10 Easy To Find Plants That Repel Snakes

Snakes are dangerous, especially if they can come to our house. Moreover, snakes can come without any sound, so you don’t even know when and where they go if they already come to the house. That’s why, to prevent the snakes from coming again, you can try to have plants that repel snakes to make your house safe and sound.

It is an effective and natural way to deter them, because most of the plants have a strong smell and it makes the snake go away. Check out our easy to find plants that repel snakes. Then you can prepare your lawns for planting this fall.

What smells That will keep snakes away?

Some of the smells that snakes dislike are smoke, cinnamon, garlic and lime. So, you can plant the trees with a strong smell to keep the snakes away from your house. Snake repellent plants are pretty effective and naturally repel snakes. Hence, you can try to have them now. Also, most of them are versatile one. You can use it for cooking too!

Plants That Repel Snakes

1. Garlic (Allium Sativum)

The strong odor or smell from garlic will naturally repel snakes. If your yard is spacious and you have the soil type that is suitable for planting garlic, then you are safe from snakes which come to your home.

plants that repel snakes
Garlic (Allium Sativum)

You can start planting garlic plants that repel snakes during fall before the ground freezes.

This herb loves warm, well-drained soil and sunny spot areas. The favorite part of garlic is, this plant has only small issues about pests since it is a pest repellent plant.

2. Mugwort (Artemisia Vulgaris)

Beside using common mugwort or Artemisia vulgaris, as the main ingredient in clay mask, this plant is a snake repellent plant too.

Planting this one is effective as natural snake repellent. But, you should understand that mugwort is an invasive plant, so that you should have a big space to only have this one, a bit far from another plant for better results.

plants that repel snakes
Mugwort (Artemisia Vulgaris)
Common Mugwort
Common Mugwort Plant

Make sure you have a well-drained soil and not wet one since this plant cannot tolerate wet soil. Place it under the sunny spot, so they will grow happily and the snakes hate to come to your house.

3. Yucca

plants that repel snakes
Yucca Plant

One of the snake repellents that you can plant around your house is yucca. The pointy and sharp leaves that snakes will detest. As long as your house gets full sun exposure, you can have yucca in your yard.

Well-drained soil is a favorite place for yucca, so you can plant it directly to the ground. With this solution, no more snakes will visit.

4. Tobacco (Nicotiana Tabacum)

You may be questioning whether is it possible to grow tobacco at home as a snake repellent plant? The answer is yes, you can grow it as an ornamental plant. The tobacco plant or Nicotiana Tabacum, loves well-drained soil and sunny spot areas.

plants that repel snakes
Tobacco (Nicotiana Tabacum)
Tobacco Plant

Avoid poorly drained soil, since it will cause tobacco to die. The pH for this plant is about 6.5 or more. The smell of this plant will make the snakes stay away and less interest to visit the yard.

5. Marigold (Tagetes)

This stunning flower is very useful in many aspects. It is beautiful, can be a pest repellent, and now, you also understand that this can deter snakes from staying away from your house. Marigolds or Tagetes love full sunlight, well-drained soil.

plants that repel snakes
Marigold (Tagetes) Bush
Marigold Flower

Therefore, when you are in doubt about having this flowery plant, now you can start to have it in your yard. Its strong smell is the strong snake repellent ingredient. This is one of the best plants that is very versatile and still produces amazing flowers.

6. Lemongrass (Cymbopogon)

As a herb lover, you want to repel the snakes that often come to your house, then lemongrass or Cymbopogon, to the rescue. You can try to plant lemongrass in your yard because snakes hate the strong citrus smell from lemongrass.

plants that repel snakes
Lemongrass (Cymbopogon)
Lemongrass Plant After Rain

Snakes hate citrus scent, so you can have this snake repelling plant as the simplest way to keep them away from visiting your lawns. As you know, lemongrass is effective as mosquito repellent too, so you know how versatile this plant is.

7. Witch Hazel (Hamamelis)

Yes, another plant that is not only good as an ingredient in beauty products, but also as natural snake repellent. If you plant witch hazel or Hamamelis, this plant will produce a weird odor, although it has an astringent effect too.

Smelling the weird odor from witch hazel will keep snakes away. The shrub can be planted anytime you want as long as the ground is not frozen.

plants that repel snakes
Witch Hazel (Hamamelis)
Witch Hazel
Witch Hazel Flower Close Up

No more worry in winter because this one is a hardy plant as well, so when the winter comes, it produces beautiful yellow flowers. Therefore, it is not only useful as an effective snake repellent, but also to make a stunning view of your yard.

8. Mother in law’s tongue (Dracaena Trifasciata)

plants that repel snakes
Mother in Law’s Tongue (Dracaena Trifasciata)

This plant is very versatile yet low maintenance one that you can have for your yard or patio. People often call it mother in law’s tongue or snake plant.

The sharp foliage with yellow color along the edges seems not that attractive, but this small tree can regenerate the oxygen and repel snakes. This perennial is durable for many years, so no need to retry in planting this one.

9. Mullein (Verbascum)

You can have cute yellow mullein or Verbascum, in your yard by preparing dry and warm spots with a full sun exposure area. The soil should be dry and alkaline, any type of soil has no issue to plant mullein on your lawns.

plants that repel snakes
Mullein (Verbascum)
Mullein Flower
Mullein Flower Close Up

Moreover, you can combine the plant with other various plants since it is not an invasive plant. Make sure you can keep the soil moist by regularly watering them.

10. Onion (Allium Cepa)

Yes, another plant that has strong smells is onion. This one repels snakes naturally through its odor. Just like planting garlic, the onion family will help you deter snakes around your house. As long as you have a spacious yard, you can start planting this one next fall or spring.

plants that repel snakes
Onion (Allium Cepa) Bulbs
Onion Plant

Prepare the warm soil, you can start with seeding first. If you plant during fall, the plant will be dormant in winter, but it’s totally okay because you can continue it in spring and expose the plant to the sun.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What plant will keep snakes away?

Mother-in-law tongues, yuccas or other pointy plant types can keep snakes out of gardens. Marigolds have been used for repelling several plants and can deter snakes. Also, you can choose the plants that has strong odor. Garlic, onion, lemongrass and tobacco will be a great choice.

Do snakes like lavender?

Snakes swivel their tongues and hide under vegetation for a quick getaway from their predators. In addition, snakes are found in trees, which shows they don’t fear plants. Lavender is generally considered a snake repellant but the truth has never been proved. So, you better find out another plant as snake repellent plants.

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