a person who lives in the city with limited space and has a strict schedule, this process fits you.

To help you can choose a suitable Hydroponic Garden for your plant as well as hydroponic lavender, we offer a summary table with the best product.

Types of lavender can grow hydroponically

The process of hydroponic gardening is not always applicable to every kind of plant. It is the same when it comes to growing lavenders hydroponically.

There are hundreds of types of lavenders, and choosing the best ones will ensure a higher success rate. Therefore, before growing the lavenders, make sure you use the type suitable for hydroponic gardening.

L. Angustifolia or True English lavender

The True English lavender received its name by its ability to grow and flourish amidst the cooler temperatures in England. Temperatures drop lower than other places, thus, enabling the plant to grow exceptionally.

Lavender Shrubs

The entire plant can measure up to three feet or more when planted in an open field. However, by planting lavender in hydroponics, you will be able to control this lavender’s size as it grows.

The True English Lavender is the perfect choice for growing a hydroponic lavender while being located in a colder area. As a result, the success rate of your garden will be excessively higher.

Portuguese Lavender or Spike Lavender

The Portuguese lavender is one of the most used lavender for hydroponic gardening by people residing in areas with a warmer or more tropical climate. It is a herb that can withstand heat and still usually grow.

Spike Lavender

The Portuguese lavender is the best type to choose when growing lavender hydroponically if you live in a hot place. Portuguese lavender can withstand temperatures reaching up to 110 degrees Fahrenheit.

 However, this type of lavender is not capable of surviving temperatures reaching below 20 degrees Fahrenheit. Therefore, you will need to control the temperature in a room to grow your plant.

Munstead Lavender

The Munstead lavender is one of the most famous lavender, and it is perfect for hydroponic gardening. It is a miniature type of English lavender, and it is suitable if you reside in smaller resident houses.

Munstead Lavender

The Munstead is a highly fragrant variant, which is why people mainly use it for aromatherapy. Furthermore, it grows into a compact and bushy mound which is aesthetically pleasing when growing lavender hydroponically.

Growing lavender hydroponically – Step-by-Step Guide

The standard method of gardening using soil is different from growing lavender hydroponically. Therefore, multiple steps are needed to ensure the perfect growth of the plants without using soil.

Step 1: Choose the type of lavender for your hydroponic garden

The first and most vital part is selecting the type of lavender you will use. Ensuring that it is suitable for you, the success rate of your lavender’s growth will be high.

Choose the type of lavender for your hydroponic garden

Growing lavender hydroponically dramatically relies on the natural system of growth that the lavender already has. So you only need to enhance the plant’s assets by making sure it is suitable for you.

Therefore, there is a need for you to consider the climate of the area. It will also involve studying the specific needs of the lavender you have chosen and providing them.

Step 2: Prepare the lavender for the Hydroponic System process

The preparation method for your selected type of lavender depends on the age of the lavender you are using. Determine whether you will grow a hydroponic lavender from a seedling or replant an adult herb.

If you plan on growing lavender hydroponically by germinating its seeds, choose the ones that have a higher chance of succeeding. Furthermore, use the growing medium that is fit for the type you have selected.

Prepare The Lavender For The Hydroponic System Process

When you decide to grow lavender hydroponically by using a cutting of the herb, make sure that the part of the branch is correct. It is because there are parts that will not grow hydroponically.

The process of replanting an old lavender plant into a hydroponic garden is easy. Just wash off excess dirt from the roots of the adult lavender plant and carefully replant it to the hydroponic garden you have created.

Step 3: Choose and assemble the hydroponic system you will use

Whatever type you choose, growing lavender hydroponically is possible. However, it is a must to select and build the hydroponic system suitable for your current environment.

Choose and assemble the hydroponic system you will use

The most straightforward hydroponic system is a Hydroponic Lavender system using Kratky. It is a cheap and adaptable method that will not cause any damages to your plant.

The method of this by DWC or Deep Water Culture is a more complex yet fun method. It is a method that is great for people who want to observe the roots more clearly.

The Hydroponic Lavender system through NFT or Nutrient film technique requires higher carpentry skills and money to spare. Therefore, it is a system that requires more parts, but the method is more effective than the others.

Step 4: Constant maintenance check for issues

The third step is ensuring that the hydroponic lavender and the hydroponic system are in good shape. Though there are ways to avoid pests during the growth of the plants, there are issues that may arise.

Constant maintenance check for issues

The constant maintenance of the plant will enable you to check the water levels, the pH level, and the nutrient and light that it receives. Because it requires a balance.

Therefore, the process also requires you to check for any bacteria, algae, mold, and fungus growth around your plant. These will prevent the successful development of your lavender hydroponic.

Step 5: Harvesting

A lavender hydroponic is almost the same as a lavender planted in soil. There is a specific time for harvest where the plant is at its best. It will reach the peak of its vibrance and fragrance.


Therefore, it is crucial to ensure that the time of harvest is at a specific time. If it is not yet time or the time of it is too late, then the quality will drop immensely.

Furthermore, you must cut it at least two inches from the woody stem area upon harvesting. It will allow your lavender hydroponic to regrow for the second time around.

How to take care of hydroponic lavender

As an owner of a hydroponic lavender plant, you need to be well-informed of the ways in caring for your plant. It is to ensure that the crop will be nurtured and maintained enough for great results.

Proper sunlight each day

Your hydroponic lavender requires at least six or more hours of sunlight every day. The sunlight is necessary because the process relies on the balance of the heat and nutrients that your plant can accumulate.

Do not over irrigate or dehydrate.

The water will depend on the type of lavender and hydroponic system you are using. Therefore, over-irrigation will cause your plant to prevent the growth process and die.

It is the same when your plant lacks the needed water for its roots. Dehydration will cause your plant to wither and die. Therefore, ensure the proper irrigation for your lavender hydroponic.

Good drainage and aeration

The drainage and aeration play a vital role in strengthening the roots of your hydroponic lavender. It allows the plant’s roots to avoid absorption of too much water and breathe.

Good drainage and aeration

The plant will require proper aeration to ensure the roots and plant itself will grow and spread as extensively as possible. The plant’s roots are where the life of the plant is. Thus, the stronger the sources, the better the plant.


The process of pruning your hydroponic lavender will allow you to maintain the quality of the plant. It will also show you if the plant has any issue or disease.

Therefore, through pruning the plants, any issues that may occur in the future will be eliminated. Furthermore, it will also allow the plant to get better nutrients from the sunlight, air, and water.

Remove pests

The process of growing lavender hydroponically will minimize the pests that can damage your plants. However, it is not a one hundred percent guarantee that there will be no pests.

Therefore, it is a must for you to get rid of any possible pests that will damage your plants. 

Top 4 Best Hydroponic Garden

The process of building your hydroponic lavender system takes money, expertise, time, and physical effort. Unfortunately, some of these requirements are not available for most people.

If you have the money but have no time to spare in building one, Amazon has got you covered. You can check these best sellers and the reviews of other customers for you to decide which is suitable for you.

1. The black harvest indoor hydroponic garden by AeroGarden

This hydroponic garden is the number one best-selling hydroponic garden that fits nearly any plant and herb, including lavenders and veggies. The machine itself is 17.4 inches tall, 6 inches thick, and 10.5 inches wide.

Purchasing the product includes a gourmet herb seed kit that has six pods. These pods have enough plant nutrients that could last a complete cycle of growth that the plant needs.

Therefore, as a customer who wants to plant multiple herbs simultaneously, you can produce six of them at the same time. The six pods will allow the plants to grow up to twelve inches tall within a short time.

Furthermore, the plant does not need too much maintenance because it grows in water with no soil that can cause a mess. The control panels have specific features to help you produce the plant quickly.

If you are a beginner, you are confident that the control panel can help remind you when to add water, plant food and automatically turn on and off the lights for your plant.

These features only require your attention during specific times for you to press a button. Therefore, it is excellent for those who have no interest in physically maintaining their plant.

Easy to use for all plant owners of different ages.
No mess, stylish, and regular-sized
List item
The product is more expensive than a hydroponic lavender garden that you build on your own.
Not easily accessible since the product can be out of stock if not bought immediately.

2. The 10-Pod Indoor Garden Germination Kit 

The hydroponic garden kit that GrowLED offers is an excellent product if you are a person who is handsome in taking care of your plant. In addition, each kit provides the chance for you to make a DIY decoration.

It has ten pods that allow you to grow ten plants or herbs simultaneously, like lavender, veggies, and fruits. The adjustable height of the products is excellent for your tall plants. 

In addition to this, it has nutrients that could last three months, where there is no need to buy extra liquid nutrients or plant food for the soil inside the pods.

Because photosynthesis needs to occur, a unique full-spectrum LED grows light in the machine to ensure better growth. You can control the light that the plant needs to suit its preference to ensure faster growth.

Furthermore, you no longer have to worry about forgetting to turn your LED light on and off. It has an automatic timer set to give the required rest the plant needs and automatically turns off the light.

Finally, this little garden also has a self-watering system that allows you to control the water that your plant needs to avoid overwatering and killing your plant.

Easy to use for all plant owners of different ages.
Adjustable height for specific places
Produces excellent plant growth and multiple plant production at the same time.
You can decorate it according to your liking.
The product is expensive and requires more attention than other hydroponic gardens.

3. The Indoor Herb Garden by iDOO Hydroponic Growing System 

ID-IG301 indoor garden germination kit is a product that enables garden enthusiasts and beginners alike to grow plants in the house. If you are interested in hydroponic systems, this is the product for you.

This product has a circulating water system that allows you to control the amount of water your plant needs to avoid overwatering. It also allows you to use water that is suitable for the plants.

In addition to this, the mechanism inside of the product allows you to control the climate. You can then adjust to the needs of a specific plant like lavender.

Furthermore, it has 23-Watt LED lights for the best result of photosynthesis that the hydroponic plants need to grow with or without sunlight. Therefore, it is excellent for those who like in cold places that have little sunlight.

The product also has a mode that you can set for fruits, herbs, vegetables, and other kinds of plants. It is perfect for those who plan on growing multiple plants at the same time.

Finally, because different plants grow to different heights and sizes, it is sure that the height is adjustable. It can reach up to 11.02 inches in height for those plants and herbs.

Has 16hrs of illumination from LED lights, unlike other products.
It gives control to the owner.
Easy to use for all plant owners of different ages.
Adjustable height for specific places
Produces excellent plant growth and multiple plant production at the same time.
The product is expensive and quickly gets sold out online.
It takes time to master in the beginning.

4. The Stainless-Steel Bounty Elite Hydroponic Garden by AeroGarden Indoor herbs 

This shiny hydroponic garden is stainless steel that makes it more durable than plastic hydroponic gardens. In addition, a machine made by AeroGarden is more technologically advanced than other similar products.

These hydroponic gardens are Wifi and Alexa products that are compatible for you to control with little to no effort; this is great for busy homeowners. In addition, it includes control over the water levels and the light it produces, ranging from sunset to sunrise.

In addition to these features, it can grow up to 9 plants, accommodating plants 24 inches in height. These plants will grow in days, and you can use this for a whole year without it damaging.

With proper care of the product, this can last for years of usage without any problems. Unfortunately, there is no soil inside, which means there is no need to replace and make a mess.

The 50-watt LED Grow Lights makes sure that the plant will have the perfect photosynthesis that will enable it to grow bigger and healthier. It is a product that is suitable for those who live in closed areas and buildings.

Lastly, this is a product that is one of the best sellers on Amazon and is suitable for both experts and beginners alike. 

Easy to maintain.
It gives control to the owner in terms of the settings.
Controls can be hands-free when Wifi and Alexa.
Easy to use for all plant owners of different ages.
Adjustable height 
It produces excellent plant growth and nine plant pods at the same time
The product is expensive. 
Does not have any design to choose from
It takes time to master in the beginning.

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There are different ways of planting lavender or any other plant and getting good results at the same time. You can use either the traditional method of using soils and pots or use the modern hydroponic system to grow your lavender plants.

The information you have regarding the different methods available will allow you to produce a specific quality of the plant. In addition, it would give you control over the garden you want to have.

There is no need to worry about growing lavender hydroponically because the products will have the quality and instructions needed for you to get the best results.

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