How To Propagate Snake Plants In Water: Beginner Tips!

Cut the leaves using a sharp knife or pruners carefully. You can cut the leaf at least 6 inches tall. Then, pour the filtered water into a jar and place the cutting leaf on it. Make sure half of the leaves (or 3 inches) are submerged in water.

Propagating a snake plant will give you a chance to add the collection of Sansevieria without having to buy another one outside. So, you can have another jar or pot and place them in other rooms. Then, you can feel how the plant helps you to purify the air circulation. When you think it is difficult to propagate the snake plants, well, you have to read our tips below.

After reading this, we guarantee that you will never question how to propagate snake plants in water anymore. So, let’s continue!

What Is Water Propagation?

This is the best option for the first timer who just goes for propagating the plants. Water propagation is when you cut your plants (stem parts, usually) and put it in water in order to see the new root system to grow. Whether it is a houseplant or veggies.

Generally, you need filtered water because there is no more chlorine in water, or you can use fish aquarium water since it contains minerals and nutrients that your plant needs.

how to propagate snake plant in water
How To Propagate Snake Plant In Water

Propagating the water requires you to maintain it through the clear jar or container, and immediately change the water once it gets dirty (usually it is around a few days). Because dirty water will lead to bacteria and pests.

Benefits Propagate Snake Plant in Water 

Of course there are various benefits that you can have by propagating snake plants in water. First, you can learn how to have new plants for free without having to purchase the new item outside. Then you can add an air purifier more in your house once the new plants successfully grow in water and you start repotting in mixed soil. Because snake plants are good to kill the toxins around your house. So, you will always get fresh and clean air.

how to propagate snake plant in water
Propagate Snake Plant in Water

The method of propagating snake plants in water is also faster and safer for your first trial. The kits, medium and steps are not something complicated that you have to follow.

How to Propagate Snake Plant Leaves in Water?

So now, you are ready to propagate your snake plant? Before doing it by yourself without proper preparation, you have to finish this reading first. The steps are easy to follow and there is no reason you cannot do it in your house, especially if you are plant lovers.

how to propagate snake plant in water
Propagate Snake Plant Leaves in Water

You can do it by yourself or ask for help from your families or friends that love to see the new snake plants too. So, this exciting activity can be a good experience for both of you. Also, keep in mind that although this plant is easy to grow, you still need time to see the progress of propagation.

  • Prepare a sharp pair of pruners is the first tool you have to prepare.
  • Then, as a place to put your plants, you can prepare a small or medium jar or glass. The important thing is, they are clear or transparent. So, you can see the progress of the plants.
  • Prepare for the filtered water, or the tap water that you already let it sit for the night before. After all is prepared, then you can go to the next step!
  • Carefully remove the mother plant from the main pots.
  • Select the leaves that you want to cut.
  • Cut the leaves using a sharp knife or pruners carefully.
  • You can cut the leaf at least 6 inches tall.
  • Then, pour the filtered water into the jar and place the cutting leaf on it. Make sure half of the leaves (or 3 inches) are submerged in water.
  • You can place the jar or container in a bright spot but indirect light.
  • Water change including rinsing out the jar once a week to keep the water and container jar clean.
  • Do water mist if you think that the snake plant needs it.
  • Then, after two months, you can expect the new roots to appear.

Snake Plant Propagation Tips

Actually, propagating snake plants is as easy as you grow them although you are beginners. Many people said propagating snake plants in water is something that all people can try. The medium and tools are easy to find, the steps above are interesting to be followed. So, if you plan to do it, there is nothing wrong with reading a brief tip from us here.

Propagation Tips
Snake Plant Propagation Tips

As the first timers, these tips below will help you to avoid the mistake and reach the best result in propagating the plants. Let’s take a look!

  • Always try in a small amount first. If you are a first timer, you can try to cut Sansevieria in a small part first, as long as it meets requirements.
  • Prepare the filtered water the day before you propagate. Non-chlorinated water is the best one for propagating in water.
  • Use a small container, the transparent one, it is easier to see the plants regularly.
  • Make sure the cutting part is completely dry and clean before you put it in the container filled with water.
  • Always keep the water fresh, clean and not smelly.
  • Provide proper lighting, indirect yet bright light will be the favorite spot for snake plant to propagate.
  • If you succeed at the first trial, then you can go on for another pot.

How Long Will The Roots Take to Grow?

For the Sansevieria, after you put the cutting parts in water, you can see the roots will form in around two months. It depends on the lighting, water change, and the condition of cutting parts itself. Snake plant propagation works best in indirect light, and the water change can be done for a few days as well. If you do it based on the mentioned steps, you can see the new roots within 6 weeks.

How Long Will The Roots Take to Grow
How Long Will The Roots Take to Grow

The roots will need more time to appear if the cutting part is not clean when you put it in a jar. Too bright light and there is no water change will lead the plant to fail to grow. It just makes the leaves turn brown or black due to sunburn. So, for the regular condition as we mentioned before, you can wait for four to six weeks until the new roots appear at the bottom of the jar.

Snake Plant Propagation in Water Problems

When you think that snake plant propagation, especially in water, is easy, yes you are right since it is pretty famous and suitable for beginners as well. Yet, you have to prepare if the problems arise because it can happen when you do it. The common problem is the plant will not root. It happened because you didn’t keep the leaves in the same direction or you turned it upside down, so the new root will not appear.

Also, the new root does not appear, perhaps because the timing is still short, so you have to give more time for the snake plants to grow. Just make sure the water is always fresh and not smelly. So, there are no bacteria or pests coming.

Also, during propagating the snake plants in water, you can find that the leaves turn brown or even black. This issue happens because you don’t dry the leaves after cutting and just put it inside the water directly. You can put up the leaves, cut the brown part and start propagating again.


Snake plants are the easiest and versatile plants you can grow in your house. Propagating snake plants in water is the favorite and popular one to do for the houseplant enthusiasts. The steps are easy to follow, the benefits can be felt instantly once the new plants grow, and you can have a new collection for free by propagating the snake plants in water.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Do snake plants propagate better in water or soil?

Propagating snake plants in water is easier and better to do especially for the beginners. Because the medium is easy to find, and also you can maintain the progress of the growth clearly through the transparent container. So, although too much water will kill the plant, propagating in water is a different case.

Can You propagate a broken snake plant leaf?

For the best healthy condition for your snake plant, it is better to not propagate a broken snake plant leaf. Also, damaged snake plants can reduce the health of the plants. And starting to propagate Sansevieria using the damaged part in order to get a healthy one is not a good choice and can lead the bacteria to appear.

Where do you cut a snake plant to propagate?

You can cut the leaf off to propagate Sansevieria. Usually the cut leaf is around 6 inches. Make sure you cut with clean pruners. Then put the cut leaves in a jar or container filled with water.

Will cut snake plant leaves grow back?

Yes, the cut snake plant leaves will grow back. Therefore, you can propagate by pruning off the leaves and placing them in the container filled with water. Cutting snake plant leaves is considered as the easy plant to grow back.

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