Can Dogs Eat Guavas? Check Out How To Do It!

As dog parents, we understand that you always want the best thing for your pup. From the food, treats, and grooming, everything about furry friends should be prioritized beforehand. Giving the best food can be done by seeing the nutritional facts behind the packaging products, while giving the treats varies. 

Besides the packaged snacks and meals, you can try fresh treats, such as vegetables and fruits. Yep, you don’t get it wrong. Dogs can eat small portions of them as they are nutritious and offer health benefits. Some of the common healthy snacks you can give to the pooch are broccoli, bananas, and the tropical fruits, guavas. 

can dogs eat guavas
Guava Fruits

Before we jump to the next section, you must be wondering “can dogs eat guavas?” or “are they safe?” It is normal since guavas have numerous seeds that may be harmful for your doggies. Besides, your dogs may reject the snack as some of them taste sweet, while others are sour sometimes. 

Well, instead of overthinking, let’s find out  whether it is good or not to give guavas for pups. One thing to remember, we talk about ripe guava, not the unripe one, okay? Be patient in reading this article to the end, so that you won’t miss any important information for the sake of your lovely doggies!

Can Dogs Have Guava?

So, what is the answer to the question “can dogs have guava?” Well, it is a YES! Dogs can eat guava and are allowed to consume it in a small portion.

If you want to introduce something fresh, different, and still a healthy treat from the naturally-occurring sugars, then guava will be the best choice. Guava is easy to find in the traditional market, modern market, or at any fruit shop. 

Moreover, there are various guava cultivars you can choose for your doggies, such as red guava, green guava, Thai guava, pineapple guava, and apple guava. Most of them are from Asia. And the good news is, dogs can eat various types of guava! 

Suppose it is the first time for you to offer guavas for your pets. In that case, try to give in a small bite first, and see their behavior after consuming the fruit. If they seem okay and no signs of allergies occur, then you can go with a normal portion of the fruit for them. 

We recommend serving this fruit as a snack and not for a main course as it is loaded with sugars. High intake of sugars is not good for your pooch as it can raise the blood sugar level and may lead to diabetes if you keep giving them in a big portion.

Besides, the fruit lacks protein and fats, two macro-nutrients that are crucial as building blocks and energy source for them. So, a balanced diet is important and these fruits can be a small and fresh treat for your furry friend! 

Are Guavas Good For Dogs? – Health Benefits

Alright! Now, we know that you can safely offer guavas for your dogs. Moreover, these fruits offer valuable nutrients that will benefit your dogs, especially maintaining their health and well-being. What are the benefits of these nutrients? Let’s find out!

can dogs eat guavas
Guava Can Lead To Digestive Problems
  1. Loaded with beneficial vitamins. Guavas are indeed healthy for your furry friends since guava is rich in vitamin C, vitamin K, vitamin B, and vitamin A. Those combos will ensure their strong immune system, healthy vision, and maintain their cells health. You don’t need to give vitamin supplements anymore if they are available in the fruits. 
  2. Rich in antioxidant. Besides vitamins, they contain antioxidants that can tackle free radicals. In dogs, antioxidants will help reduce risks of chronic inflammation and slow down the aging of their cells. 
  3. Fibers. Guavas contain around 5 gram of fiber per 100 grams. Just like humans, fibers are important to keep their digestive tract healthy. They are also helpful in the excretion process, thus your doggies can easily poop without having constipation. But remember, don’t give too much as it may possess adverse effects.
  4. Minerals. Guavas have two essential minerals, which are magnesium and potassium. Both will maintain and strengthen your dogs’ bones and teeth. Make sure you fulfill these minerals intake especially if your pet loves to play!

What’s Bad About Guava?

Despite having health benefits for your dogs does not mean guavas are completely free of health risks. Like other fruits, guavas contain fibers, which work great for digestive systems in humans. Unfortunately, it is not the case for animals, including your pups. 

Your dog’s digestive system is sensitive to fibers and may need to adapt first after consuming this tropical fruit. Some dogs will do fine, but others can experience digestive issues, such as bloating, stomach upset, and diarrhea. Usually, these symptoms occur if you offer a bigger portion of guava than the recommendation. 

Furthermore, guavas are rich in carbs. These carbs will be further broken down to sugars when consumed by your doggies.

Therefore, portioning is crucial if you want to introduce guava as a new snack for them. Too much is never good, especially since it can raise their blood sugar, leading to diabetes in dogs. For this special case, never fall to their puppy eyes when they want more!

Considerations When Preparing Guava For Dogs

When you decide to give a small treat for your dogs, as a dog parent you have to consider when preparing guava for dogs. Since it is a special treat you have to understand that there is no bigger portion for dogs although they ask more for the fruit. Because it can lead to digestive issues such as cramping or diarrhea. 

In addition, guavas are loaded with sugars, which are actually great to boost your pet’s energy. But remember, the portion is a key! Do not offer the fruit more than as a snack. Excessive sugar can increase the risks of diabetes to your dogs, and this degenerative disease will lead to other serious health issues.

Considerations When Preparing Guava For Dogs
Considerations When Preparing Guava For Dogs

Moreover, never try to give the unripe guava to the pups.

If humans cannot handle the unripe fruit, then it is worse for the animals. Besides, the taste is not delicious, too sour and a bit bitter for your doggies. In addition, the texture is too hard, making them difficult to chew. It may also become a threat for smaller dogs. So, don’t you dare to give one!

Although the rind is safe for them, you better peel them off to prevent choking hazard as they are difficult to nibble. Also, don’t forget to remove the guava leaves and seeds since they are toxic for dogs.

If you are unsure about giving the fruit to your furry friend, you can offer a smaller bite-sized portion. Then, observe your dog’s behavior. Suppose you notice an unusual reaction (which may be an allergic reaction), you must consult the vet.

How To Safely Feed Guava To Dogs

Just like for humans, you must wash the guava before offering the fruit to your pet. You can wash it under running water to remove any dirt from the skin. Then, you can peel the rind or if you want to let your dogs consume the guava skin, you can cut the guava in half.

can dogs eat guavas
How To Safely Feed Guava To Dogs

Next, remove the seeds. Don’t let your dogs eat them as they possess choking hazards and somehow they contain cyanide that may harm your pet. When you are sure there are no seeds anymore, you can chop the guava into small pieces to allow easy munching, especially for small breeds.

Then, your dogs can enjoy their new and fresh treat from you! But don’t forget to always observe your furry friend when you introduce them to a new food in the 24 hours. Check whether there are unusual symptoms, such as vomiting or allergic reaction to them. If you find one, stop giving the guava and immediately call your vet.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Question)

Can dogs eat guava paste?

No, it is not recommended to let dogs eat guava paste. Since guava paste usually contains high sugar it can lead to dogs’ blood sugar. So it is better to never give guava paste to them. 

Can dogs eat guava skin?

Yes, dogs can eat guava skin or rind. The rind of guava contains high fiber that is good for the digestive system. But, if you are afraid that it will lead to diarrhea, you are allowed to peel the rind first before serving guava to your dogs.

Can dogs eat guava seeds?

No, dogs cannot eat guava seeds. The owner or pet parents should remove the seeds of guava first before treating this furry friend with guava fruit. Eating guava seeds will cause a choking hazard for the dogs.

Can dogs eat green guava?

Yes, dogs can eat green guava. Apple guava has a green skin and it is safe for dogs to consume it. The beneficial vitamins and nutrients inside green guava are good for dogs. 

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