44 Calathea Varieties and Types That Are Visually Stunning

Calathea plants are cherished for their vibrant foliage in shades of pink, green, and purple, with potential blooms in white, orange, or yellow, enhancing their decorative appeal.

Calathea Varieties
Patterned Leaves of Calathea Lancifolia (Rattlesnake Plant)

Ideal for beginners and experienced plant lovers alike, these tropical, pet-friendly plants flourish in warm, humid conditions over 50%, making them excellent additions to both living spaces and bathrooms.

Whether you’re drawn to the easygoing Calathea zebrina or the exquisite Calathea Roseopicta, there’s a variety to suit every indoor garden.

Most Common Calathea Types to Grow

There are more than 300 Calathea varieties recognized, but 60 of them are known as ornamental plants.

Nonetheless, some Calathea varieties are well-known because they are easy to grow. If collecting Calathea is a brand new activity for you, then you have just found a perfect guideline to broaden your knowledge regarding Calathea plants.

Let’s review the uniqueness of them one by one!

1. Calathea Lancifolia

calathea varieties
Calathea Lancifolia (Rattlesnake Plant)

Calathea lancifolia is a widespread plant of Calathea species. The reptile-like markings on the foliage make this species known as the Rattlesnake Plant.

Its deep-green leaf forms elliptical circles with a light green background that looks exceptionally attractive. It is also considered the easiest Calathea to care for, making it an excellent starting point for a beginner.

2. Calathea Roseopicta ‘Medallion’

calathea varieties
Calathea Roseopicta ‘Medallion’

This type of Calathea is often called Rose Painted Calathea. The ‘Medallion’ has glossy and forest green leaves on top and deep purple at the bottom.

Compared to other cultivars, this beautiful plant has a more outstanding silver hint on the mid-rib and is less prone to brown leaf tips. In addition, its particular layering motif creates an outline of the leaves pattern. 

3. Calathea Concinna ‘Freddie’

calathea varieties
Calathea Concinna ‘Freddie’

Characterized by its zebra stripe patterns with glossy light green foliage makes this Brazilian tropical plant is a must-have for Calathea lovers. The leaves can turn slightly silvery-green when exposed to dim light.

Interestingly, it can emit light sweet-scented under specific growing conditions, especially in the spring.

4. Calathea Makoyana

calathea varieties
Calathea Makoyana (Peacock plant)

Add tropical jungle vibes to your house with Calathea makoyana! This type of Calathea is undoubtedly famous as Peacock Plant since it features beautiful deep green foliage patterns that truly mirror the beauty of Peacock feathers.

Moreover, the wavy, shiny, and silver streaks on top of the leaves further enhance the appearance of this Peacock plant. 

5. Calathea Rufibarba

Calathea rufibarba (Furry Feather calathea)
Calathea Rufibarba (Furry Feather Calathea)

Furry Feather Calathea or known as Calathea rufibarba has underside leaves covered with tiny hairs. A dark purple color can be seen at the bottom of the leaves, while a light green mid-rib creates an appealing color gradation with dark green leaves as the background.

For that reason, it is also known as Velvet Calathea. Besides its hairs, the long slender leaves make this species different from others. 

6. Calathea Picturata Crimson

calathea varieties
Calathea Picturata Crimson

The Calathea picturata ‘Crimson’ stands out with its unique pink leaves edged in deep green to black, offering a visually striking addition to any indoor space. It outshines other Calathea varieties with its vibrant coloration.

This plant flourishes in the higher humidity of spring and summer, showcasing its best growth during these seasons.

7. Calathea Dottie

calathea varieties
Calathea Dottie

Even though it has the same species as Calathea Medallion, the appearance of Calathea Dottie is completely different. Instead of predominantly green on top, this plant has purple undersides with a deep green blade and pink mid-rib.

In addition, a line of pink motif resembles the outline of a leaf on the top, which makes this Calathea plant look like a magical work of art.

8. Calathea Illustris

calathea varieties
Calathea Illustris

This is a variety of Calathea roseopicta, which has deep purple undersides with a leaf outline motif on top. Unlike the Medallion, this Calathea plant highlights pink to magenta stripes on its vein and leaf outline motif.

In addition, the darker green part is more dominant than the light ones. 

9. Calathea Cora

Calathea cora
Calathea Cora

It has a deep green shade that dominates the leaf blade and veins, forming a fish spine pattern. Meanwhile, the mature plants will result in a pinkish color on the upper side of the leaves.

It gives an amazing effect as if the purple undersides penetrate the leaf and blend away with the bright green, creating a beautiful pink on top. 

10. Calathea Zebrina

calathea varieties
Calathea Zebrina

Calathea zebrina or Zebra Plant is Calathea species that has zebra markings, just like its name. Slightly similar to Calathea Concinna, only the motif is more elongated with a darker green color.

Moreover, Calathea zebrina is considered one of the easiest Calathea varieties to care for and is widely known for its attractive pattern and glossy leaves.

11. Calathea Crocata ‘Eternal Flame’

Calathea crocata 'Eternal Flame'
Calathea Crocata ‘Eternal Flame’

Many Calathea are well known because of the beautiful leaves they have. But, it is a little bit different when it comes to Calathea Crocata. They have vibrant orange flowers contrasting with green grass – the reason why it resembles a flame.

Thanks to the distinct colors, the flower of Calathea crocata can surely steal the attention of anyone who sees it. 

12. Calathea Loeseneri

calathea varieties
Source: WikimediaCommons (@Mokkie)

Calathea loeseneri or Star Calathea is one of the few Calathea varieties with flowers. The color of the flowers varies from white, pale pink, to purple emerges from the middle of the Calathea leaves.

And true to its name, the flower has star-shaped which makes a contrast with green leaves as the background

13. Calathea Micans ‘Silver Stripes’

Calathea micans 'Silver Stripes'
Source: WikimediaCommons (@Krzysztof Ziarnek, Kenraiz)

Calathea micans is described by its silver stripes soaring to the tips of the leaves against the bottle green base color. This silver stripe has a more elongated leaf shape with a wavy style.

And if you are lucky enough, this Silver Stripes can grow white flowers that look stunning when they appear.

14. Calathea Fasciata

Calathea fasciata
Calathea Fasciata

Calathea fasciata captivates with its striking leaf vein patterns, showcasing a contrast of deep and light green hues.

The plant’s glossy leaves add a textured aesthetic to any home corner. Its petite size is an advantage, as it requires minimal space to make a significant impact.

15. Calathea Ecuadoriana

calathea varieties
Source: flickr (@Kaemat)

Just like its name, Calathea ecuadoriana is originated from Ecuador, a country in South America. The distinctive character of this Calathea species is the magenta color on the upperside and stem.

It also features a fishbone pattern on the top of the leaf where they are dangled out and can reach a certain height.

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16. Calathea Albertii

Calathea albertii
Calathea Albertii

Dark green edges and wonderful silver-green touch following its veins are those unusual characteristics of Calathea Albertii. And just as most Calathea, the underside is purple.

This plant grows its popularity nowadays in the market despite not being the easiest to take care of compared to their fellow Calathea varieties. 

17. Calathea Setosa ‘Compact Star’

 Calathea setosa 'Compact Star'
 Calathea Setosa ‘Compact Star

Calathea setosa, also called Compact Star, features unique hairy stems and dark green striped leaves with purple undersides. Its vivid foliage patterns give it a painted appearance, adding to its ornamental appeal.

Like its Calathea cousins, it thrives away from direct sunlight, preferring more diffused lighting conditions.

18. Calathea Undulata

Calathea undulata
Source: Pinterest (@towenmounttropicals.com.au)

Calathea undulata is distinguished from its relative, Calathea micans, by its bulging veins and darker green leaves. It sports light green patterns that trace the veins, offering a unique visual texture.

This variety stands out among Calatheas for its pure green foliage, lacking the common purples, pinks, or reds of other species.

19. Calathea Leopardina

Calathea leopardina
Calathea Leopardina

Calathea leopardina is an ideal starter plant for budding enthusiasts, offering easy care without skimping on visual appeal.

Its leaves boast a striking pattern, with dark spots accentuating the veins against a light green backdrop, setting it apart from its Calathea cousins. This plant merges low-maintenance with high-impact beauty, making it a standout choice for new collectors.

20. Calathea Wiotii

Calathea wiotii
Calathea Wiotii

Of all the flower-producing Calatheas, Calathea wiotii is one of them. This native East Brazil plant grows its tubular flower, which is later arranged in racemes.

Unlike most, this Calathea plant is prominently forest green with a slightly brighter green, creating particular markings.

21. Calathea Stromanthifolia

Calathea stromanthifolia
Calathea stromanthifolia

One of the uniqueness of Calathea strimanthifolia is that it has a medium green leaf pattern that looks like a peacock’s wing. The hint of light green is also very prominent against the motifs.

Moreover, the leaf undersides are not purple or reddish like other Calathea species. 

22. Calathea Truncata

Calathea truncata
Source: Pinterest (@Raffaele DiLallo)

Calathea plants are not just for indoors; they can also make great garden plants with their full green leaves and hints of light green.

They have a similar but less showy pattern compared to the Calathea stromanthifolia and feature longer, narrower leaves. This makes them a subtly decorative option for adding greenery to outdoor spaces.

23. Calathea Bachemiana

Calathea Bachemiana
Calathea Bachemiana

Thanks to its bright silver-green color, it makes Calathea Bachemiana stand out with the blend of markings on the leaf veins. Plus, the perfect deep green margins seem to be carefully painted to turn this Calathea into an exquisite indoor plant to collect.

The leaves that dangle out further beautify the charm of this plant.

Banana Plant-like Calathea Types

Several Calathea cultivars and species apparently have a banana plant structure, so it is suitable to add a tropical atmosphere to your outdoor garden. Below, we give you some examples of Banana Plant-like Calathea types that are amazing to plant. 

24. Calathea Marantifolia 

calathea varieties
Calathea Marantifolia

Having corncobs shape flowers is a characteristic of Calathea marantifolia, thus it is called Sweet Corn Root. The leaves grow quite densely, resembling a banana plant with a shorter shape and more prominent curly veins.

In addition, the entire foliage is forest green, unlike banana plants which tend to have silver coax undersides.

25. Calathea Latifolia

calathea varieties
Calathea Latifolia

Although the name is identical to Calathea marantifolia, they have different flower shapes and colors. Instead of yellow, Calathea latifolia has fascinating dark purple blooming from the hump with white to pinkish tips.

However, the leaves are typical for banana plants with a brown stroke on top that distinguishes them from similar species.

26. Calathea Lutea

Calathea lutea
Calathea Lutea

Different from the previous two species, Calathea lutea does not have flowers. The hallmark of this evergreen plant is its thin and round leaves which are not the same as banana plants in general.

In addition, there is a unique brown and silver touch on the bottom surface of the leaf. 

27. Calathea Crotalifera

Calathea crotalifera
Calathea Crotalifera

You will immediately feel surrounded by tropical plants in a tropical jungle once you decide to plant Calathea crotalifera in your garden. It has vibrant yellow flowers that grow within the lush foliage.

The flower resembles a unique combination of corn and bananas with a slightly stiff texture. 

28. Calathea Macrosepala

Calathea macrosepala
Source: WikimediaCommons (@JMRAFFI)

Highlighting yellow flowers makes this species very similar to Calathea marantifolia. Only the flower heads look yellowish green compared to the previous one.

Slightly different from other Banana Plant-like Calatheas, this one has greener spots in the middle part of the leaves with a lighter green one shade for the rest. 

29. Calathea Lasiostachya

Calathea lasiostachya
Source: WikimediaCommons (@David J. Stang)

Another corn-shaped cob of Calathea looks pretty similar to the corn kernels arrangement. However, this species has soft hairs throughout the flowers and leaves of Calathea lasiostachya.

Additionally, tiny white-purple flowers appear on the tip of the hump, creating a unique sight to its appeal.

Rarest Calathea Types for Indoor Garden

Some rare Calathea plants are too beautiful to resist. They have exotic patterns that attract ornamental plant lovers. The color of the leaves is also very varied, so they are not dull to decorate your home.

If you appreciate such qualities from Calathea and dare to grow them, then you must take a look at our list below.

30. Calathea Lietzei

Calathea lietzei (White Fusion Calathea)
Calathea Lietzei (White Fusion Calathea)

The White Fusion Calathea stands out as the most unique and rarest among the Calathea family, with its distinct variegated leaves featuring bright green and pure white patterns.

This plant commands attention with its striking, unpredictable splashes of white across its foliage. However, it is also known to be the most challenging to care for, requiring more attention than other Calathea varieties.

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31. Calathea Ornata

Calathea ornata (Pinstripe Calathea)
Calathea Ornata (Pinstripe Calathea)

Pinstripe Calathea or Calathea ornata, is recognized for its unique pink pinstriped leaves with white light brush markings that look surreal. You can also notice glossy dark green foliage, making this Pinstripe Calathea looks even more appealing.

Even though it is a rare type, Calathea ornata is one of the easiest Calatheas to care for.

32. Calathea Beauty Star

Calathea Beauty Star
Calathea Beauty Star

The Calathea Beauty Star, a variant of Calathea ornata, is often confused with the Zebra Plant for its similar striking patterns.

Unlike its relative with pink stripes, the Beauty Star boasts glossy green leaves with subtle white highlights. This plant’s unique appearance makes it a prized addition for plant enthusiasts.

33. Calathea Warscewiczii

Calathea warscewiczii (Jungle Velvet Calathea)
Calathea Warscewiczii (Jungle Velvet Calathea)

The name of Calathea warscewiczii was taken from a Polish orchid collector – Joseph Warsczewica. This plant is popular among the rarest types of Calathea because of its eye-catching dark green stripes with a lighter green shade brush.

Moreover, the wavy edges and velvety leaves also mark the extraordinary aspects of this unique species.

34. Calathea Kennedeae ‘Helen Kennedy’

Calathea kennedeae 'Helen Kennedy'
Calathea Kennedeae ‘Helen Kennedy’

This Calathea Helen Kennedy or Calathea kennedeae was named after a female botanist, Helen Kennedy. Its striking paint brush strokes are the signature pattern of this Calathea cultivar, pretty similar to Calathea makoyana.

Other than that, dark green leaves with a touch of silvery green will spoil the eye of the beholder. 

35. Calathea Fucata

Calathea fucata
Source: Pinterest (@etsy)

Silver strokes with some deep green stripes that dominate the surface of this plant become a highlight of Calathea fucata. It also has purple undersides that make a great contrast to its look.

Moreover, this Calathea will grow beautiful white flowers whose stem helps them to stand out. It also favors indirect light, making them perfect as indoor garden plants.

36. Calathea Orbifolia

Calathea orbifolia
Calathea Orbifolia

With its large, glossy, and round leaves, Calathea orbifolia saves its place as one of the most unique Calathea you can discover. Not only that, but this prayer plant also does not have particular maroon or purple leaf undersides, just like the other kinds.

Due to its size, Calathea orbifolia is also considered one of the largest Calatheas that will take you to experience tropical vibes. 

37. Calathea Musaica

Calathea musaica (Network Plant)
Calathea Musaica (Network Plant)

The details of the Calathea musaica leaves are too beautiful to be true. It is so alluring that as if the combination of the medium green color array markings is made of woven meticulously crafted by the craftsman.

Not to mention the elongated heart-shaped leaves that complement the appearance of this species, adding to the uniqueness of Calathea musaica. 

38. Calathea Sp.

Calathea sp. (White Jade)
Calathea Sp. (White Jade)

The combination of pale silver shade on the top, magenta undersides, and olive touch on the edges foliage are some of the hallmarks of Calathea White Jade. The shape of the slightly curled leaves beautifully gives this plant a graceful impression.

White Jade also produces white flowers with a purplish pink finish on the edges that are located amidst the lush plant’s leaves.

39. Calathea Elliptica Vittata

Calathea elliptica Vittata
Calathea Elliptica Vittata

Just like its name, the leaves of Calathea elliptical Vittata are elliptical in shape with pointed ends. With its dramatic foliage pattern, it is safe to say that this species deserves to be included in the list of the rarest Calathea plants.

The combination of medium green leaves as the background to its white stripes makes the markings flashy.

40. Calathea Majestica

Calathea majestica (White Star)
Calathea Majestica (White Star)

Evenly white stripes can be seen throughout the surface of the leaves, offering a distinctive look of Calathea majestica. No wonder it is named after White Star since the markings are as shining as the stars at night.

Additionally, its green shade on the midrib and edges depict the outline of the leaves. 

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41. Calathea Pavonii

Calathea pavonii
Source: Pinterest (@images.search.yahoo.com)

This species is just like nature prints. You can witness dark green spots, black, and vibrant green blend in beautifully on the foliage surface. As exceptional as it looks, the pattern displays strokes effects with charming color gradations that you may not find in similar prayer plants.

Calathea pavonii also grows lovely yellow blossoms that add to its beauty.

42. Calathea Louisae ‘Maui Queen’

Calathea louisae 'Maui Queen'
Calathea Louisae ‘Maui Queen’

The Calathea Maui Queen features striking cream-colored patterns on lush green leaves, a signature trait of this variety. The plant’s vibrant purple undersides offer a beautiful contrast, enhancing its visual appeal.

Suited for indoor growth, the Maui Queen prefers environments with bright, indirect light and high humidity, avoiding the harshness of direct sun.

43. Calathea Veitchiana ‘Flamestar’

Calathea veitchiana 'Flamestar'
Calathea Veitchiana ‘Flamestar

When you look at this Flamestar Calathea, you might be familiar with its pattern since it pretty much looks like Calathea Medallion with larger leaves. Nonetheless, Calathea veitchiana has vibrant green double strokes out from the middle part of its foliage.

It also shows light layering brush effects that form fantastic leaf outlines around the leaves. 

44. Calathea Burle-Marxii

Calathea Burle-Marxii
Calathea Burle-Marxii

Highlighting fish bones motifs, Calathea Burle-Marxii will bring texture to any room it resides. Its exotic patterns feature silvery-green color with a mix of greener ones that make an impressive appearance.

Moreover, this prayer plant also has glossy leaves and a purple bottom surface like other Calathea in general. 

Final Thought

In summary, Calathea varieties are more than just houseplants – they are living artworks that transform any space into a sanctuary. With their diverse patterns and colors, they offer endless possibilities for personal expression.

Embrace the enchantment of Calatheas and let their presence uplift your spirit, as you nurture these stunning plants and deepen your connection to the wonders of the natural world.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is the rarest Calathea?

White Fusion or Calathea lietzei has become the rarest Calathea varieties.

It’s the only Calathea with authentic variegated patterns. Its bright green leaves are covered by unwavering white splashes that look captivating. Besides, White Fusion Calathea is also the hardest Calathea to care for.

What is the easiest Calathea to care for?

Calathea lancifolia or best known as Rattlesnake Plant is a great option for beginners as it is the easiest Calathea species to take care of.

You can miss one or two watering and it still blooms perfectly. However, if you stop watering and put it under direct sunlight, it can lose its beautiful green marks.

Is Calathea a good indoor plant?

Calathea is popular for interior decor since they are usually simple to clean, have eye-catching patterns, and also offer vibrant green foliage that surely brightens up your room. And yes! They are absolutely gorgeous as indoor plant.

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