10 Herbs To Grow In Texas For All Purpose Seasoning

Having your own garden in the backyard or front yard will be lovely. You can decide to plant the plants based on your preferences and needs. Whether planting flowers, vegetables, succulents or even herbs, you can do it all. Yes, herbs, there are various herbs to grow in Texas for all purpose seasoning. 

When you are still confused about the herbs to grow in your backyard, why don’t you take a look at our suggestions. Because all of them are easy to grow and require minimum experience to plant them. 

When Should I Plant Herbs In Texas?

For the cool season herb, you can start planting in Fall. So that the herbs will be protected from the sun heat and can grow well. For instance, you can grow dill and oregano when fall comes until the mild winter.

Then when the last frost has finished and the spring breeze can be felt, you can plant basil, mint, and many more.

herbs to grow in texas
Plant Herbs In Texas

Easy Herbs To Grow In Texas

Below are the easiest herbs to grow in Texas. No need to have a spacious garden, because some of them just need plant containers and even placing it indoors.  

herbs to grow in texas
Easy Herbs To Grow In Texas

1. Lemongrass

A tropical herb that has a strong citrus flavor and delicious smell can be planted easily in your yard in Texas. The herbs to grow in Texas like lemongrass will freshen your meals since its delicate flavor is favorite for most people.

For instance, you can add this herb to tea, sauce, soup, and sauteed meals.

herbs to grow in texas

Moreover, this plant is famous for mosquito repellent as well. So it is pretty versatile if you can have this one in your Texas garden. Prepare for a hot spot, full sun area plus fertile and well-drained soil. You can plant lemongrass with space 24 inches apart to let them grow well.

So spring and summer will be the best time to plant this. You can start harvesting them when the stalks reach 12 inches tall and the width is a half-inch.

herbs to grow in texas
Lemongrass Plant

2. Basil

If you live in Texas and you want to grow basil, then it is the best idea since basil grows well in Texas. Because basil is a heat-tolerant plant (can thrive higher than 75° F) which is very suitable to be planted in Texas.

Also, if you are a beginner to planting herbs, basil is the best plant for your first trial.

herbs to grow in texas

So, your spring and summer seasons will be productive by growing this herb that you can use for cooking meals in fall and winter. Place the basil under the direct sun since in Texas sunlight is plenty, then move it to the shade spot at noon.

herbs to grow in texas
Basil Plant

3. Pineapple Sage

A fresh and fruity scent of this herb is something you can have in your garden. This herb is easy to grow in Texas, because this fast-growing shrub loves warm-zones, although you still can enjoy them in cooler areas when they are grown indoors.

You will need fertile soil and a well-drained one to plant pineapple sage, no worries about the soil type since it can adapt to a wide range of soils.

herbs to grow in texas
Pineapple Sage

Don’t forget to water pineapple sage several times a week because even if this one is drought tolerant, the foliage will wilt and curl up if there is a lack of water.

herbs to grow in texas
Planting Pineapple Sage

4. Thyme

Hardy herb and easy to grow in Texas is thyme. Thyme can thrive in temperatures below zero. But this plant likes full-sun spots as well. Don’t forget to prepare for good drainage if you want to plant them in your Texas garden.

You can plant them inside the bed containers or directly on the ground, then you can see the beautiful garden bed when thyme is already growing up.

During mid-spring thyme will bloom and produce thyme honey, that’s why the honey bees will come to the garden.

herbs to grow in texas
herbs to grow in texas
Thyme Plant

5. Mint

For the heat in Texas, if you plan to grow mint, you can place them in a shade spot. Well-drained and fertile soil will be their favorite. You have to keep the soil moist but still do not overwater this herb.

Mint is considered an invasive plant, so it is better for you to plant them inside the container if you want to plant another veggie or flower near the mint.

herbs to grow in texas

Also, this fast growing herb is what you need since no more buying for the seeds anymore. Although mint will die during winter, simply cut the dead part and let them grow again when the soil is warmer.

herbs to grow in texas
Mint Plant

6. Oregano

Another very drought tolerant herb is oregano. This herb is very versatile because you can season it in almost all the famous meals you often cook. Planting oregano can be done directly as the ground cover to let the herb grow well without intervention.

herbs to grow in texas

When you need them for a quick harvest, you can count on oregano because this plant is a fast growing one as long as the drainage is good. Place them under the full sun and a little shade.

So, two weeks after the last frost has finished, you can start seeding oregano outdoors and enjoy growing them until the fall.

herbs to grow in texas
Oregano Plant

7. Parsley

You can plant this herb when fall comes since parsley doesn’t tolerate high temperatures particularly for the temperature above 75° F. If you like to grow them directly as the ground cover, you can do it when the temperature is below 80° F.

For Central Texas, you can grow parsley in partial sun area because the morning sun is the favorite time for parsley and the afternoon shade is the ideal place for the to stay.

herbs to grow in texas

When the mild winter comes, parsley is hardy and can thrive in cold weather, but when the hard freeze comes to strike, it is better for you to cover the herb with fleece or row cover.

herbs to grow in texas
Parsley Plant

8. Rosemary

This herb is a favorite for people who love the flavorful and fresh scent naturally from rosemary. Planting rosemary will need well-drained, loamy and slightly acidic soil.

Also, place them under the full sun for at least 6 hours every day since rosemary will grow better in full sun.

herbs to grow in texas

In Texas gardens, you can start planting rosemary after no more frost for two weeks. You can squeeze and sprinkle the rosemary to your meals for a delicious taste. 

herbs to grow in texas
Rosemary Plant

9. Chives

You can have these chives right from your garden. Yes, it means you can grow chives in Texas. This herb will be happy if you place them under the full sun but it is better to have a shady area by noon.

Well-drained soil is what chives are looking for when you decide to plant them in the garden.

herbs to grow in texas

Moreover, this plant tolerates drought and freezes finely. So, you can plant them during spring until fall. And you can consume its flower too by adding it to the meals.

herbs to grow in texas
Chives Plant

10. Dill

When you think that you can plant dill because it is one of the cool season herbs, then you are wrong. Because you can plant this herb in your Texas garden. This plant can mingle easily with other herbs, flowers, or even veggies that you already planted first in the garden.

So, no need to worry if you still have space to plant dill between the veggie or other herbs.

herbs to grow in texas
herbs to grow in texas
Dill Plant

This plant is also an annual that loves well-drained soil that is rich in organic matter. This fast-growing herb needs 6 hours of sun and placed in a protected spot.

One thing to remember, you can cut the stalk of dill to harvest them, and kindly use it directly for cooking since the flavor of this herb does not stay too long once they are cut.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Which herbs should not be planted together?

Mint is one of the invasive herbs, so it is better for you to separate mint with other herbs or plants. For the easy way, you can plant mint inside the pots or any bed container, so it will focus on the mint only in that area.

Which herbs grow well together?

Dill can be the best companion. You can plant it together with other herbs or veggies. For instance with tomatoes. So you can harvest the veggie and herb together. 

What herbs don’t need direct sunlight?

For cool season herbs such as parsley. This plant needs full sun but not that much. Only a full morning sun. In Texas, mint also grows better under the shade. 

What herbs grow in summer in Texas?

You can plant chives, lemongrass and basil. They can grow best in summer in Texas. So you can start to plant it in early spring, then in summer, they can grow perfectly. 

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