11 Shrubs for Colorado To Brighten Your Yard

Colorado has various temperatures and climates that change based on the seasons. Sometimes, you think it is hard to choose the shrubs for Colorado in order to brighten your yard due to seasonal change and how to care for the shrubs.

But, choosing shrubs, whether it is evergreen or colored shrubs, will be easy after reading this.

Excited to know more about shrubs for Colorado? Let’s choose shrubs that suit your preference and theme of your yard! It will give a new accent and privacy screen for your house as well.

1. Purple Smoke Bushes

Adding a layer and privacy screen in the front yard with Purple Smoke Bushes, it is such an excellent idea. This shrub for Colorado has stunning purple flowers. If you want to make it in a small amount, you can start planting it using a pot first.

shrubs for colorado
Purple Smoke Bushes

Part shade to full sun will make the smoke bushes happy to grow. Also, this one is drought tolerant, so the flowers will bloom during summer. Then, when the fall comes, the foliage will turn into a stunning view.

Purple Smoke Bushes
Purple Smoke Bushes Flowers

2. Emerald Gaiety

Drought conditions and air pollution are not a big deal for Emerald Gaiety. This shrub is a tough one and can be grown as a shrub, a spreading ground cover, or a climbing vine. Isn’t it as versatile as the plant?

shrubs for colorado
Emerald Gaiety Leaves

Emerald Gaiety loves part sun and part shade conditions. Well-drained soil is a medium it will love too because it hates wet soil. If this is the first time you plant Emerald Gaiety, you need to give plenty of water for this plant to establish. Once they are mature enough, watering every few weeks or looking for a brief rain to let it wet will be enough.

3. Japanese Skimmia

This shrub is native to Japan yet still the best one as the shrubs for Colorado. This Japanese Skimmia has clusters of fragrant flowers during summer and bright red berries during fall and winter. So, your front yard will be more mesmerized after growing this one.

shrubs for colorado
Japanese Skimmia Flowers

Yet, you have to be patient seeing it grow since it is a slow growing shrub. Place this shrub for all year long beauty in the shady area. Part or full shade locations will be the ideal one for this plant. Never put it under the full sun directly because it can bleach and burn the foliage. Moist, well-drained and fertile soil will make Japanese Skimmia happy to grow!

Japanese Skimmia
Japanese Skimmia

4. Juniperus Squamata ‘Blue Star’

A small mounding dwarf of Juniper varieties is one of most favorite shrubs for Colorado. It has a stunning blue color and attractive foliage. The color makes it different from other shrubs.

Although this plant is hardy, some protection and regular watering once per month are still needed. Also, never forget to prune this Blue Star since it will grow in irregular shape while it gets old.

shrubs for colorado
Juniperus Squamata ‘Blue Star’

5. Saltbush

Saltbush is one of the versatile and hardy shrubs for Colorado. It can handle excessive rain and drought conditions where it is planted. Therefore, it is ideal for Colorado since there are various climates and temperatures in this state.

shrubs for colorado

This shrub will grow in an irregular shape, hence, you can prune it based on your desired landscape to beautify your yard. Although the shape is quite indescribable, this shrub is an important native on rangelands in the western United States. It has become an important one due to many birds and mammals looking for Saltbush as a food source and shelter plant.

Saltbush Leaves
Saltbush Leaves

6. Butterfly bush

If you want your yard to be visited by butterflies and birds, then try to grow a Butterfly bush. Although it is not native to the US, it can grow well in Colorado. This shrub is a fast growing one and can spread around the area where it is planted when you just let them grow. Therefore, you have to regularly prune this plant to keep it in shape and beautiful as the shrub for Colorado in your house.

shrubs for colorado
Butterfly Bush

Furthermore, you cannot let the Butterfly bush get dry because it cannot thrive if the water is less than one inch per week. So regularly watering it during summer will be a great idea to help them grow. The blue and purple flowers will invite butterflies and birds to come once the flowers bloom.

7. Spirea

Beautiful white flower clusters can be your option to choose this shrub for Colorado. There are two famous varieties of Spirea that you can own for your yard. One with white flowers and another one with blue flowers. Spirea can grow up to eight feet tall and six feet wide depending on the varieties you have.

shrubs for colorado
Blossom Of Spirea White Flowers

During the first time you plant this, make sure you keep them watered. Although once Spirea develops, this plant can handle drought-like conditions very well. Therefore, it is suitable for Colorado shrubs with various weather within a year.

Spirea Plant
Spirea Plant

8. Manhattan Euonymus

Looking for all about green shrubs for Colorado? Manhattan Euonymus can be your evergreen shrub in your yard. During summer, this shrub will produce small flowers and tiny fruits also appear when fall season comes.

shrubs for colorado
Manhattan Euonymus

Full sun areas will let the Manhattan Euonymus grow well and create an attractive landscape for your yard. Don’t forget to regularly water it especially during the dry season. Also, you can prune it to keep this shrub in shape and amazing to look at.

9. St. John’s Wort

Small yellow flowers of St. John’s Wort are suitable for you who are looking for shrubs in Colorado that not only provide the green foliage. The yellow flowers will bloom in summer. So, it will freshen and brighten your summer through the green shrubs.

shrubs for colorado
St. John’s Wort

St. John’s Wort doesn’t like soggy soil, yet you have to pay more attention when the soil is getting dry due to summer heat strikes. Usually, you plant this shrub in Colorado in order to add privacy in your front yard, hence you have to prune it regularly to keep it in shape. Only doing it once per year will be enough.

St. John's Wort Flowers
St. John’s Wort Flowers

10. Ninebark

Whether to plant it directly to the ground or using bed containers, Ninebark can be your choice as a shrub for Colorado. This perennial shrub will bloom its white and pink flowers in clusters. If your yard is a spot around the full sunlight, this is the ideal spot to plant Ninebark.

shrubs for colorado

This one is pretty easy to adapt since it is drought tolerant and can even handle the flood around the area. Also, if you already have Spirea around your yard, Ninebark will go along with Spirea.

shrubs for colorado
Close-up Of White Flowers Ninebark

11. Weigela

Beautiful with vibrant flowers, colors makes Weigela become the favorite shrub to be planted for Colorado. This plant has bright pink flowers that will emerge during summer to give different summer vibes around your house.

shrubs for colorado
Weigela Flowers

The Wine and Roses Weigela likes moist environments, so it is a terrific choice to plant this shrub for covering lawn sprinklers. This is good news for you if your yard is in a full sunlight area because this shrub grows best under the full sun spot.

Purple Weigela Bush
Purple Weigela Bush

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is the easiest shrub to grow in Colorado?

Spirea is the easiest shrub to grow in Colorado. Through rainfall or drought conditions, this plant can go well. The flower clusters are also beautiful once they bloom. So, you don’t face any difficulties while planting this shrub in your yard. 

What’s the difference between a bush and a shrub?

A bush is usually shorter than a shrub, but a shrub is not as tall as the tree. Shrubs have thicker foliage than bushes too. You can prune and groom to keep the shrub in shape and turn your yard into a fresh view to look at every day. 

Do shrubs come back every year?

Shrubs are divided into two types, deciduous and evergreen. For deciduous types, the shrubs will go dormant and lose the foliage in winter. While evergreen, the shrubs are cold hardy and retain their leaves during winter. So, if you want shrubs that can grow all year long, you can choose evergreen shrubs

How do you plant shrubs for Colorado?

You can plant inside the well-drained soil. Some shrubs can go well under the full sunlight, while the others prefer part sun or part shade. Place them based on the lighting and soil preference, so the shrubs can go well and look beautiful. 

When can I plant shrubs in Colorado?

You can wait until the spring comes, so you can plant bare-rooted shrubs in Colorado. Late winter can be your first trial to grow shrubs too since the frost has finished. Make sure you give the shrubs enough water once they are established. 

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