Top 14 Best Lawn Care Service Companies In 2023

Anyone with a beautiful, well-manicured lawn will tell you that it needs constant care. For many of us, that means needing the services of a professional lawn care company. These lawn care service companies employ experts in knowing the particularities of lawns and their needs to thrive and stay healthy.

I am listing 14 of the top lawn care service companies nationwide. These companies are all either regional or have affiliates in and around America’s major cities.

If you have limited time, we offer you the top 4 lawn care companies according to the table below:




Sunday (Getsunday.Com)
- Diverted over 10,000 pounds of pesticides from lawns in 2019
- Uses non-harmful ingredients like seaweed, molasses, and iron in its products
- Cheaper than full-service lawn care plans
- Nutrient packs are tailored to the climate of your area
- Use satellite imagery to characterize your lawn and get free analysis
- Relatively low cost. Boxed lawn care starts at $119 annually
- Plans are only optimized for lawns that are 10,000 square feet or less
- Doesn’t offer pre-emergent weed control products

DoMyOwn Company
- Free Shipping on all products
- Fast Delivery most orders leave our warehouse the same or next business day
- Choose expedited shipping before 12:00 noon EST, ship the same day
- Prices as competitive as possible, and offer some of the lowest prices on pest control products
- Hundreds of professional products and our inventory is expanding all the time
- Superior customer service and encourage you to call us should you have any questions
- Does not allow order changes/cancellations.

Lawnbright Company
- Personalized soil testing
- Product is safe for kids and pets
- All-natural ingredients
- Organic Pre-emergent weed control
- Subscription delivered to door
- Easy & Quick to Spend less time working
- Don't sell seeds

Gardener’s Supply
- Offer international shipping
- Offer order tracking
- There are many exclusive products that other online sites do not have.
- Offers a full range of gardening products and detailed beginner's instructions
- The website is easy to use, offers lots of ideas and information
- Does not offer free returns & exchanges
- Does not offer curbside pickup
- Does not offer live chat

BEST Lawn Care Service Companies Around America’s

1. Sunday (Getsunday.Com)

lawn care service companies

Sunday is one of the largest companies in the United States that provides the same services. It has various divisions which serve more than 3 million commercial and residential consumers across all 50 states in the US.

This company promotes ecological turf care practices and provides you with natural products to maintain your garden. Their approach is knowledgeable and comprehensive in the provision of these services.

If you have a garden to care for and maintain, you need to consider Sunday because it has several plans for its consumers. The company has outlined the best plans for you on their website such as a comprehensive lawn care plan. Besides, their services and offices are readily accessible and available across the US states.

Its comprehensive subscription program includes fertilizing your lawn, weed and pest control, soil aeration, and ultimately restoring your turf. Moreover, it has an inclusive policy of sending you a subscription box that contains all the requirements needed to care for your garden wholly.

You don’t need to worry about the best time to care for your turf because if you are their customer, the kit is delivered to you twice each year. Some of the products sent are fertilizer to enhance growth and weed warriors to control the spread of weeds. 

Given that they operate under a subscription program, there is no obligatory contract. Therefore, you can unsubscribe from their services anytime you want to. The subscription is renewed each year automatically, so you can cancel it if you don’t want their services. They always make free calls to know about your weed control using their products.

They also have the most outstanding reputation and great expertise to help with your lawn care needs. Last year, they managed to divert more than 15,000 lbs. of pesticides from different lawns. In addition, their kits are safe to use because they contain natural ingredients such as molasses, seaweed, and iron.

Their product supply guarantees you a healthy lawn, thus giving you peace of mind. One good thing about them is that, apart from supplying you with a subscription box full of lawn products, they provide additional tips on using their products.

Their products are best for treating your grass, aerating the soil and lawns of different kinds. They have over 3 million customers spread across the United States (US), thus enabling them to develop new and quality product formulations for maintaining your lawn.

Several companies provide similar services, but they remain greatly reliable due to their availability and excellent services, which place them of its competitors. Moreover, if you are a DIY individual, you need to subscribe to their services. This is because their products are tested and proven by experts.

Nevertheless, there are some disadvantages. Given that most people like the DIY tactic, some want lawn care services instead of the products. Some consumer doesn’t have that time to lawn care themselves. You can visit its website to connect with a team of professionals.

2. DoMyOwn Company

lawn care service companies
DoMyOwn Company

When you have a problem, you need an amicable solution. That is where DoMyOwn comes in to help you salvage the situation. They have been assisting people in controlling the infestation of pests in residential and commercial areas.

They have the best supplies and products for controlling pests, thus enabling you to eradicate harmful pests, weeds, and other lawn infections on your own. Therefore, you don’t have to pay other companies for their expensive services and treatments.

They are always ahead in improving their products and supplies by adding relevant information on modern improvements in DIY pest control. DoMyOwn has all the expertise in pesticides and pest management products which you need to protect your lawn from all kinds of pests, rodents, and bugs.

Recently, eastern United States has been experiencing an infestation of stink bug. Thus, DoMyOwn has all the products required to control them and professionals who understand how to eradicate these harmful insects which can destroy your beautiful lawn.

The company operates on the policy of saving you money. Most of their prominent consumers attest that they have saved approximately 75% while using products from this company. So its objective is to provide you with recent, simple to use pest control solutions existing on the market at a lower cost.

They have modern sprays, insecticides, pesticides, and supplies needed to eradicate all kinds of pests. This also comprises quality products to control rodents, roaches, and any other creeping insects. In addition, they have a great selection of both organic and natural pest management products that non-toxic to the environment.

Do you know it is costly to hire a pest exterminator than to control the pests yourself? You need to pay up to $80 per spray. Instead, you can get these products from DoMyOwn at approximately $5 and spray it yourself. You notice that you can save a lot of money back to your bank or pocket.

Managing pest infestation on your own is the way to go. And, DoMyOwn can help you get the correct supplies and chemicals. Its products are safe and straightforward to use to make your lawn pest-free. Their professionals also educate you on the preventive measures you can employ to ensure unwanted pests do not invade your garden.

Most consumers love using their products because they get free advice from their certified experts on using products on their own related to lawn care and pest control. In addition, they have a comprehensive website that helps you get all the necessary advice and products you need to care for your garden.

The active ingredient section on their website can enable you to find what you need for managing your lawn. In this section, they also assist you in identifying and examining the problem affecting it. And they educate you on all the ways you can maintain it effortlessly.

They have a toll-free number that you can call anytime and get instant help with all the care challenges you might be experiencing. This is because they are devoted to assisting you to get the most effective and reasonable solution to your lawn care problems. Therefore, this is the best DIY company you can depend on for all your lawn care products and services.

3. Lawnbright Company

lawn care service companies
Lawnbright Company

Lawnbright is a company based in Massachusetts, United States, that provides professional lawn care services. This company fosters sustainable lawn care practices and the use of natural organic products. They are highly informed in branded consumer products used to care for your garden and lawn.

Lawnbright is a lawn care subscription service that features all the natural products that are incredibly safe for kids and pets. They can determine the pests and insects that are good for your garden. This company makes it easier for homeowners to care for their lawns by ensuring that their grass is healthy, whole, and properly maintained with natural and safe lawn care products.

Lawnbright’s natural and organic lawn care products are easy and quick to apply. This company conducts soil tests and real-time monitoring of your weather and climate before sending you the best lawn care products. They help you build sustainable habits that use less water and fewer products while treating your lawn soil and grass.

The main reason why most consumers prefer Lawnbright services is that if something happens to your lawn, they respond promptly within 48 hours of service. They have an incredible and highly effective online chat website feature to answer all your lawn care queries. So, get your custom lawn care plan from Lawnbright and everything you need to be shipped to your door for greener grass ahead.

4. Gardener’s Supply

lawn care service companies
Gardener’s Supply

When you hear someone discussing lawn care, Gardener’s Supply is the first company that comes to your mind. This company provides services to about 2.5 million residential and commercial customers across the United States.

They are unique, unlike their competitors, because they focus entirely on their customers. The company works directly with the consumers to formulate the best solution to care for their lawns. The company has grown to supply various lawn care products by staying true to its course of providing quality products for your garden.

Gardener’s Supply aims to provide you with a landscape that you can love and admire. Their innovative products can help you succeed in managing your garden. In addition, they foster the use of organic and natural products and sustainable practices across all 50 states in the US.  And, its certified staff and professionals develop solutions for your garden needs.

Gardener’s Supply is a certified B Corp which reinforces its commitment to using its expertise to manage gardens. In addition, they have a strong culture that consumers are the pillar of their success. Therefore, they endeavor to provide an excellent balance in caring for your home.

They offer a full range of services for both business and residential properties, such as pest control services, lawn inspection and management, caring for your garden trees, and many more. Hence, Gardener’s Supply is ahead of its competitors and providing a wide range of programs.

Therefore, as a homeowner, you can customize your lawn care through aeration, seeding, and fertilization. The benefits this company is offering are beyond their comprehensive garden care programs. They have an outstanding customer service commitment and a comprehensive online chat function on their website.

This function enables you to talk with its representatives in actual time capability. Moreover, it developed a mobile app to enable you to access its services and effective products which guarantees you a healthy lawn.

So is Gardener’s Supply company worth it? Yes, it has a collection of services that cover a broad spectrum of lawn care. Besides, they provide various options, from minimalist maintenance to more detailed pest management and recovery services.

Most customers are satisfied with its commitment to eco-friendly tactics. In addition, its premium products and incredible services make the firm a better option for individuals who need to care for their garden themselves. 

They also have a quick response; in case you experience challenges while using their products. That’s one of the reasons why they make toll-free calls. Therefore, it is imperative to subscribe to the company’s services and plans. It has certified professionals who make several visits to your home between scheduled visits to ensure your turf is well maintained.


5. TruGreen

lawn care service companies

TruGreen is one of the best companies in Memphis that can provide substantial services related to lawn care. TruGreen was established in 1973 to maintain lawns and keep them healthy and evergreen. They provide more than 2.5 million customers across the 48 states in the US, except Hawaii and Alaska. 

They have been in this business for over 47 years, and their services are also available in Canada. With several decades of expertise, they have become one of the top service providers in the gardening business. In addition, TruGreen is a dynamic affiliate of the National Association of Landscape Professionals (NALP).

TruGreen is fully dedicated to providing you a stunning lawn that can serve as a basis for outside experience and beautiful memories. In addition, they help to redefine best lawn care practices because they are the leading company in the lawn care and landscaping industry.

The company was ranked as one of the 50 Happiest Companies in the United States. Currently, they have more than 315 branches and approximately 40 franchise locations all over the 48 states.

Apart from the la carte customer services, TruGreen provides other annual plans; thus, it is entirely different from competitors. The plans include TrueComplete Lawn Care Plan, TruHealth Lawn Care Plan, TruMaintenance Lawn Care Plan, and TruNatural Lawn Care Plan.

Their services are entirely based on quality scientific analysis. Certified professionals develop these programs via its TruExpert Certification Plan. They provide their treatments and programs through safe products for your yard.

Their experts also make at least 8 to 10 visits in a year apart from their comprehensive programs. They handle all the challenges related to fertilization, weed and pest control, aeration, and lawn examination during this time. But these services depend on the plan you are subscribed to and the size of your property.

Through these new programs, they can foster ecological practices and the use of safe organic products. Most of their services are geared towards weed and pest control. This enables you as a homeowner to subscribe to these lawn care programs, thus getting all the necessary services from fertilization, aeration, and many more.

The benefits you can receive from TruGreen go beyond their comprehensive plans. They are committed to providing their esteemed customers with quick and reliable services. When you purchase the 12-month business plan, it will cost you about $30 for your first service.

They have a highly effective and reliable online chat function that enables you to engage their company representatives to answer all your queries related to lawn care. Apart from the chat feature, they developed a mobile app, and you are guaranteed a healthy lawn.

Through the provision of Healthy Lawn Guarantee, they can do their best to ensure they do their jobs and responsibilities with utmost faith and perfectly. With correct lime modification and proper aeration, they can preserve your soil’s health. You can get a quote for your services online, otherwise, you can contact TruGreen offices close to you.

Why Choose TruGreen?

There are more than one million reasons why you should prefer TruGreen to manage your lawn care needs. They educate their customers on the best mowing and watering mechanisms and how to apply new garden technologies. In addition, they also conduct relevant education in the industry for its experts.

Their experts must go through an intensive training course that lasts for about 10 days. During the training, various topics are handled, such as Lawn safety and agronomics. Thus they provide a customized lawn care program for your garden after considering various aspects such as climatic condition, type of rainfall, and your location.

Other reasons you need to consult this company include:

  • An active member of NALP
  • Comprehensive customer care programs
  • Five stars rated company
  • You are guaranteed satisfaction
  • It has a compatible mobile app for either android or iPhone 

Therefore, you can call their pre-paid line +18446218057 for a real-time chat if you want to contact them.

6. Bartlett Tree Experts

lawn care service companies
Bartlett Tree Experts

Trees and grass are precious assets that deserve your attention and care. Therefore, if you have had problems with trees on your turf, then look no further because Bartlett Tree Experts is the best choice for you. It was established in 1907 as a reliable and convenient company.

They offer services to commercial and residential customers to maintain and care for your lawn and enhance the health of your trees from over 120 offices globally. They are government contractors; therefore, they offer competitive subscriptions. They have been providing these services for more than 110 years.

Bartlett Tree Experts offers unmatched expertise and advanced service in the green industry. They have highly experienced arborists and incredible scientific research facilities. Did you know that the company is under third-generation management? 

Their headquarters are in Stamford, and they also provide services in the United States. They have over 100 locations in almost 26 states in the US, Ireland, Britain, and Canada. They are committed to treating your trees and nurturing them into perfect health conditions.

This enables them to accomplish a balance between science, nature, and environmental obligation. In addition, they have a broad customer base that includes property owners and commercial consumers such as offices, parks, golf arenas, and cooperate complexes.

They have over 1600 employees comprising of highly skilled arborists. They understand the needs of your tree and grass life. In addition, they have Bartlett Tree Research Laboratories based in Charlotte in North Carolina. This is where they make innovations that can benefit you, their customer, and the green industry.

They also have scientists with tremendous experience in physiology, plant pathology, who offer their expertise in treatment and diagnosis of the trees and plants in your yard. Bartlett Tree Experts use advanced technology such as portable computers to store your landscape and lawn data and original root care plan that influences unique air tools. 

They have a concrete plan to reduce the amount of carbon in your surrounding environment using natural services. And sustainable lawn care practices such as using bio-diesel fuel in most of their vehicles and garden equipment.

They also provide tree care services with proper implementation. They provide their customers with various tree and turf care services such as soil management and analysis, fertilization, pest and disease management, pruning, weed control, stump removal, tree lightning protection system, and bracing and cabling.

Bartlett Tree Experts strives to develop programs that can meet all your needs regarding turf care especially managing the trees. Their devotion to customer service is top-notch. This is achieved by creating an account with them to get all their services through the company website.

Why Chose Bartlett Tree Experts?

Their services are readily accessible in about 27 states in the US. In addition, although they are not widespread like their competitors in the industry, they have offices in Great Britain, Ireland, and Canada.

Therefore, they make turf care services available for both commercial and residential customers. They have a good working relationship with their customers and the surrounding community. Their experts are experienced in what they do and can maintain throughout the year.

A perfectly maintained lawn has a lot of benefits to your family, kids, and pets. It adds value to your home, but it can be time-consuming. So you can seek the assistance of Bartlett Tree Experts to do the job for you and give you time to attend to other errands.

7. Lawn Doctor

lawn care service companies
Lawn Doctor

Lawn Doctor was founded in Matawan, New Jersey, in the early 1960s. Its main objective was to provide necessary help to the locals in caring for their garden. The company expanded quickly and developed more than other branches, over 42 of them across the US.

It also started to offer its consumer’s turf care services such as fertilization. Besides, they provide other solutions that enable you to deal with weeds, mosquitoes, and crabgrass control. Currently, they are operating in over 455 locations.

You should understand that quality lawn care enables you to have a beautiful yard and stay evergreen. Caring for your turf is a long-term investment, and Lawn Doctor understands that quite well. It requires regular check-ups, and it can cost you less money if you give them the job of attending and maintaining it.

Their regular maintenance services cost less than you can imagine. And you can feel better if Lawn Doctor keeps your yard healthy and well-groomed. In addition, they are the best company to check on your landscape and turf to ensure your investment is worthwhile.

Their yard caring services can save you the time you need to maintain your turf yourself, thus enhancing the quality of trees and grass in your garden. In addition, their certified professionals developed a comprehensive plan that ensures your turf has a new environment. 

Besides caring for your yard, Lawn Doctor can also provide necessary maintenance for your trees. First, their experts conduct a preliminary assessment of your outdoor environment; thus, they can help you subscribe to their comprehensive customer plan. After, they visit you after every two months for continuous care and maintenance.

Lawn Doctor has a detailed maintenance plan that focuses on fertilization, control of broadleaf and pre-emergent weeds, and crabgrass and pest control. Their effective services help eradicate dandelions, prevent crabgrass from sprouting, and keep your grass always green.

They review your situation and develop a practical approach based on location, climate, and rainfall rate. Lawn Doctor can enrich your soil, too, after testing the pH level. Remember that healthy soil helps to keep your grass healthy and green.

They also provide a custom lawn care program. You can choose your preferred plan on a la carte service basis. But, Lawn Doctor recommends you subscribe to their lawn maintainer care to prevent you from experiencing bad turf management from other companies.

They give your turf a fantastic experience that stands out to be different from the others. In addition, they provide customizable lawn maintenance, which suits the needs of your lawn. Moreover, Lawn Doctor uses the Turf Tamer garden tool to apply fertilizer, covering the whole turf perfectly. 

The company has incredible solutions to most landscape challenges; thus, they ensure your yard is free from weeds and pests. That being said, they also enable it to stay healthy all year round. Some of the lawn service plans include core aeration, balancing the pH level, seeding, soil enhancement, and weed /pest control.

Lawn Doctor also gives you tips to maintain and keep your turf healthy. Their experienced and reliable experts accumulated the necessary resources that can help you with watering and mowing it. Let them educate you on how you can care for your yard, including trees. 

Most of their locations provide these tips to enable you to increase your lifespan. Therefore, seek assistance from your local Lawn Doctor expert to give you the best recommendations and also assist you in making a plan.

Why Choose Lawn Doctor?

They are always committed to providing you with the best services. Their satisfaction guarantee is to provide the best and quality services to their esteemed customers always. They take full responsibility for caring for lit like one of their own.

Their objective is quite simple, and if you are not satisfied, they strive to make it right for you. In addition, they:

  • It is highly rated, unlike other firms
  • Comprehensive customer care programs

8. Chapel Valley Landscape Company

lawn care service companies
Chapel Valley Landscape Company

Chapel Valley Landscape Company is a family-owned business and serves both residential and commercial consumers in America’s South-eastern and Mid-Atlantic regions. It was established in 1968 by the director Landon Reeve IV. They provide lawn maintenance and installation services in Washington, DC, Maryland, and Virginia.

The company has developed unique and incredible landscapes that are its trademark. They are devoted to creativeness, premium quality, and the best services. Most commercial managers, homeowners, and builders depend on this firm. 

Chapel Valley always gives the proper turf budgeting, analysis of long-term maintenance, and advanced examination of your lawn. Their philosophy is to build and develop quality and beautiful landscapes for their customers, guaranteeing great satisfaction.

This company understands the significance of quality, convenience, and reliable service to its customers because one account manager attends to all your needs with just a call. In addition, the account manager can access all information about you, such as personal details. 

Besides, they know your turf care challenges you face and offer the best solutions to your problems regarding your lawn. Therefore, as a family-owned firm, they know the value of quality and personal service; thus, they can provide it anytime you need it.

They have a comprehensive commercial landscape management plan, just for you. Their team of professional landscape specialists creates a customized management plan ideal for improving your yard’s natural set-up or environment. The account manager is the point of contact between you and the company.

They understand your yard very well; thus, they can help you solve your landscaping maintenance needs if you choose Chapel Valley Landscape Company to provide you with turf care services. In addition, they have the best aesthetical plan to meet your landscaping goals. 

Some of their commercial customer management plans comprise pest control and plant care. This is a way to enhance the health of your grass by eliminating harmful pests and preserving beneficial insects to give you a healthy and exciting landscape.

Their lawn care plan ensures that your property is attractive and appealing throughout the year. Services include watering your yard, fertilization, aeration, mowing, over-seeding and pests, and weed control. In addition, maintaining your tree and shrubs is part of their commercial program. Thus your ornamental plants can stay healthy and delightful.

Chapel Valley also develops a unique lawn design to give you an incredible feeling. These improvements are quite cheap, so your turf can have a beautiful appearance and a good impression if you budget for them. In addition, they offer annual turf rotations with unique landscaping through enhanced creativity, branding, and curb appeals.

They also have commercial water management designed by their landscape experts. They create a watering system to reduce stress for the grass, enhance chemical performance, and renovate your lawn.

When creating your custom plan, their account managers consider all the elements such as weather patterns and climate. This program also comprises lawn management and is strictly monitored. In addition, chapel Valley is expert in servicing your turf, both commercial and residential.

Their professionalism and artistry displayed during service provision are top-notch. Their experts do what it takes to ensure the job is done. You can enjoy an excellent and professional relationship with them because of their consistency.

Why chose Chapel Valley Landscape Company?

They make landscaping services readily available and reliable. They are located in different locations across the United States. Therefore;

  • They are available in all major cities nationwide
  • Certified professionals
  • The company is highly rated
  • Provide immediate lawn care solutions
  • Create incredible designs

You can contact them or visit one of their locations to get the necessary assistance regarding your landscape. You can subscribe to their programs too and get the latest updates on current trends. So keep your turf evergreen with Chapel Valley.

9. Spring-Green Lawn Care

lawn care service companies
Spring-Green Lawn Care

Spring-Green was founded in 1977 in Naperville, Illinois, and they have been in business since then. It is a neighborhood-based service firm and also provides tree care and pest control. Their services are found in over 15,000 neighborhoods across the nation.

They recognize the significance of doing things the way you want them to be. They also know that you value the shrubs and trees in your yard. Thus if they provide you their services, it adds about 20% significance to your home.

Most of their residential and commercial customers understand the value of a perfectly maintained green garden. Their services have been affecting people’s lives positively either in homes, playing arenas, and work. In addition, they advertise properties that they care for, which is very incredible.

You don’t have to work, because Spring-Green has got your back and is highly convenient. Moreover, given that they operate locally and provide substantial services to commercial and residential customers, they can provide excellent value. 

Besides, they also have a personalized turf care plan and a pest control program that fits your budget and requirements. It considers various aspects to develop a working partnership with you in caring for and maintaining your turf and landscape.

Spring-Green has high operational standards, and they take the neighborhood and environmental responsibilities very seriously. They are committed to embrace and uphold sustainable practices to create attractive and beneficial lawns.

Moreover, they hold themselves in advanced standards, and they very proud to contribute to the environment and the surrounding community. But this contribution to the neighborhood begins with servicing your yard.

They create a beautiful look and view for your turf. They also do this through practical and environmentally-friendly solutions and are up to your expectations as their esteemed customers. You get quick, considerate attention with a lot of respect when providing pest control and lawn care services.

Spring-Green gives you the value for your money, thus making them the best landscaping and turf care company and pest control. They ensure that your investment in a beautiful and healthy landscape gives you the maximum affordable outcome. 

Their green approach practices have been enhancing most neighborhood yards in the US. Their professionals are devoted to giving you quality service. In addition, Spring-Green should preserve your surrounding natural environment. 

They are an active member of the National Association of Landscape Professionals (NALP). In addition, they have been leading the industry by promoting relevant education on lawn care and certification programs. Spring-Green supports project evergreen, and its mission and vision are to create environmental awareness and lifestyle benefits for your yard.

The company promotes your significance of improving and preserving the green nature of your home. To do that, Spring-Green is collaborating with various foundations such as Arbor Day Foundation to grow trees in your name. They strive for a better and natural environment.

Apart from providing turf care services, they are also devoted to making pesticide reduction a top plan. They have an enhanced liquid application device such as a multi-trigger spray gun and a double-line hose. These tools enable their experts to apply fertilizer to your turf and eliminate unwanted weeds.

Spring-Green uses both organic and natural fertilizers to nourish the soil, thus developing a sustainable environment. The organic application in the soil accelerates microbial activities to improve the growth of your grass. In addition, they use these products to strengthen the root system of plants in your yard, thus reducing their vulnerability to harmful diseases.

Why Choose Spring-Green?

This company has been improving lawns for over 45 years. They treat your yard as their own, and you are guaranteed satisfaction after the job is completed. Otherwise, inform them right away, and they will make it right for you. So why Spring-Green?

  • They provide a service of great value and convenience
  • Satisfaction guaranteed
  • They have experienced lawn care experts you can rely on
  • They respect your investment, so trust them with that

10. Davey Tree Company

Davey Tree Company
Davey Tree Company

Davey Tree Company was established in 1880. It is an employee-owned firm that provides lawn care, utility, environmental consulting, and tree care services throughout Canada and United States. This is the largest commercial and residential tree and lawn care company in North America. 

It was the first tree care company in the US. John Davey, the founder of the company, was known to be an environmental enthusiast. Moreover, he was the father of arboriculture and the science of tree operation.

Davey Tree Company has headquarters in Kent in Ohio, and it was incorporated in 1909. The primary services of this firm include tree trimming, caring for commercial grounds, consultations, and utility provisions. 

It is organized into two sections, utility as well as commercial and residential. It offers tree services to various homeowners, public utilities, large and small businesses, and several other agencies. 

This is an employee-owned company since 1979 and is one of the largest in the US and the largest in Ohio. And it has built and maintained this culture for many decades. For over forty years, the Davey Tree company has achieved numerous significant milestones.

This company approaches your lawn care holistically. Moreover, you get a high level of expertise from their professionals. They have vast landscape and turf care services, including restoring and renovating your lawn, proper aeration, disease, pest control, fertilization, and over-seeding.

They ensure you have an attractive and thriving lawn by offering various services. The first one is over-seeding and lawn aeration that lets your lawn be healthy. These services refresh and heal your turf against foot traffics and extreme drought. Core aeration enhances water and air penetration into the soil, thus increasing root growth and healthy lawn.

Turf fertilization services transform it into a healthy and lively yard. Davey Tree company experts can customize your fertilizer program by your local growing conditions and turf characteristics, such as grass and soil quality. In addition, they have extensive experience caring for various types of grass depending on your region.

This ensures that your garden all the nutrients it requires to flourish. Apart from fertilizer application, they also conduct routine monitoring and analysis. This enables them to foresee if tweaks are wanted to improve their fertilization plan’s efficiency.

Remember that the best fertilization feeding is vital to the beauty and health of your lawn. So, don’t waste your precious time in trial and error services while Davey Tree Company has got your back covered.

You should control grubs before they destroy your turf. But this requires practical and constant check-up of your lawn and soil. Therefore, their local experts are always ready and available to inspect them to identify potential signs of pest and grub infestation.

They develop a customized plan to exterminate all the pests and grubs. They also conduct routine monitoring to ensure there is no further infestation. Therefore, these services from Davey Tree Company make your grass evergreen and thick.

Proper tree and turf care is an investment that gives you significant returns. Perfectly maintained trees and lawns are beautiful and add immense value to your home. Therefore, certified arborists and experts from Davey Tree firm tend to develop a good relationship with you. This enables them to determine your unique needs, priorities, and lawn goals.

Their arborists examine your lawn, and you ask them all the disturbing questions you might be having. They pride themselves on building a long-lasting relationship with you. In addition, their competent experts will always give you proper recommendations to ensure your landscape and lawn thrive.

They have a well-designed website where you can get all their services. You can leave a comment concerning their service provision. You can contact them through the following line 800-445-8733, or you can fill the consultation form.

11. SavATree


SavATree provides both commercial and residential lawn care services. They are also a division of SaveATree company. Thus, they provide similar services to their esteemed consumers. They can help you develop a turf that is free from diseases and harmful weeds.

Scientific inventions lead SavATree, and they apply treatments that are proven scientifically and green industry practices to care and maintain your property. You know the accurate diagnosis of your turf is through effective treatment and long-lasting health. 

Your soil condition is directly correlated to the health of your grass. That’s why the lawn care plan of SavATree begins by analyzing your soil sample in their laboratory. They check for pH level, amount of organic matter, the content of the nutrient, and several other traits.

You understand that it’s critical to fertilize your lawn to keep it healthy. That’s why all their programs are well-timed and steady application of nutrients tailored to your priorities. However, it takes an outstanding commitment to have a healthy and prosperous turf.

Some lawn care companies might not give you the necessary attention to caring for your landscape. This is because they foster the quick and outdated application of fertilizer. Thus the old problems can return and damage your grass.

Their certified arborists walk with you on your property to examine the condition of your turf and discuss your needs with them. They will also inform you of the best fertilizer regimen to feed your turf. Feeding your grass with enough nutrients helps you promote the perfect environment for your soil.

Thus your turf becomes healthy and stays that way for a long time. SavATree provides numerous lawn care programs. Through their organic care, they can help you naturally cultivate your lush.

They use landscape ingredients reviewed by the Organic Material Review Institute (OMRI). In addition, their integrated lawn care program combines weed management treatments, controlling the surface insects, and fertilizing services.

SavATree all –nutrient plan focuses mainly on your lawn’s nutrition, which can boost your turf’s health instead of overhauling it. In addition, their hybrid program enables you to balance your urge for an attractive and beautiful turf with your pledge to using safe organic products.

This company uses both organic and natural fertilizers to improve soil quality. They treat the weeds in your turf with conservative synthetic materials. Their arborists may suggest supplemental applications you need to solve pests and diseases, other turf problems.

Why Choose SavATree?

  • They give you desired results: This is the best lawn care company if you want to make your property look great and healthy.
  • They deliver customized turf care: When SavATree promises you customized service. Unlike other companies that offer fake treatments, their arborists take time to determine the best treatment for your turf. They apply techniques and applications specific to your soil and grass condition and other relevant elements that positively affect the health of your lawn.
  • Satisfaction guarantee: If their services are not up to your expectations, they strive to make it right. You might wish to unsubscribe from their services, but with positive reviews from over 36000 happy customers, you can be encouraged to seek their quality services.
  • They practice natural, sensible care and maintenance approaches: They examine all the products used on your lawn to ensure it is safe and effective. Their professionals use SavATree custom-designed trucks with a correct treatment approach that delivers the desired solutions.
  • Quick response: you might like their services due to their quick chat response within 24 working hours. And they have a comprehensive chat website to attend to all your queries regarding lawn care.

Their approach is conversant and convenient. Therefore, if SavATree is the company for you if you like to pay attention to organic products and fertilizer used. Professional turf care services can help you accomplish thick, evergreen, and healthy turf with unique colors. Therefore, their experts are always ready to assist whenever you have a lawn problem.

12. Scott Byron & Company

Scott Byron Company
Scott Byron Company

Scott Byron and Company was formed in 18983. Their services are tailored towards building and architectural design as well as maintenance. In addition, the company operates on a mission to harmonize art with nature.

The company boasts over 280 passionate and experienced professionals with relevant knowledge in arboriculture, architectural landscaping, and horticulture. Their work begins when your goal is in line with maintaining, designing and building your property’s outdoor environment.

All three aspects are essential to the company, and they deliver all of them with the same level of quality service to your property. Their work will thrive if they commit and solve your lawn care needs.

They provide commercial and residential services in various parts of the United States, such as Michigan, Wisconsin, and Illinois. They take pride in designing different residential premises from estates to urban rooftops.

They transform the design of your dreams into plans and later a reality by using artistry skills. They have been in this business for over forty years, and they have learned that they are inspired when they work with you. To create a lawn design that reflects your goals and lifestyle.

They develop landscape designs that always succeed. They achieve this by studying your garden rigorously and taking their time to learn about your environment around your property before they commence the creative process.

They understand the slopes, how it is exposed to the sun, and the rain and drainage system. They also observe traffic, pet, and wind patterns. Thus they ensure your vision is realistic, beautiful, and long-lasting.

Scott Byron and Company are different from other counterparts in the green industry because of the work they do to beautify your outdoor environment. Apart from their skills and creativity, another important aspect is good customer relationship and service.

This company provides both installation creative design and lawn maintenance, and they are accountable for everything they do. They create art in harmony with your outdoor environment and transform your reality and dreams into actual vision because you are their inspiration.

They design your turf with elegance and ease that interprets your vision, thus creating a long-lasting solution. They are experienced in the maintenance of your trees, grass, and anything green naturally. They are maintaining your turf to improve it.

Their maintenance department provides effective services that are very different from their competitors. They provide services to various residential and commercial entities. In addition, they can design and install a garnished perennial border for your landscape. 

Everything done by Scott Byron and Company exemplifies customer service, such as mowing your lawn or when designing and propagating trees. Another critical factor that drives their service provision is how you feel about your experience.

They provide a wide range of services to their customers and are an integrated landscape design and property enhancement company throughout Chicago and several other states in the U.S. The active members of the National Association of Landscape Professionals (NALP).

They have won numerous lawn care awards from NALP, the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA), and the Illinois Landscape Contractors Association (ILCA). They enhance your outdoor environment and home by offering the following services:

  • Site management
  • Lawn care programs
  • Property enhancement
  • Lighting and lawn irrigation
  • Landscape design and architecture.

13. Senske Services

Senske Services
Senske Services

Senske was established under strong, family-based values in 1947, and it has been operating with the same ethical value since then. They are guided by various values such as ethics; thus, they treat their customers how they want to be treated. 

You are treated with respect because you are their most valued customer, and they respect your lawn expectations and visions. Caring for and maintaining your landscape is part of their responsibility, and they make it enjoyable and fun while working for you.

Safety is also their top priority for their consumers and employees. Besides, they offer training for their staff; thus, you are guaranteed to get the best lawn care, tree and weed control. Senske can provide you high-quality services, and that’s why most customers rate them with high esteem.

You can depend on them to care for your turf because they are driven by these values established in 1947. These values are the force behind their quality care and services. Therefore, their work is not complete until you are satisfied and happy.

Senske has been providing lawn care services for quite a long time to both residential and commercial communities. Choose them for all-time care and get assistance with soil aeration during winter and spring. In addition, you receive help with sprinkler installation.

They administer highly reliable and all-year-round turf maintenance for your property. Senske turf care services resemble their commitment to high quality in all areas of care and maintenance. Their services are readily available in all their locations and any time of the year.

They guarantee you satisfaction in all their service providers, such as pest and weed control, soil aeration, sprinkler replacement, and winterization. For example, aeration to keep your turf healthy by eradicating small cores of soil and unwanted grass. Thus the roots can get sufficient air and be well-moisturized.

They also provide fertilization services to control fungus, weeds, and bugs. The health of your turf is determined by the number of nutrients it has. These species (fungus and bugs) contribute to the exhaustion of nutrients in your yard.

Are you affected by the constant removal of weeds, and you are wondering why they never go away quite quickly? The best way to eliminate weeds from your yard is to seek assistance from the best lawn care company. That is where Senske services are specialized.

Therefore, if you are affected by weeds, request free eradication services from Senske. Their experts can transform your yard into weed-free. Don’t handle weed control yourself; let them help you.

Sometimes it is quite hard to remove bugs from your yard. But if you get professional bug management, then it becomes effortless. Their experts are certified and trained to exterminate bugs and prevent them from infesting your lawn. 

Most homeowners always think that they need to wash away the bugs using water. Don’t increase your water bill. Instead, let Senske take care of that job for you and relax. They provide other valuable services such as over-seeding services and replacing your sprinkler.

Why Choose Senske Services?

  • Provides affordable lawn care for safe and beautiful turf: They ensure your lawn is a safe place for your pets and kids. Their services are relatively affordable, ranging from $45 to $50. And they ensure that you get turf maintenance tailored to your needs.
  • They care about your lawn: They are the only company with your yard at heart because they have been in this business for over forty years. Their services bring a natural feel to your home. Sometimes, they always give discounts to their clients as a surprise gift.
  • The promise of Senske: You are guaranteed total satisfaction if you allow them to care for and maintain your turf. If you are not satisfied with the work done, their experts can redo the job at free cost. That’s their promise to all their customers.

If you want to have a beautiful and attractive lawn, you can give them a call right now at (877) 944-4007. You can also ask for an online estimate to learn more about their customized lawn care plans. You will be surprised by how affordable they are.

14. Maldonado Nursery and Landscaping

Maldonado Nursery and Landscaping
Maldonado Nursery and Landscaping

Maldonado Nursery and Landscaping company is one of the largest lawn care and landscaping companies in Texas. It was founded in 1987 by Rogelio Maldonado and his three sons, Oscar, Jerry, and Roy, in San Antonio. They are the largest family-owned turf, irrigation, and landscaping company.

Their mission is to provide premium quality services to their customers and safe products without compromising their work ethics. Besides, they also strive to give their employees opportunities to explore their potential.

Maldonado offers their services to residential and commercial properties for lawn designs and maintenance, garden equipment, and irrigation. Their services are available in various locations, such as San Antonio, where their main office is situated. Other areas include Corpus Christi, Austin, Rio Grande Valley, and Houston.

Making your lawn beautiful and attractive is a very important factor, but it’s not simple to maintain an appealing nature. However, they have been offering maintenance services for over 30 years, thus giving their customers outstanding results.

They have comprehensive management programs tailored to your landscape and lawn needs. Therefore, before developing a plan that fits your needs, they consider various fundamental factors such as water management, tree and turf types, and nutrient requirements.

Maldonado maintenance programs are monthly, weekly, or yearly and are scheduled in advance to enable you to know when to get your services as landscape and tur management providers to develop a good working relationship with their customers. 

In addition, they want to uphold proactive and reliable communication. Maldonado is proud of the work they do and the services they provide to their customers. Therefore, their maintenance teams are incredibly dedicated to maintaining and caring for your lawn.

Maldonado is a retail garden company and offers services such as general landscaping services. When they offer to develop your landscape design, they always focus on giving you a sustainable outcome and stunning ultimate product. 

Their creative landscaping design team has relevant experience for over 30 years in the irrigation and landscaping field. They provide lawn installations and renovations. Their experts start by browsing the internet for different plants and grass that can fit your turf.

Apart from that, the Maldonado Nursery team of experts considers all your needs regarding soil conditions, pest and weed control, and watering requirements of your turf. They also educate you on various topics about lawn care and maintenance. This enables you to make informed decisions on the best designs for your landscape.

Did you know that your landscaping quality designs start from Maldonado Nursery and Landscape company? They have a nursery where they care about your turf sustainability. Thus they have a strict process for planting and renovating your turf.

Besides creating lawn designs, maintenance, and nursery management, they also offer irrigation services to you as their esteemed customer. Proper irrigation is significant to s sustainable turf designs. And, they have an effective irrigation program, and they put careful thought into designing a premium irrigation system.

Maldonado uses high-quality piping in their irrigation system, and they believe in their products. This is because they are safe to apply and use. They provide their customers lifetime support through their comprehensive programs and system. They are always there to serve you.

Maldonado Nursery and Landscaping Company is devoted to offering premium quality landscape and turf care services to their customers at economical prices. It is this commitment to their customers that makes them an excellent company. Check their website for all their programs and services.

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