10 Amazing Best Landscaping Plants for New Jersey

In New Jersey, if you want to get the landscaping plants, it is not difficult to find the greatest plant to choose. Most of them are drought tolerant yet you still have to consider watering it. Also, don’t forget about the soil types, unless it can thrive in poor soil conditions or adapt to all types of soil. The best landscaping plants for New Jersey can be the native plants or not.

Since it is not a problem to get the native plants or not, you can start choosing and planting now. Because there are plants that can bloom in late summer to fall.

So it is the best time to establish.

Best Landscaping Plants for New Jersey

New Jersey, with its unique climate, demands a special touch when it comes to landscaping. But who says it can’t be a verdant paradise? Dive into a curated list of plants that don’t just survive, but thrive in the Garden State.

Get ready to transform your space into New Jersey’s next green wonder!

1. Chokeberry (Aronia)

best landscaping plants for new jersey
Chokeberry (Aronia)

This landscaping shrub is pretty for your garden. Chokeberry will grow up to 7 feet tall. Place it under the sun for a perfect growing process. Moreover, this plant is adaptable and drought resistant. Also, you can plant it using any soil type since it can thrive in environmental salt. Then, this one will tolerate urban pollution.

2. Purple Coneflower (Echinacea Purpurea)

Purple Coneflower (Echinacea Purpurea)

A beautiful low maintenance landscaping plant in your yard is this one. Purple coneflower or echinacea purpurea is one of the best plants as the ornamental plant too.

The purple flowers will turn your garden into undeniable landscape plants. This herbaceous perennial loves dey and moist soil locations. A full sun area will make them happy too.

3. Wood Anemone (Anemone Nemorosa)

best landscaping plants for new jersey
Wood Anemone (Anemone Nemorosa)

This is one of native plants in New Jersey. The white flowers will bloom beautifully during spring. It can be your Jersey landscape or ground cover too. Partial shade area and moist soil will make them happy to grow. The small flowers and white blossoms like these will fulfill your front yard in a fresh way.

4. Serviceberry (Amelanchier)

best landscaping plants for new jersey
Serviceberry (Amelanchier)

If you want to make a jam from the landscape plants, you can start planting Serviceberry. Because the fruits are edible and often used to make a delicious and sweet jam. Although it is not one of New Jersey native plants, it can adapt to NJ weather and environment too. White flowers from this deciduous shrub will bloom during spring.

You can plant it using loamy or sandy soil types and place it under the full sun or partial shade. As it has nectars, the bees and pollinators will come to visit.

5. Tulip Poplar (Liriodendron Tulipifera)

best landscaping plants for new jersey
Tulip Poplar (Liriodendron Tulipifera)

Planting tulips is not that common in New Jersey, however this tree can do well in NJ climate. Also, this plant can add the layer of your landscape plants collection.

Moreover, the flower blossoms are stunning, and the maintenance for it is easy. Since this plant is suitable for dry areas, tulips love full sun but it tolerates shade too. It likes sandy soil and the flower will blooms in spring.

6. Violets (Viola)

Best Landscaping Plants for New Jersey
Blooming Forest Violet Bush in A Spring Day

This purple flower is a New Jersey state flower. It officially became the state flower in 1971. Violets or common meadow violets are high in vitamin A and more in vitamin C. Hence the native American Cherokee often used it as herbal medicine. This plant is easy to grow as well, so it is good for you to have it as a landscape plant.

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7. Bracken Fern (Pteridium)

Bracken Fern (Pteridium) in The Forest

This might be the one and only non flower plant for your landscape design in New Jersey. But, the bracken fern is still in the list since it is easy to maintain.

For the open yard, you can place it under the full sun or part shady spot. Well drained soil and moist soils are their favorite. Also, this fern can tolerate the poor condition of your soil.

8. Ninebark (Physocarpus)

Ninebark (Physocarpus)
Ninebark (Physocarpus)

This deciduous shrub has flower clusters that will bloom from late spring to early summer. The pink flowers that tend to white one are very stunning to look at as your landscape plant. The flowering shrubs like ninebark tolerate poor soil conditions. Hence, you don’t have to worry when planting it.

9. False Sunflowers (Heliopsis Helianthoides)

False Sunflowers (Heliopsis Helianthoides)
False Sunflowers (Heliopsis Helianthoides)

If you want to see the flower blossoms during midsummer until fall in your landscape garden, then you should have this false sunflower.

This native plant species will grow along the streambanks perfectly. This beauty will attract butterflies and birds to get its nectar. A fresh landscape area can be seen if you add this one now.

10. Great Blue Lobelia (Lobelia Siphilitica)

Great Blue Lobelia (Lobelia Siphilitica)
Great Blue Lobelia (Lobelia Siphilitica)

Beautiful showy perennial that will attract birds and hummingbirds once you plant it. Also, it will be happy if you place it under the full sun, part shade, or shady spot.

Moist soil and loamy type of soil are the ideal medium for this plant. You can see it bloom during late summer to fall. So, it will spoil your view when the fall breeze comes.

Final Thought

New Jersey’s landscape offers a rich tapestry for garden enthusiasts. With the right plants, any space can mirror the state’s natural beauty. Embrace these botanical gems, handpicked for the Garden State’s climate, and watch your garden flourish. Remember, every plant tells a story, and yours can echo New Jersey’s vibrant spirit.

So, why wait? Begin your green journey today!

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What plants are good outside all year round?

You can have bracken fern. Although it is not a flowering plant, you can cut it when the winter comes. It can thrive in poor soil conditions as well, so it can adapt to climate all year round too.

Ninebark is the easiest plant to maintain too. Although it won’t thrive in winter, another season will be good for this beauty.

What flowers can I plant now in New Jersey?

You can start planting Great Blue Lobelia, so that you can see it blooming in late summer or fall. This native plant will freshen your landscape garden with its violet or purple flowers.

The flowers also have a unique shape that might seem like a branch of the flowers. It is such the best landscaping plants for New Jersey.

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