84 Stunning Caladium Varieties You Can Grow

Caladiums are exotic tropical flowering plants popular for their striking and beautiful heart-shaped leaves. And because of their shape, they are also known as elephant ears, angel wings, the heart of Jesus, and Caladium bicolor.

In addition, Caladium varieties also bear colorful foliage that appears in shades like white, pink, red, and some rare black cultivars. Besides, the patterns of the veins and contrasting margins also add to their beauty.

As tropical plants, Caladium loves warm temperatures, approximately 65°F – 80°F. They will to a dormant state if winter is approaching. Hence, transplanting potted plants is preferable in spring.

Additionally, they prefer high humidity; thus, misting them regularly is advisable. Caladium plant care is easy; thus, it is a perfect starting point for beginners to collect these ornamental plants.

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What Makes Caladium Varieties So Captivating?

Caladium varieties are a botanical masterpiece, gracing our gardens and homes with their stunning foliage that resembles an artist’s brushstroke. From the velvety greens to the mesmerizing patterns of pinks, reds, and whites, each leaf tells a unique tale of color and contrast. These plants are living canvases, turning any space into an enchanting oasis of natural artistry.

Do Caladium Varieties Have Any Symbolic Meanings?

Beyond their visual splendor, caladium varieties hold symbolic meanings as well. In the language of flowers, these enchanting plants represent admiration and heartfelt emotions. Gifting a caladium variety to a loved one expresses your admiration and appreciation, making it a thoughtful gesture that conveys a profound message without uttering a single word.

Can You Grow Caladium Varieties Indoors?

Absolutely! Caladium varieties are the perfect companions for indoor gardeners seeking to infuse their living spaces with tropical elegance. These charismatic plants thrive in well-lit, partially shaded spots, creating a lush and artistic ambiance. Watching them unfurl their vivid leaves and gracing your home with vibrant colors is an absolute joy.

Lovely White Caladium Varieties

The white caladium varieties have not received much attention as many plant collectors focus more on the colorful foliage. In fact, these potted plants have unique white and green veins that describe their own elegance and luxury.

To know them deeper, let’s dive into the beauty of these caladium plants.

1. Caladium Aaron 

Caladium Varieties
Caladium Aaron

Deep green margins with a white splash in the center are the hallmark of the Caladium ‘Aaron’ cultivar. It performs best in partial shade to entire shade areas.

2. Caladium Allure 

Caladium Varieties
Caladium Allure

Dark green veins against a white background are two things you first capture when looking at this Caladium ‘Allure’. It has pretty broad heart-shaped leaves that indeed add to its charm.

3. Caladium Candidum Sr.

Caladium Varieties
Caladium Candidum Sr.

Like Allure, Candidum Sr. has dark green veins with thin green margins that look stunning on white paper leaves. However, the green color is more dominant in this caladium cultivar.

4. Candidum Junior

Caladium Varieties
Caladium Candidum Junior

Not much different from the previous one, yet this plant features light green leaves with a touch of white on the sides of the veins.

5. Caladium Carousel 

Caladium Varieties
Source: Pinterest (@Costa Farms)

This cultivar bears red veins that pattern over white brushes and green margins. Water it regularly to keep the soil evenly moist.

6. Caladium Celebration

Caladium Varieties
Source: Pinterest (@Keri Byrum)

A blend of deep crimson veins, white strokes over light green leaves create a breathtaking sight to Caladium ‘Celebration’. It survives in wet and dry seasons.

7. Caladium Crystal Moon 

Caladium Varieties
Source: Pinterest (@etsy.com)

The white color of Crystal Moon leaves makes it as shiny as crystal that looks so clear. Not to mention its green veins, which complement its artistry.

8. Caladium Day Dreamer 

Caladium Varieties
Source: Pinterest (@etsy.com)

Magenta splotches on white foliage with green margins make extraordinary leaf art. As it gets mature, the leaves turn pink.

9. Caladium Debutante

Caladium Varieties
Source: Pinterest (@etsy.com)

This strap leaf caladium shows its enchanting features through the light pink brush, faint freckles, and dark green veins over white leaves with dark green margins touch.

10. Caladium Gingerland

Caladium Varieties
Caladium Gingerland

Despite its name, this caladium plant does not reflect the color of ginger. It highlights dotted with pink spots over its broad white and green leaves.

11. Caladium June Bride

Caladium Varieties
Source: Pinterest (@Edda Bessan)

Its wide white strap adorned with deep green edges make it looks like the bride’s gown. June Bride favors well-drained soil and needs only little maintenance.

12. Caladium Miss Muffet

Caladium Varieties
Caladium Miss Muffet

Though small, the short petioles support exotic lime-green leaves decorated with pink spots and red hues brushed from the center following its veins. This variety favors moist soil.

13. Caladium Monument

Caladium Varieties
Source: Pinterest (@Balcony Garden Web)

The shape of the Caladium ‘Monument’ is similar to a butterfly’s wings, which have dark green margins with white dots on them and nicely sweep in white in the middle.

14. Caladium Snow Drift

Caladium Varieties
Caladium Snow Drift

From a birds-eye view, Snow Drift has almost perfect heart-shaped leaves with an overall white color and deep green edges, and a touch of green veins.

15. Strawberry Star

Caladium Varieties
Caladium Strawberry Star

Just like strawberry, this caladium variety features pinkish dots and a light brush on top of white foliage and green veins. It is also outlined with green edges to make it more alluring.

16. White Butterfly

Caladium Varieties
Caladium White Butterfly

Thanks to its double-layer deep green margins, White Butterfly seems to have two leaves creatively arranged into one with pink sprinkles on the edges of the leaves.

17. Caladium White Cap

Caladium Varieties
Source: Pinterest (@etsy.com)

It has bright green leaves atop long petioles with white spots and veins. White Cap is one of the caladium plants that tolerate full sun.

18. Caladium White Christmas

Caladium Varieties
Caladium White Christmas

Similar to other white caladium varieties, caladium white christmas bears white leaves with green veins. But uniquely, it has a translucent pink over the foliage and produces white caladium flowers.

19. Caladium White Diamond

Caladium Varieties
Source: Pinterest (@Al Krismer Plant Farm)

You can identify White Diamond through their dark green edges and white markings that run down its veins. It also has short petioles, making it easy to care for.

20. White Dynasty

Caladium Varieties
Source: Pinterest (@Classic Caladiums)

Creamy spatter on its upperside foliage protected by deep green outlines creates a stunning look like a dynasty. You need to keep the soil moist to maintain a happy plant.

21. White Marble

Caladium Varieties
Source: Pinterest (@halaplants.ae)

Its shiny creamy white shade with beautiful dark green borders that looks like marbling meat may be the reason it is called White Marble. It is also a sun-tolerant caladium.

22. White Majesty

Caladium Varieties
Source: Pinterest (@Classic Caladiums)

Majestic White bears wide leaves with slightly curly green edges and deep green veins. The leaf’s base is creamy white that look magnificent as houseplants.

23. White Pearl

Caladium Varieties
Source: Pinterest (@Carolann Arthur)

This caladium variety has a pure white color featuring bright green edges. It bears semi heart-shaped leaves with an elongated pointed tip, unlike most caladium varieties.

24. White Queen

Caladium Varieties
Caladium White Queen

The color of White Queen does not demonstrate its name. Instead, it highlights pink veins contrasting light green foliage and deep green veins.

25. White Cranberry Star

Caladium Varieties
Caladium White Cranberry Star

Closely resembling Strawberry Star, this variety spots its bright white foliage with dotted pink patterns and deep green following its veins.

26. White Wonder

Caladium Varieties
Source: flickr (@JJL GREENHOUSE, INC.)

White Wonder has dense white curly leaves with pink touch at the ends of the petioles and green margins. This plant loves soil moist to grow healthily.

Striking Pink and Red Caladium Varieties

Most types of caladium plants have stunning shades that are perfect to live up shady spaces in your garden. Their showy and colorful foliage is sometimes covered with ruffles edges that enhance its beautiful appearance.

If you are a true Caladium lover, you must check out our pink and red caladium varieties that will surely blow you away.

27. Apple Blossom

Caladium Varieties
Source: Pinterest (@etsy.com)

An excellent color gradation that mixes pink and white hues beautifully pictured on top of the foliage. Plus, the pink veins and green edges make these leaves look like paintings.

28. Caladium Baiman

Caladium Varieties
Source: Pinterest (@Jorge Michael Dominguez)

This Thai cultivar highlights its deep red to brown color on the glossy foliage that looks unbelievable. Its dwarf size makes Baiman a perfect choice for indoor plants.

29. Caladium Berries and Burgundy

Caladium Varieties
Source: Pinterest (@National Gardening Assoc.)

True to its name, this fancy leaf caladium features pink veins with mixed brushes of red berries and burgundy that turn out into bronze. It tolerates sun exposure and favors moist soil.

30. Blushing Bride

Caladium Varieties
Source: Pinterest (@etsy.com)

Blushing like a new bride, this caladium plant pictures a bright pink center with a green margin that will fade away as it matures. Instead of shady places, it loves bright light.

31. Caladium Bold and Beautiful

Caladium Varieties
Caladium Bold & Beautiful

This caladium variety carries a striking pink-red center splash which leaves only a thin green margin around the foliage. It performs best in a protected, warm patio.

32. Caladium Bombshell

Caladium Varieties
Source: Pinterest (@etsy.com)

The red splotch looks exactly like a bomb exploding beautifully on the caladium foliage. Plus, green borders with brushed effects add to its appeal.

33. Bottle Rocket

Caladium Varieties
Source: Pinterest (@Garden Crossings)

Identified by its pretty wide chartreuse borders, hot pink veins over white foliage makes this summer bedding plant a great addition to your garden. Put the caladium pot under bright indirect light to get its best color.

34. Caladium Bubble

Caladium Varieties
Caladium Bubble

This angle wings plant is one of the Thai caladium cultivars that shows its alluring red foliage with green dashes, creating a distinctive color combination. It is petite, an awesome plant for your tabletop.

35. Burning Heart

Caladium Varieties
Source: Pinterest (@classiccaladiumsllc.com)

The red heart-shaped leaves with red veins truly described its name – the Burning Heart. Its white sparks all over the upper side foliage give an exquisite contrast.

36. Caladium Candyland

Caladium Varieties
Caladium Candyland

It looks dazzling with pink sprinkles against white strap leaf caladium along with deep green borders. Unlike most, Candyland can thrive in full sun or full shade conditions, making it easy to care for.

37. Carolyn Whorton

Caladium Varieties
Source: Pinterest (@Casey & Company)

Among all caladium plants, Carolyn Whorton is quite popular, thanks to its dappled rose pink with magenta veins on the broad green leaves. It favors partial shade as the direct sun can scorch its dramatic foliage.

38. Caribbean Coral

Caladium Varieties
Source: flickr (@Karl Gercens)

Pink coral reef background adorned with white spots and green margins offers a truly tropical vibe wherever this plant resides. Place the pot next to June Bride and Aaron to create an eye-pleasing patio view.

39. Caladium Chinook

Caladium Varieties
Source: Pinterest (@etsy.com)

Of all caladium plants, it bears translucent pink and green margins on wide ruffled edges for stunning leaves. As it prefers sunny to shady areas, you can place the pot under window boxes.

40. Clowning Around

Caladium Varieties
Source: Pinterest (@ebay.com)

This fancy leaf caladium variety showcases its bright pink veins on a cream orange background and is edged in green. Provide a shady area to protect its beautiful foliage.

41. Dawn to Dusk

Caladium Varieties
Source: Pinterest (@etsy.com)

Another fancy-leaved cultivar that brings a pink-red center with white hues veins and green borders on slightly ruffled foliage. It does great under light shade setting patio.

42. Desert Sunset

Caladium Varieties
Source: Pinterest (@mzbulb.com)

Speaking to its namesake, Desert Sunset has a fantastic fancy leaf that is full of pink combined with red veins – just like sunset shade. Even cooler, this fancy-leaved cultivar is sun tolerant.

43. Fannie Munson

Caladium Varieties
Caladium Fannie Munson

This fancy-leaved caladium comes with bright red veins on pink shades leaves with a hint of green margins. Fannie Munson favors bright, indirect sunlight to grow optimally.

44. Caladium Festivia

Caladium Varieties
Caladium Festivia

In the beginning, Festivia bears green foliage that will turn into a dark red center with veined green once it ages. This angel wings plant thrives under warm, indoor conditions.

45. Flatter Me

Caladium Varieties
Source: Pinterest (@etsy.com)

You may be flattered by this strap-leaved variety because of its hot pink veins, complete with light green blotches on dark green foliage. Its medium size is perfect for lighting up your dull corner.

46. Florida Sweetheart

Caladium Varieties
Caladium Florida Sweetheart

This strap leaf variety is a sweet choice of caladium plants that emerge with green and cream curly edges, pink blemish leaves, and veins. Florida Sweetheart grows best in moist soil.

47. Caladium Freckles

Caladium Varieties
Source: Pinterest (@etsy.com)

Pink and white freckles against light green foliage are the main characteristics of this caladium cultivar. It tolerates sun exposure, a good choice for your outdoor garden.

48. Freida Hemple

Caladium Varieties
Caladium Freida Hemple

The combination between hot pink splash and green margins creates an eye-catching appeal of this strap-leaved caladium. Thanks to its short trunks, it will be perfect for small pots on your patio.

49. Heart’s Delight

Caladium Varieties
Caladium Heart’s Delight

You can easily recognize this variety by its wide, green foliage with white spots and deep pink veins that look attractive. This long petioles type will do well in moist soil.

50. Caladium Heart and Soul

Caladium Varieties
Caladium Heart and Soul

Not only has dramatic foliage that shows pink dots on top of pink splotches, and green margins, but Heart & Soul also grows beautiful white caladium flowers where most caladium plants may not have.

51. Caladium Hot Lips

Caladium Hot Lips
Caladium Hot Lips

Bearing a dark red center with red dots and black veins makes this Caladium ‘Hot Lips’ unique and exotic compared to other caladium plants. This Thai cultivar can bloom all summer long.

52. CaladiumKhong Kwan or Khongkhwan

Khong KwanKhongkhwan
Source: Pinterest (@Happy Wilko)

Caladium bicolor ‘Khong Kwan’ is another exotic Thai caladium that has striking pink foliage with white veins that look exceptionally attractive.

53. Lemon Blush

Caladium Lemon Blush
Caladium Lemon Blush

Having a distinctive pink blush in the mid and veins surrounded by lime-green borders makes an awesome sight to this variety. This fancy leaf caladium favors evenly moist soil but is not wet.

54. Caladium Mesmerized

Source: Pinterest (@etsy.com)

This caladium plant will leave you mesmerized by the combination of red splotches and green margins on its beautiful rumple foliage. Caladium ‘Mesmerized’ tolerates full sunlight.

55. Party Punch

Party Punch
Source: Pinterest (@Easy To Grow Bulbs)

The pink punch is vividly displayed on the caladium foliage with lime green borders that makes it look enchanting. It is a Caladium bicolor variety that prefers entire shade places.

56. Caladium Peppermint

Source: Pinterest (@Wayside Gardens)

Its wide white leaves are a canvas brushed in pink with white veins as a border between sections and green edges as the outline. Peppermint likes high humidity to avoid dry foliage.

57. Caladium Pink Beauty

Caladium Varieties
Caladium Pink Beauty

Caladium bicolor ‘Pink Beauty’ is indeed beautiful, thanks to its distinct bright pink spatter and pink veins, along with wide chartreuse borders. To thrive well in summer, ensure to water it regularly.

58. Caladium Pink Gem

Pink Gem
Source: Pinterest (@Candice Peck)

This caladium plant is truly an exquisite gem, picturing dramatic pink leaves, with white brush veins and fresh green edges. It is a strap-leaved caladium that loves water.

59. Caladium Pink Symphony

Caladium Pink Symphony
Caladium Pink Symphony

As beautiful as its name, this fancy-leaved caladium indeed looks like a painting on a strap leaf that synchronizes the pink foliage with the veined green, creating a wonderful symphony.

60. Postman Joyner

Caladium Postman Joyner
Caladium Postman Joyner

Beautiful pink mid brushes with chartreuse borders construct lovely shades combination in this fancy leaf. Like ‘Pink Beauty’, routine watering is a must during spring and summer.

61. Pretty Pink

Pretty Pink
Source: Pinterest (@POPSUGAR)

The name tells us exactly how pretty this caladium is. Its rich pink shades that color the entire leaf mark ‘Pretty Pink’ one of the most beautiful pink caladiums you must grow.

62. Puppy Love

Puppy Love
Source: Pinterest (@Classic Caladiums)

It is a versatile, sun-tolerant strap leaf caladium that bears two pink shades in both foliage and veins with deep green borders that create amazing color combinations.

63. Raspberry Moon

Raspberry Moon
Source: Pinterest (@flickr.com)

A strap-leaved caladium that exhibits its raspberry pink shade on top of lime-green foliage, providing a fantastic addition to your space. The sunroom and windowsill are suitable for the plant.

64. Caladium Red Flash

Red Flash
Source: Pinterest (@American Meadows)

Eccentric pink brushed around the red veins and some red dots are spotted on Caladium bicolor ‘Red Flash’ dark green foliage. It thrives best in shaded areas with humusy soil.

65. Caladium Red Frill

Red Frill
Source: flickr (@cultivar413)

Along with the name, Caladium bicolor ‘Red Frill’ bears red-shading frilly leaves with dark green margins. It grows quite dense, an ideal plant for an outdoor garden.

66. Caladium Red Glamour

Red Glamour
Source: flickr (@Karl Gercens)

Its red center with green outlines makes this caladium looks glamorous. It looks similar to Red Frill, only the leaves are not as wide and frilly as the previous cultivar.

67. Caladium Rich of Thai

Rich of Thai
Source: Pinterest (@tokopedia.link)

This Thai caladium cultivar looks similar to Khongkhwan but with white and green outlines that add to its color combination. It is also included in the rare caladium lists.

68. Caladium Rosebud

Caladium Rosebud
Caladium Rosebud

It is a fancy leaved cultivar with rose pink strokes and veins surrounded by chartreuse borders. Rosebuds are suitable for planting in large pots because they grow lush with small leaves.

69. Rose Glow

Caladium Rose Glow
Caladium Rose Glow

This fancy leaf caladium brings vibrant pink of blooming roses to life along with the wide greenish borders that enhance its beautiful look. It cannot cope with cold weather well.

70. Caladium Rosemary

Source: Pinterest (@Al Krismer Plant Farm)

Deep pink curly leaves with green brushed borders atop long petioles are the main hallmarks of Caladium bicolor ‘Rosemary.’ This variety is sun-tolerant.

71. Rubicundum Bicolor

Rubicundum Bicolor
Source: Pinterest (@flickr.com)

Another exotic Thai cultivar that looks so stunning. It bears deep purple foliage with pink dots – a combination you can’t find in other caladiums.

72. Scarlet Flame

Scarlet Flame
Source: Pinterest (@etsy.com)

This sun-tolerant plant showcases its strap-leaved shapes, a vivid red color, and a beautiful finish of green outlines for you to adore.

73. Splash of Wine

Caladium Splash of Wine
Caladium Splash of Wine

Wine splattered on white cloth is the perfect picture of this caladium. This shade-loving plant has pink splinters veined in green on top of white-pinkish leaves.

74. Southern Charm

Southern Charm
Source: Pinterest (@cu_letter)

Thick white leaves and striking red brushes following its red veins are the beautiful qualities of Southern Charm. It also belongs to the sun-tolerant caladium group.

75. Caladium Starburst

Source: Pinterest (@etsy.com)

It is a pink strap-leaved caladium that possesses rich pink foliage with white veins and green borders. Just like Southern Charm, it is also sun-tolerant.

76. Tickle Me Pink

Tickle Me Pink
Source: Pinterest (@etsy.com)

‘Tickle Me Pink’ is another pink cultivar caladium bearing pink foliage with green borders and white speckle between the two colors. It goes well in both shade and sun.

77. Caladium Tiki Torch

Tiki Torch
Source: Pinterest (@etsy.com)

Its strap-leaved shape indeed looks like a torch with pink smudge and white mottle outlined in light green, offering a beautiful sight to anywhere it resides.

78. Caladium Va Va Violet

Caladium Va Va Violet
Caladium Va Va Violet

Even though it is not violet like the name, it is still so gorgeous with the combination of luminous pink and green borders on its strap-leaved shapes.

Rare Caladium Varieties

Despite its popularity, some types of caladium plants are rare. They are fancy leaf caladiums with distinctive colors and markings that any other caladium cultivars don’t have. These qualities also make them among the most expensive caladium varieties in the market.

79. Caladium New Wave

Caladium New Wave
Caladium New Wave

Instead of dominating in pink, New Wave has red to bronze foliage with lime margins that look captivating. Its petite size is perfect for tabletop or window boxes.

80. Caladium Lindenii

Caladium lindenii
Caladium lindenii

Not pink nor white, Caladium lindenii shows off its deep green strappy foliage coupled with white veins. Compared to other caladiums, it has elongated leaves that grow gracefully.

81. Caladium Red Devil

Red Devil
Source: Pinterest (@Candice Peck)

Carrying the devil’s name doesn’t make this plant look ugly. Instead, it has cranberry red splotches with thin bronze edges on its heart-shaped foliage. It is indeed one of the most beautiful caladium varieties that is worth to buy!

82. Tears of The Sun

Tears of the Sun
Source: Facebook (@Home of Ideas & Inspiration)

Bright lime-green to yellow foliage adorned with hot pink veins provide a striking appearance to this caladium. No wonder it is popular as Tears of the Sun.

83. Broken Heart or Caladium Baret

Caladium Broken Heart or Baret
Caladium Broken Heart or Caladium Baret

Refers to a broken heart symbol, its foliage has a half red and half green shade with white dots that looks exceptional! It grows to medium size that will be great on your patio.

84. Caladium Red Kujang

Red Kujang
Source: Facebook (@Dedaunan fansclub)

Having a weird name, Red Kujang proves it is worth being included in the rare category of caladium varieties. It bears pink leaves with brown light brushes from its base. Its tiny size is perfect for indoor houseplants.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How do you care for Caladium Varieties?

Caring for caladium varieties is akin to nurturing an artist’s muse. These beauties adore warmth, high humidity, and well-draining soil. Keep them away from direct sunlight, as it may scorch their delicate foliage. Regular watering is a must, but avoid overwatering to prevent rot. With the right balance of care and attention, your caladiums will flourish and become the stars of your botanical gallery.

Where can you find a stunning variety of caladiums?

Explore the local nurseries or embark on a virtual quest through online plant marketplaces. Nurture your passion for caladium varieties and immerse yourself in the myriad of choices available. Whether you’re a seasoned gardener or a curious beginner, the journey into the captivating world of caladiums awaits, promising you a delightful symphony of colors, patterns, and natural beauty.

Which varieties of Caladiums are sun tolerant?

Caladiums are shade-loving plants that prefer growing in partial to full shade areas. Nonetheless, some caladium varieties are sun tolerant. For instance, White Cap, White Marble, Candy Land, Southern Charm, Starburst, and Florida Sweetheart. 

Is Caladium a rare plant?

Most caladium varieties are not rare as they are easily cultivated. However, there are some rare cultivars because of their particular markings and colors, for example, Caladium lindenii, Caladium ‘New Wave’, Caladium ‘Red Devil’, Caladium ‘Tears of the Sun’, Caladium ‘Broken Heart’ and Caladium ‘Red Kujang’.

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