Cultivating Greenery: A Guide To Top 10 Nurseries In Orange County

When it comes to nurturing your green oasis, few places rival the wealth of options you’ll find in the diverse array of plant nurseries in Orange County. These Orange County plant shops are more than just retail spaces; they’re verdant sanctuaries where horticultural enthusiasts like us can explore, learn, and cultivate our very own slice of Eden. 

Allow us to share a personal story that underscores the significance of these plant experts in Orange County and the invaluable role they play in transforming your gardening aspirations into thriving realities.

Several years ago, our journey into the world of plants began with a tiny succulent we bought from one of the many remarkable succulent nurseries in OC. That seemingly insignificant purchase marked the inception of our horticultural adventure. 

Nurseries In Orange County
Rare Plants in Orange County

Over time, we’ve frequented these green thumb destinations in OC not just for their stunning array of rare plants but also for the wealth of knowledge they generously impart. From plant care tips specific to the OC climate to discovering and nurturing rare plants in Orange County, these garden centers in OC have been our compass in the intricate world of gardening. 

They’ve fostered a sense of community and camaraderie among plant lovers, where we exchange anecdotes, learn from one another, and celebrate the boundless beauty of the plant kingdom. 

So, whether you’re an aspiring gardener or a seasoned pro, join us in exploring the enchanting world of plant nurseries in Orange County, where your green dreams will flourish. We will also further explore these botanical garden shops with reviews and detailed services included!

Wide Variety of Plants and Trees in Orange County

Orange County, with its diverse microclimates and rich horticultural tapestry, offers a botanical playground for those eager to explore a wide spectrum of tree and plant varieties. Among the most sought-after treasures are exotic plant stores. 

Nestled within the plant nurseries in Orange County and landscape nurseries of OC, you’ll uncover gems that ignite a sense of wonder. Native plants of Orange County, like the California Fan Palm and the Matilija Poppy, stand as emblems of the region’s natural beauty, thriving effortlessly in the local ecosystem. Their inclusion in your garden not only celebrates the flora wonderlands in Orange County but also enhances sustainability by conserving precious water resources.

Nurseries In Orange County
Wide Variety of Plants in Orange County

For those keen to diversify their green spaces, the tree nurseries in OC provide a splendid array of choices. Consider the majestic Jacaranda tree, whose vibrant lavender blooms herald spring’s arrival. You can also try planting drought-tolerant plants in OC, like Toyon with festive red berries during the winter season.

Whether you’re aiming to create a native California garden that attracts local wildlife or desire an exotic touch with specimens like the Silk Floss Tree, the wealth of plant varieties in Orange County caters to all tastes and gardening ambitions.

Exploring the tapestry of tree and plant varieties in Orange County isn’t just about filling your garden with beauty; it’s a journey of connection with nature and the vibrant local community of gardening enthusiasts. 

As you navigate the rare plant finds, cultivated flora in OC, and the diverse options available in the region’s tree nurseries, you’ll be forging a deeper connection to the OC’s hidden horticultural gems.

Orange County Sustainable Gardening Practices

In the sun-drenched landscapes of Orange County, adopting eco-friendly and sustainable gardening techniques is not just a choice but a necessity. The region’s Mediterranean climate, characterized by warm, dry summers and mild, wet winters, presents unique challenges for gardeners. 

To thrive sustainably in this environment, consider incorporating native plants and water-wise landscaping practices.

One of the first steps towards creating an environmentally responsible garden is to turn to eco-conscious nurseries and organic plant treasures. These establishments, often found in Orange County’s urban oasis nurseries and indoor gardening shops, offer a selection of native and drought-tolerant species tailored to the local climate. 

Sustainable Gardening Practices

Therefore, choosing these plants reduces the need for excessive watering and chemical treatments, promoting a healthier ecosystem in your garden. Native plants, like the California Buckwheat or Cleveland Sage, not only require less water but also provide habitat and sustenance for local wildlife, contributing to the ecological balance of the region.

Furthermore, water conservation is paramount in Orange County, where water resources can be limited. Implementing water-wise landscaping practices, such as xeriscaping and drip irrigation, helps optimize water use while still maintaining a vibrant and lush garden. 

Incorporating mulch and selecting permeable hardscape materials can also reduce water runoff and erosion, ensuring every precious drop is put to good use. 

By embracing these eco-friendly approaches, you not only create a beautiful garden but also become a steward of the environment. It contributes to the sustainability and resilience of Orange County’s landscapes.

Types of Orange County Nurseries

Orange County boasts a diverse array of nurseries, each specializing in specific plant varieties or services to cater to various gardening needs. Here are some types of horticultural centers in OC you can find in the area:

1. Specialty Nurseries

Specialty nurseries in Orange County focus on specific plant categories. For example, you might find cactus and succulent nurseries offering an extensive collection of desert plants, including rare and exotic species. These nurseries often provide expert advice on the care and cultivation of their specialty plants.

2. Wholesale Nurseries

Wholesale nurseries in Orange County cater to landscaping professionals, retail garden centers, and large-scale projects. They typically offer a wide range of plants, trees, and shrubs in bulk quantities, making them a go-to choice for landscaping businesses and developers looking to purchase plants in volume.

3. Organic Plant Nurseries

These nurseries prioritize organic and sustainable gardening practices. They offer a selection of organic and heirloom plant varieties and eco-friendly gardening supplies like organic fertilizers and pest control solutions. Organic plant nurseries in Orange County are ideal for environmentally conscious gardeners looking to minimize their ecological footprint.

4. Indoor Plant Nurseries

Indoor plant nurseries focus on houseplants and indoor gardening supplies. They carry various indoor plant species, from air-purifying varieties like snake plants to trendy and exotic choices like fiddle leaf figs. These nurseries also guide proper indoor plant care, including lighting, humidity, and watering.

5. Native Plant Nurseries

Nurseries specializing in native plants of Orange County promote the use of indigenous flora in landscaping. They offer a selection of plants that thrive in the local climate, requiring less water and maintenance. Native plant nurseries often collaborate with conservation efforts to protect and restore local ecosystems.

Top Nurseries in Orange County

We’ve scoured the vibrant gardening scene of Orange County to bring you a handpicked selection of nurseries, each with its unique charm and offerings.

From expert reviews and coveted plant varieties to a range of services and helpful advice, you’ll find everything you need to nurture your gardening passion.

So, dive in and explore the green treasures waiting to be discovered in these exceptional nurseries across Orange County. Keep scrolling to uncover the details that will inspire your next gardening adventure!

1. Plumeria Palace

Nurseries In Orange County
Plumeria Palace

As its name suggests, Plumeria Palace Nursery is a hidden gem for plant enthusiasts seeking the beauty of Plumeria blooms. While limited information is available about this family-owned business, its reputation among locals speaks volumes. 

Nestled in Orange County, it’s the go-to destination for those enchanted by the allure of these tropical wonders.

With a wide selection of Plumeria varieties, this nursery offers a chance to explore and cultivate these exquisite blooms, even if the web keeps its secrets. 


Plumeria Palace Nursery caters to the desires of Plumeria enthusiasts by offering a diverse range of these exquisite blooms, including some coveted rare varieties. While detailed information about the nursery’s services is not readily available on its website, its reputation for standout Plumeria cultivars is well-known among patrons. 

Notably, best-sellers such as Celedine, Hawaii Red, and Hilo Beauty grace their collection, each with its unique allure.

For those seeking the truly exotic and visually captivating, we recommend exploring varieties like Jeannie Morangue, a pink beauty adorned with yellow strokes at the petal’s center.

You can also check Kaneohe Sunburst with its reminiscent of a picturesque sunset with its pink outer layer and fiery orange inner hues, or perhaps Madam Poni, an attention-grabbing blend of bright yellow and red with charmingly curly petals. 

With this stunning collection, Plumeria Palace Nursery provides a haven for enthusiasts eager to explore and acquire these enchanting blooms, even if the full spectrum of its services remains a delightful mystery.


333 N Waverly St, Orange, CA 92866, United States.



+1 714-328-5934


Every day (by appointment only)

Rating by Google

5.0 of 5 Stars.

Users Review

Here are some customer summary about the Plumeria Palace service:

  • “They have so many different types of plants here! The reason I came to this place was for plumeria. My hometown used to grow a lot of plumeria, but I haven’t seen any in NorCal for 10 years. So I was so excited to see them again in SoCal! The owner is very patient and nice, he talks to me about different types of plumeria and how to grow them. Will definitely come back for another visit!” – Yuzu Ruan
  • “We bought plants last year and they are doing great! Thanks to Sherif’s advice, I was able to keep the plants alive over winter in San Jose.” – Rana Soinski
  • “I wanted to make a special gift for a special person who loves plumeria, but couldn’t find it in other flower places. Thank you so much for doing that! Now I have it because of your place. So many different types and so many different sizes. It is awesome!” – Klavdia

Our Reviews

It is safe to say that Plumeria Palace Nursery proves to be a paradise for Plumeria enthusiasts and avid collectors of vibrant blooms.

What sets this nursery apart is its enticing selection of exotic Plumeria varieties, offering a unique and enchanting array of colors and shapes that may be difficult to find elsewhere in garden centers. 

While the treasure trove of blooms and the allure of the exotic are undoubtedly draws, it’s important to note that visiting this gem requires scheduling an appointment. 

2. Instant Jungle International

Nurseries In Orange County
Instant Jungle International

Established in 1980, Instant Jungle International originally focused on interior plant design and maintenance.

By the 1990s, they adapted to the trend of using tropical plants in California landscaping and shifted towards selling exterior plants. Recognizing the growing interest in biophilic design, the company embraced the concept of living plant walls to create lush environments for clients.

Today, they are industry leaders in interior plant services, tropical plant sales, replica plants, and living wall design and installation.


Instant Jungle International nursery stands out for its diverse and extensive collection of tropical plants, featuring an impressive selection that includes bamboo, aloe, palms, cycads, philodendron, and numerous other varieties. 

Beyond tropical, the nursery offers an array of indoor plants, including aglaonema, adiantum, anthurium, and more, which can be explored on their website.

What sets Instant Jungle apart is its comprehensive suite of services, encompassing interior and exterior design, professional plant installation, and meticulous plant maintenance. 

Catering to residential, commercial, and hospitality clients, they not only provide a botanical haven but also offer the expertise needed to curate and maintain lush green environments, making them a go-to destination for both plant enthusiasts and those seeking expert design and maintenance solutions.


1700 N Batavia St, Orange, CA 92865, United States.



+1 714-850-9227


  • Sunday Closed
  • Monday 08:00 AM – 04:00 PM
  • Tuesday 08:00 AM – 04:00 PM
  • Wednesday 08:00 AM – 04:00 PM
  • Thursday 08:00 AM – 04:00 PM
  • Friday 08:00 AM – 04:00 PM
  • Saturday Closed

Rating by Google

4.9 of 5 Stars.

Users Review

Here are some customer summary about the Instant Jungle International service:

  • “Nice, big healthy bamboo delivered on time by a very knowledgeable gardener named Beto. Service from start to finish could not have been easier. Enjoyed a fantastic Fourth of July on my patio with friends surrounded by beautiful green bamboo that provided the perfect privacy screen! YAY!!!” – S. Hartley
  • “Very knowledgeable and friendly staff.” – Jesse Hynd
  • “Our new home in SJC needed plants and pots. Carol was an expert at finding us colorful, interesting pots with room/sunlight appropriate plants to accent our décor and high ceilings. Work was installed quickly and our last minute additional request was filled that same day. The greenery was the finishing touch on our home. Thank you Instant Jungle and Carol.” – Susan Berkel

Our Reviews

Their wide selection of tropical plants caters to every tropical plant lover’s desires, and it’s a delight to explore their lush offerings. Their comprehensive landscaping service, including interior and exterior design, sets them apart from the rest. 

This makes them an invaluable resource whether you’re a homeowner looking to beautify your space or a professional seeking expert guidance for a project.

However, it’s worth noting that their operating hours could be a bit challenging for those of us who work Monday to Friday, as it might be less convenient to visit during their limited schedule. 

Question and Answer

  • Question – “Do you have indoor house plants”
  • Answer – “Yes, we do!”

3. Tustin Meadows Nursery

Nurseries In Orange County
Tustin Meadows Nursery

Founded by Joe Grumbles in 1967, Tustin Meadows Nursery has been serving the Orange County area with an extensive selection of trees, flowers, and plants.

Originally situated in Tustin, California, Joe has been operating from his current Orange, CA location since 1981. 

With over four decades of dedication, he has tirelessly worked to bring the widest variety of botanical offerings to the local community, ensuring that gardeners and enthusiasts have access to a diverse range of greenery.


With various green thumbs, Tustin Meadows Nursery is a haven for plant enthusiasts, offering an array of botanical treasures that span across various categories, from tropical to succulents, cacti, and a colorful spectrum of flowers. 

While the website may lack comprehensive details about their products and services, the nursery’s reputation among locals speaks volumes about the diverse range of green offerings available to patrons.

Whether you’re in search of vibrant blooms or desert-adapted succulents, Tustin Meadows Nursery promises a world of horticultural delights waiting to be discovered within its welcoming confines.


815 S Esplanade St, Orange, CA 92869, United States.



+1 714-771-5529


  • Sunday Closed
  • Monday 07:30 AM – 03:30 PM
  • Tuesday 07:30 AM – 03:30 PM
  • Wednesday 07:30 AM – 03:30 PM
  • Thursday 07:30 AM – 03:30 PM
  • Friday 07:30 AM – 03:30 PM
  • Saturday 07:30 AM – 03:30 PM

Rating by Google

4.9 of 5 Stars.

Users Review

Here are some customer summary about the Tustin Meadows Nursery service:

  • “Cheap plants, good quality. A little low maintained but CHEAP plants and good variety. – Linh Khanh Diep
  • “Large selection and very reasonable prices. Sean was super knowledgeable and helpful.” – Stefan Doehler

Our Reviews

In our opinion, Tustin Meadows Nursery is a must-visit if you’re on the hunt for an affordable selection of tropical plants, vibrant blooms, and a variety of succulents. Their offerings are not only budget-friendly but also diverse, catering to a range of greenery preferences. 

However, it’s important to note that while the nursery itself is a treasure trove for plant enthusiasts, the website falls short in providing detailed information about their services, which can be a drawback for those looking to learn more before visiting. 

4. M&M Nursery

Nurseries In Orange County
M&M Nursery

A family-owned business since 1956, M & M Nursery has evolved with the changing gardening trends of the last five decades. We seamlessly blend the past with new perspectives, offering an eclectic garden center. 

Explore the enchanting world of fairy gardening, a passion led by the nursery’s creative director, Beverly Turner, since 2001. Her designs grace the nursery, providing inspiration for your miniature landscapes.

Discover a wide selection of fairies, furniture, creatures, and seasonal décor to craft your personalized masterpiece.


The creative director, Beverly Turner, has pioneered this enchanting realm of fairy gardening at M & M Nursery since 2001. An extensive collection of fairies, small furniture, animals, and seasonal décor awaits, providing all the elements needed to create a personalized masterpiece. 

In addition to these whimsical accessories, the nursery features a selection of miniature plants ideally suited to complement the fairy-sized world. This includes a colorful array of annuals, perennials, shrubs, vegetables, succulents, and small conifers. 

Moreover, the Cottage Garden Collection offers a delightful assortment of rarely seen, old-fashioned flowers that can bring pleasant surprises to any garden. If terrariums pique your interest, M & M Nursery also stocks plants that thrive within these glass enclosures. 

To complete your outdoor spaces, explore the diverse fountains, birdbaths, and statuary available.

Additionally, the gift shop boasts a variety of wind chimes, bird feeders, garden art, and nature-related keepsakes, making it a delightful destination for all gardening enthusiasts and nature lovers. 


380 N Tustin St, Orange, CA 92867, United States.



+1 714-538-8042


  • Sunday 10:00 AM – 04:00 PM
  • Monday 10:00 AM – 04:00 PM
  • Tuesday Closed
  • Wednesday 10:00 AM – 04:00 PM
  • Thursday 10:00 AM – 04:00 PM
  • Friday 10:00 AM – 04:00 PM
  • Saturday 10:00 AM – 04:00 PM

Rating by Google

4.8 of 5 Stars.

Users Review

Here are some customer summary about the M & M Nursery service:

  • “Great selection! Really pretty place to even just do a bit of window shopping. They even had a little cat lounging around the main building! Good prices, great plants. – a croissant 
  • “Small selection of houseplants, but the selection of outdoor material was good. The prices were cheaper than many other nurseries and the saleswoman was helpful and friendly.” – Kerry Krivoshein
  • “If you haven’t been here before, GO! Probably one of the coolest nurseries I’ve ever been to. You can find everything from vegetables, flowers, shade plants, bonsai, and succulents. Something I really like is that it is more bonsai concentrated with all of the different bonsai trees and little landscape designs. Super fun to go to and look at all the different plants to choose from. Great selection of different specimens you won’t find anywhere else.” – Brandon Bertnick

Our Reviews

M & M Nursery is undeniably a plant sanctuary for anyone with a penchant for crafting enchanting fairy gardens.

Here, you’ll discover nearly everything you need to bring your miniature landscapes to life, from an extensive assortment of plants and flowers to fountains and various gardening accessories. 

Nevertheless, it’s worth mentioning that while the nursery excels in offering these enchanting elements, the absence of detailed information about specific plant species on the website can be a drawback, making it challenging for customers to fully explore the array of services available. 

Question and Answer

  • Question – “Do you have gardenia plants?”
  • Answer – “I didn’t see any gardenia plants today at M & M Nursery, but give them a call to check stock, they are open till 4 today and open tomorrow at 10 AM, closed Monday and Tuesday, hope you find what you’re looking for.”
  • Question – “Do you have Meiwa kumquat?”
  • Answer – “Citrus is quarantined in our area. Someone told me that Lowe’s or home depot in diamond bar carrys citrus. Check with them.”

5. Nitao Nursery Inc.

Nurseries In Orange County
Nitao Nursery Inc.

Specializing in ground covers, seasonal bedding flowers, and shrubs, Nitao Nursery Inc. is a wholesale grower with a legacy of serving Orange County since 1978. This family-owned business offers a warm, family-oriented atmosphere. 

It is committed to delivering top-quality products, excellent customer service, and competitive pricing.

Notably, Nitao Nursery Inc. extends its welcome to the public, inviting all gardening enthusiasts to explore their offerings and benefit from their decades of experience in the industry.


For those who love bloomers, Nitao Nursery Inc. is your destination for vibrant blooms, including roses and various other flowering plants, perfect for enhancing the beauty of your garden. 

While their commitment to providing colorful specimens is evident, it’s worth noting that specific plant varieties are not readily available on their website, making it challenging for customers to explore their full range. 

Nevertheless, if you are looking to infuse their outdoor spaces with bursts of color and natural splendor, Nitao Nursery Inc. remains a valuable resource worth exploring, even if the precise selection remains a delightful surprise.


2333 E Taft Ave, Orange, CA 92867, United States.



+1 714-974-0140


  • Sunday Closed
  • Monday 07:00 AM – 04:00 PM
  • Tuesday 07:00 AM – 04:00 PM
  • Wednesday 07:00 AM – 04:00 PM
  • Thursday 07:00 AM – 04:00 PM
  • Friday 07:00 AM – 04:00 PM
  • Saturday 07:00 AM – 04:00 PM

Rating by Google

4.7 of 5 Stars.

Users Review

Here are some customer summary about the Nitao Nursery Inc. service:

  • “I’ve been coming here for years at great prices and great plant material. – Daniel Aguirre 
  • “I’ve always purchased my cactus soil from them. Today I found out they no longer carry it. I did find a few succulents today and took a small bag of succ soil. I love their service.” – Sheryl Buendia
  • “of beautiful plants that are high-quality, and the price that can’t be beat. But most of all, I love their service. Not only that they accommodated my need, but also helped explain all the questions as well as given helpful recommendations. I couldn’t be happier. Give them a try – honestly impressed! ” – Thuong Tran

Our Reviews

Nitao Nursery Inc. earns our appreciation for delivering a delightful array of fresh, colorful bloomers, a true testament to their commitment to vibrant gardens.

What adds to its appeal is the flexibility of being open on Saturdays, accommodating the needs of those with busy weekday schedules.

However, a notable drawback lies in the scarcity of information available on their website, leaving customers somewhat in the dark about their extensive offerings and services.

6. Upland Nursery

Upland Nursery
Upland Nursery

For more than three decades, Upland Nursery has been a trusted source for a diverse selection of botanical wonders, including plumerias, aquatic plants, unique perennials, drought-tolerant species, bonsais, and rare fruit trees.

This family-owned business takes pride in its dedication to delivering top-quality plants, exemplary services, and expert guidance to its esteemed customers.

The legacy of Upland Nursery is founded on the provision of superior products and the wealth of horticultural knowledge shared with its valued clientele.


Bearing beloved cultivars to the more exotic and unique options, Upland Nursery is your go-to destination for an extensive selection of Plumeria varieties.

Among their offerings, you’ll find well-known favorites like Plumeria Adagio, Plumeria Amazing Pink, Plumeria Ammaron Curly, Plumeria Anaheim Sunset, and a host of others.

However, it’s important to note that while their Plumeria collection is extensive and well-documented, specific details regarding the availability of aquatic plants, bonsais, and rare fruit trees may not be readily accessible on their website.

Nevertheless, for Plumeria enthusiasts seeking a diverse range of options, Upland Nursery remains a reliable destination, even if the full extent of its offerings remains a pleasant surprise.


1518 N Tustin St, Orange, CA 92867, United States.



+1 714-538-4500


  • Sunday 09:00 AM – 05:00 PM
  • Monday 09:00 AM – 05:00 PM
  • Tuesday 09:00 AM – 05:00 PM
  • Wednesday 09:00 AM – 05:00 PM
  • Thursday 09:00 AM – 05:00 PM
  • Friday 09:00 AM – 05:00 PM
  • Saturday 09:00 AM – 05:00 PM

Rating by Google

4.6 of 5 Stars.

Users Review

Here are some customer summary about the Upland Nursery service:

  • “We have been coming here for many years. They have a flair for unusual or hard to get plants. If I need a showpiece plant, this is where I go. They have a large selection of fruit trees, ferns, camellias, plumerias, bonsai, pond plants etc…. Once you come you’ll be hooked.” – Frank King
  • “Beautiful place. Fantastic plants and pots, etc. Helpful staff. Only bummer is that they do not have a separate section for SoCal native plants. I think that is a highly desirable commodity in a nursery.” – Leland Sisk
  • “This is my favorite nursery in Orange County, they have more plants and healthy ones than you could ever dream of.” – Jonathan Tuman

Our Reviews

We can say that Upland Nursery proves to be an exceptional plant haven, particularly for enthusiasts in search of rare Plumeria species and fruit trees. The convenience of its daily opening hours accommodates those with busy schedules, making it accessible to a wide range of visitors.

However, the absence of comprehensive information on their website is a notable drawback, limiting customers’ ability to explore their offerings in depth.

Despite this limitation, Upland Nursery stands as a promising destination for those seeking unique plant varieties, offering the potential for exciting botanical discoveries.

Question and Answer

  • Question – “Do you have vitex divaricata?”
  • Answer – “Sorry, we do not carry them.”
  • Question – “Do you have Thai guava plant and Alphonso Mango plant in 3 to 5 gallon pots?”
  • Answer – “Yes on Tha white guava in 5 gallon, but no Alphonso Mango available.”

7. Sunny Slope Trees

Sunny Slope Trees
Sunny Slope Trees

Sunny Slope Trees, a wholesale nursery dedicated to the cultivation and care of trees, emerges as a notable player in the world of arboriculture.

While the internet may not reveal the comprehensive history of this nursery, its focus on nurturing trees speaks volumes about its commitment to enhancing the greenery of our landscapes.

As we delve into the world of Sunny Slope Trees, we embark on a journey of discovery and appreciation for the vital role these majestic beings play in our environment.


This tree nursery offers a diverse and extensive range of tree varieties tailored to meet various landscaping needs.

Their collection includes an array of palms, evergreen trees for shade, drought-tolerant species for water-wise landscaping, flowering trees to enhance garden aesthetics, as well as citrus trees and avocados for those with a penchant for edible gardens.

What sets them apart is their commitment to convenience, as they also provide delivery services, ensuring that customers can easily access and incorporate these magnificent arboreal additions into their landscapes, whether for visual appeal, environmental consciousness, or culinary delights.


1545 N Glassell St, Orange, CA 92867, United States.



+1 714-532-1440


  • Sunday Closed
  • Monday 08:00 AM – 04:00 PM
  • Tuesday 08:00 AM – 04:00 PM
  • Wednesday 08:00 AM – 04:00 PM
  • Thursday 08:00 AM – 04:00 PM
  • Friday 08:00 AM – 04:00 PM
  • Saturday Closed

Rating by Google

4.5 of 5 Stars.

Users Review

Here are some customer summary about the Sunny Slope Trees service:

  • “Very good pricing and selection.” – Kevin Kalka
  • “There are all kinds of trees, and the size is big.” – David D.
  • “This place is worth a visit if all you’re interested in is trees. We did buy a tree here and the pricing is pretty good.” – Steven Hansen

Our Reviews

We think that Sunny Slope Trees is undeniably a go-to destination for enhancing your garden and landscape with a splendid array of trees. What makes it fascinating is the convenience it offers through its delivery service, a boon for those lacking the means to transport trees themselves.

This nursery truly excels in bringing greenery to your doorstep, making the process of adding arboreal beauty to your outdoor spaces not only effortless but also highly satisfying.

Question and Answer

  • Question – “Do you have Lisbon lemon for sale?”
  • Answer – “We don’t sell citrus trees.”
  • Question – “Do you have trees that can be planted in lawns?”
  • Answer – “They sure do. However, it is not advisable to plant in the lawn.”

8. Devil Mountain Wholesale Nursery

Devil Mountain Wholesale Nursery
Devil Mountain Wholesale Nursery

Starting in 1995 as a wholesale brokerage, Devil Mountain has since evolved to encompass wholesale brokerage and nursery operations.

Their enduring mission centers on delivering a wide-ranging selection of plants alongside exceptional service and uncompromising quality, surpassing competitors in the wholesale nursery realm.

Moreover, Devil Mountain’s commitment to the landscape trade includes maintaining a diverse plant inventory as it aspires to become the foremost wholesale nursery nationwide.


Devil Mountain Wholesale Nursery is a botanical treasure trove, offering a broad spectrum of plant varieties to cater to diverse landscaping needs.

For those seeking vibrant blooms, an enticing collection of azaleas, roses, and California natives awaits, promising to infuse gardens with color and vitality.

Furthermore, gardeners looking to carpet their landscapes will find an array of ground cover options, providing a lush and verdant canvas. What’s more? The nursery boasts a selection of shrubs, ideal for creating privacy screens or charming garden hedges.

In addition, Devil Mountain Wholesale Nursery ensures that every corner of your outdoor space can be adorned with the perfect botanical touch to meet your landscaping aspirations.


1555 N Glassell St, Orange, CA 92867, United States.



+1 714-921-1003


  • Sunday Closed
  • Monday 07:00 AM – 03:00 PM
  • Tuesday 07:00 AM – 03:00 PM
  • Wednesday 07:00 AM – 03:00 PM
  • Thursday 07:00 AM – 03:00 PM
  • Friday 07:00 AM – 03:00 PM
  • Saturday 07:00 AM – 12:00 PM

Rating by Google

4.4 of 5 Stars.

Users Review

Here are some customer summary about the Devil Mountain Wholesale Nursery service:

  • “This is where I get all my trees and plants. Great service friendly staff 🌿🌳just want to say hi to Julie she was very nice.” – Ralph Benites
  • “One of the best nurseries in orange. Now is open for the public. They open from Monday to Sunday. The receptionist is so beautiful too.” – El Rm
  • “This place is great! Always great service & help. I’m a small business owner & will be returning. Thank you DM team!” – Geo M.

Our Reviews

With an extensive array of plant varieties and the convenience of bulk purchasing, we think that landscaping enthusiasts and professionals alike will find Devil Mountain Wholesale Nursery to be an invaluable resource.

This nursery offers a diverse selection that caters to projects of all sizes, ensuring that whether you’re embarking on a major landscaping endeavor or simply seeking top-quality plants in abundance, your needs will be met.

9. Village Nurseries Landscape Center

Village Nurseries Landscape Center
Village Nurseries Landscape Center

Nestled within Orange County, Village Nurseries Landscape Centers emerges as a dedicated hub tailored to the needs of Landscape Professionals.

With a commitment to providing top-tier quality, exceptional service, and an extensive selection, this center aims to stand as the foremost vendor for all plant material requirements in the eyes of professionals.

While the specific history of Village Nurseries Landscape Centers remains elusive on the web, its clear dedication to serving the landscaping community speaks volumes about its mission to meet and exceed the expectations of landscape professionals in the Orange County region.


When it comes to services, Village Nurseries Landscape Center provides an extensive array of services crafted to meet a wide spectrum of landscaping demands. Their offerings encompass an assortment of plant sizes, ranging from 1-gallon options to substantial 36″ box trees.

Additionally, they supply shrubs, colorful flowering varieties, vines, native plants, perennials, roses, citrus trees, shade-friendly species, synthetic turf, soil enhancements, sod, pottery, and various other landscaping essentials.

Supported by an expansive 900-acre network of growing facilities spanning both Northern and Southern California, they proudly offer one of the most comprehensive and varied inventories in the Western region.

In instances where direct cultivation may not be available, their well-established network of reliable growers enables them to source specific plants for their customers.

Above all, Village Nurseries Landscape Center remains dedicated to serving as the ultimate one-stop destination, ensuring that landscapers have access to an extensive and diverse selection to fulfill their creative landscaping visions.


1582 N Tustin St, Orange, CA 92867, United States.



+1 714-998-8751


  • Sunday 08:00 AM – 04:00 PM
  • Monday 07:00 AM – 05:00 PM
  • Tuesday 07:00 AM – 05:00 PM
  • Wednesday 07:00 AM – 05:00 PM
  • Thursday 07:00 AM – 05:00 PM
  • Friday 07:00 AM – 05:00 PM
  • Saturday 07:00 AM – 05:00 PM

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4.3 of 5 Stars.

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Here are some customer summary about the Village Nurseries Landscape Center service:

  • “I always find what I’m looking for, and the staff is so helpful. Great selection of plants, trees etc.” – Rosie Munoz
  • “Love this place! Great plant selection at great prices! The staff is knowledgeable and very helpful.” – Matt Boesfplug
  • “We come here often. They have a great selection, better prices than can be found at Home Depot, Lowes, and especially Armstrong. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable, which is refreshing. They have always been able to help me find something to suit my needs when I am not exactly sure what to get.” – Linda L. Rife

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Having such services, we can say that Village Nurseries Landscape Center unquestionably is the ultimate one-stop haven for landscapers, offering a comprehensive range of resources to transform their creative visions into lush, natural canvases.

This center excels in providing all the essential elements needed to craft stunning landscapes, from diverse plant varieties to landscaping essentials.

Moreover, the convenience of daily opening hours enhances accessibility, catering to the diverse schedules of landscaping professionals.

Question and Answer

  • Question – “Do you sell Redbud trees?”
  • Answer – “Yes.”
  • Question – “Do you have a small Japanese garden bridge?”
  • Answer – “No.”

10. Cambridge Pines & Nursery

Cambridge Pines & Nursery
Cambridge Pines & Nursery

Opening its door in 1977 in the City of Orange, Cambridge Pines & Nursery has served the community for over 40 years. In 1981, they expanded with a 10-acre farm in Fallbrook. Originally a Christmas tree farm, they ceased Christmas tree cultivation in 1998.

Despite the shift, they retained their original name while focusing on growing drought-resistant species. Serving nurseries, landscapers, and the public, they also specialize in cycads and palm removal. Additionally, from January through April, they offer sago revoluta bulbs.


Cambridge Pines & Nursery offers a specialized array of services catering to the needs of landscapers and enthusiasts alike.

They specialize in drought-tolerant plants, particularly sago revoluta, available in a range of sizes from small to specimen. It’s important to note that sago revoluta is exclusively offered from January to April.

Moreover, the nursery also boasts a diverse collection of rarer cycad varieties. In addition to their cycad offerings, their inventory includes a broad spectrum of botanical treasures, including cycads, palms, agave, bird of paradise, yucca rostrata, ponytail palms, and various tropical plants.

This comprehensive selection ensures that Cambridge Pines & Nursery remains a valuable resource for those seeking to create stunning landscapes and gardens with an abundance of unique and drought-resistant plant options.


1550 N Cambridge St, Orange, CA 92867, United States.



+1 714-402-0982


  • Sunday Closed
  • Monday 06:30 AM – 04:00 PM
  • Tuesday 06:30 AM – 04:00 PM
  • Wednesday 06:30 AM – 04:00 PM
  • Thursday 06:30 AM – 04:00 PM
  • Friday 06:30 AM – 04:00 PM
  • Saturday 06:30 AM – 02:30 PM

Rating by Google

4.3 of 5 Stars.

Users Review

Here are some customer summary about the Cambridge Pines & Nursery service:

  • “A hidden gem in Orange. If you are looking for palm trees, all varieties, these guys have them. Knowledgeable (they have been in business for decades) with a large inventory, they will steer you to the right stuff. Plus their prices can’t be beat! Delivery available.” – John Chon
  • “Great resource for Yucca, Pachypodium, Zamia, Archontophoenix, Neodypsis, Howea, Dasylirion and many hard to find specimen Palms and plants. What a surprise!” – Carl Brodock
  • “This place is awesome, they have smaller stuff than what is shown, (bigger too) they deliver and can even assist with digging holes for an additional fee.” – Richard Wright

Our Reviews

This nursery emerges as the go-to destination for those seeking drought-tolerant plants ideally suited for California’s arid climate.

With a specialized focus on offerings like sago revoluta and an array of rare cycads, this nursery truly excels in providing green solutions for water-conscious gardening.

Their commitment to serving both landscaping professionals and the public underscores their dedication to promoting sustainable landscaping practices.

Supporting Local Businesses in Orange County

Supporting Orange County gardening centers and local nurseries not only enhances our community’s vitality but also offers many economic and environmental advantages.

These nurseries, often called plant lovers’ sanctuaries, are more than just businesses; they are integral to our local economy. By shopping at plant nurseries in Orange County, you contribute to the growth of small businesses and job opportunities within our community.

Your patronage helps sustain these nurseries, ensuring they continue serving as valuable resources for plant enthusiasts and gardeners while fostering a sense of community engagement.

Cambridge Pines & Nursery
Cambridge Pines & Nursery

In addition to the economic benefits, shopping at local nursery plants in Orange County stores contributes to environmental sustainability. These nurseries typically prioritize native and climate-appropriate plant species requiring less water and maintenance.

By purchasing from them, you reduce the carbon footprint associated with long-distance transportation, as plants sourced locally have a shorter journey from the nursery to your garden. Furthermore, local nurseries often implement eco-friendly practices, such as organic gardening methods and sustainable landscaping, which align with the region’s environmental priorities.

Thus, by choosing local plant supply stores in OC, you actively participate in the preservation of Orange County’s natural beauty and help build a more sustainable and resilient community.

Final Thoughts

The nurseries of Orange County are not just places to buy plants; they are the beating heart of our community’s passion for gardening. They offer a wealth of knowledge, a haven for plant enthusiasts, and a source of inspiration for creating lush, vibrant landscapes.

Moreover, supporting your local nurseries not only enhances your own gardening experience but also contributes to the sustainability and resilience of our community. As we’ve seen, these nurseries offer rare and unique plant varieties, expert guidance, and a sense of belonging for all who appreciate the wonders of the natural world.

So, we encourage you to explore and support these local nurseries, fostering a thriving and green Orange County while nurturing your green thumb dreams.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Which nurseries in Orange County offer a wide selection of native plants?

Among the nurseries in Orange County, Village Nurseries Landscape and Devil Mountain Wholesale Nursery stand out for their extensive offerings of native plants perfectly suited to the local climate of OC.

These nurseries prioritize the preservation and promotion of indigenous flora, making them ideal destinations for those looking to create sustainable and regionally appropriate landscapes.

Whether you’re planning to enhance your garden’s biodiversity, conserve water, or support local ecosystems, these nurseries provide a diverse array of native plant species and expert guidance to help you thrive in your gardening endeavors.

Are there any nurseries in Orange County with extensive selections of succulents and cacti?

Yes, indeed! There are several nurseries in Orange County with extensive selections of succulents and cacti. One notable example is The Potting Shed by Carlisle, renowned for its wide array of succulents and indoor houseplants, making it a haven for indoor plant enthusiasts.

They also offer an eclectic selection of vintage items for gardening purposes. If you’re specifically seeking a diverse range of cacti, M & M Nursery is another excellent choice in Orange County, providing an extensive collection of these prickly wonders.

These indoor plant nurseries and potted plant havens in OC cater to a variety of tastes and preferences, making it easy for residents to cultivate their own green oasis.

What nurseries in Orange County have a reputation for exceptional customer service and expertise?

While many nurseries in Orange County are known for their excellent customer service, there are a few that stand out as the best plant stores in OC, creating a gardener’s paradise in the region.

Based on consistently positive customer experiences and impressive Google ratings and reviews, notable names include Tustin Meadows Nursery, M&M Nursery, Nitao Nursery Inc., and Upland Nursery.

These seasonal plant centers have cultivated reputations for not only offering a wide range of high-quality plants but also for providing expert guidance and assistance to customers, making their gardening endeavors in Orange County truly exceptional.

Can you suggest nurseries in Orange County that offer delivery services for larger plants?

Certainly! Among the numerous bountiful bloom hubs and outdoor plant shops in Orange County, Sunny Slope Nursery stands out as an excellent choice for those seeking delivery services for larger plants, including trees.

Sunny Slope Nursery’s commitment to customer convenience extends to providing delivery options, ensuring that you can effortlessly enhance your outdoor spaces with substantial plantings.

Their extensive selection of trees and plants, coupled with the convenience of delivery, makes them a go-to destination for landscaping and gardening enthusiasts in the region.

What are the most popular nurseries in Orange County known for rare plant varieties?

While information regarding nurseries specializing in rare plant varieties in Orange County is somewhat limited, one notable establishment recognized for offering exotic selections is Green Thumb Nursery, situated in Lake Forest, California.

Green Thumb Nursery has gained a reputation for stocking unique and rare plant species, making it a favored destination for collectors and gardening enthusiasts seeking distinctive additions to their landscapes.

However, we recommend searching one local nursery with the keyword “plant nurseries near me” or “botanical boutiques near me” and finding out whether they carry scarce plant varieties.

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