How to Propagate Golden Pothos? Two Methods You Can Try!

Cut a 4-6 inch stem just below a node (the point where a leaf grows out of the stem), ensuring there are at least 2-3 leaves on the cutting. Place the cutting in water, ensuring the node is submerged, and wait for roots to develop before transplanting to soil.

Taking care of houseplant is exciting since it can be placed in your patio or inside the room without taking too much space, just like having the golden photos.

Golden photos (epipremnum aureum) is well-known as one of the easiest indoor plants for you to take care of because it can adapt in a wide range of environments where they grow. That’s why many beginners tend to choose this green as their first houseplant.

how to propagate golden pothos
How to Propagate Golden Pothos?

Growing a pothos plant has a benefit to filter air circulation in your house. Therefore, you can place it inside your room and function as the natural air purifier and as the living decoration too.

Less light and low humidity are not problems for golden photos to continue living. If you already have golden photos in your house and it is the time for you to propagate them, let’s continue reading here!

You can also just plant the cutting directly into the soil, making sure that the node is facing downwards into the soil because this is where the roots will sprout from.

Key Takeaway

  • Two propagation methods: water for quick roots, soil for stronger growth.
  • Water propagation is simpler but requires adaptation when moving to soil.
  • Soil propagation recommended for experienced growers for better roots.
  • Use clean cuts below leaf nodes and root in water or soil with hormone.
  • Care includes regular watering, indirect light, and warm environment.

Different Between Soil Propagation and Water Propagation

There are two methods for pothos propagation that you can do. The first one is soil propagation and another one is water propagation method. Of course you are still confused about what to choose to propagate them since you are a beginner too to do this by yourself.

So, let’s identify the difference between those two methods.

how to propagate golden pothos
Propagating Golden Pothos

1. Water Propagation for Golden Pothos Plants

Propagating pothos in water is the most common one. You can start trying this method at your home for the plant.

Moreover, this method will produce the new roots faster than propagating pothos in soil. This is one of the reasons that many people prefer to do it in water to soil.

The steps are pretty easy as long as you already prepare a container filled with water to store the cutting vine.

Although the new roots are not well-adapted quickly when you move it again to the soil and you need more time to establish this transplant plant, people still love to choose this step.

2. Soil Propagation for Golden Pothos Plants

While propagating a pothos in soil, you just directly place the cutting vine directly to the ground again. Some experts recommend doing this method since the rooted cuttings will develop better pothos roots in a soil mix.

If you are experienced in propagating plants, you can try this method for pothos because it is pretty easy for you.

how to propagate golden pothos
Soil Propagation

The main thing that experts recommend is once the cutting vines have established the roots, then the plant is ready as the regular one. Moreover, the preparation is not that complicated as well.

Find out the preparation and how to do it below.

Preparation for Propagation

Before starting to propagate pothos plants, you can prepare the tools that you need first. Basically, the tools are easy to find and usually you already have it in your house. So, no need to buy a new one outside.

You can prepare a clean and sharp scissors or knife to cut the stems, and a container filled with filtered water.

If you choose to propagate using water, prepare for boiled water that is already cool. It is done in order to avoid the chemicals if you just fill with tap water (for propagating using water) or potting mix soil and rooting hormone (for propagating using soil).

Where to Cut Golden Pothos to Propagate?

If you are not sure where to cut the pothos plant when it is time to propagate them, you can start by choosing a long, healthy stem first. Because the healthy stems will lead to successful rooting.

Then, you can remove the part of the stem with a minimum 4 inches long and you should ensure it is below a leaf node.

how to propagate golden pothos
Cuting Golden Pothos To Propagate

The stem below leaf nodes is the best part to cut the plants if you want to propagate them. Furthermore, stems above the root will grow a new root system after you place it in soil or water.

Also make sure the cutting has at least three or four leaves, because leaves that are placed in soil or water will disturb the stems. Don’t forget to make sure the angle for cutting is 45°.

After you cut that part, you can propagate it in water or dip in hormone rooting first before planting it in soil.

Rooting Cutting Golden Pothos In Soil?

Propagating the plants in soil will be a challenging method for you, but if you want to try a new method since usually you do it in water, it can be a fun experience too!

Golden Pothos with Roots
Golden Pothos with Roots

Check out the steps below to successfully propagate pothos in your house.

  • Prepare the tools that we mentioned before. Pot filled with soil mix, perlite and coconut coir can be provided as well in order to improve the drainage in your pot. Make sure the pot has enough drainage holes.
  • Clean the scissors and knife. Make sure the tool is sharp and ready to cut the stems.
  • Take the pothos plant carefully from the old pot, then choose the healthy stem with around 4 leaves on top.
  • Cut the stem above the leaf nodes around 4 inches, clean the leaves that appear around the stem.
  • Dip the stem to the rooting hormone first, then grow the bottom half of the stem inside the soil.
  • Water the pot carefully and see if the excess of water can dry out from the bottom of the pot.
  • Place the pot in a warm area but indirect light to avoid the leaves burning.
  • Mist the plants around 2 – 3 days to keep the soil moist.
  • Wait for the new growth of your photos for around a month.

Rooting Cutting Golden Pothos In Water?

Rooting Cutting Plant In A Glass Bottle
Rooting Cutting Plant In A Glass Bottle

This step is perfect for the first timer in propagating plants.

Although it needs more time for plants to establish, you can see the growth of new roots clearly through the container that is filled with water.

  • Prepare the tools such as knives or scissors, containers such as glass that are filled with filtered water or boiled water that you let cool first.
  • The cutting step is the same as you do in soil. The key is there is no leaf where the stem needs to be in the water.
  • Change the water around once a week when the water seems cloudy.
  • Place the container in a bright spot but indirect sunlight. Ensure the area is warm enough in order for the new root to grow.
  • During cold weather, you should avoid the spot next to a window because it can inhibit the growth of new roots.

When Should You Repot Newly Propagated Pothos?

As beginners, when you are still not sure when to propagate the plants, you can check the conditions of the plants first.

For instance if the pothos haven’t been replaced for years, and you can see the roots inside the pots are already overgrown, then it is your time to repot them.

The overgrown roots will create a root mass and consume most space of the pot and it causes the soil to become less since the roots need more space to grow.

When Should You Repot Newly Propagated Pothos?
When Should You Repot Newly Propagated Pothos?

Of course, it leads to unhealthy conditions because the proportion between the roots, soil and the medium are unbalanced.

Moreover, if you let this happen for a longer time, you will see the roots above the soil. Therefore, there is no reason for you to postpone the propagation.

Final Thought

So, propagating golden pothos can be done in two methods. The easiest one is using water. It is suitable for beginners since you can succeed at the first time by using this method.

Yet, you need more time to make the roots more stable once you move it to the soil for them to continue growing.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How long does it take to propagate pothos?

The step for propagating pothos doesn’t need much time actually. Once you already cut the right stems, ensure there are no leaves below that can get inside water or soil, then you are done with the propagation.

But, it doesn’t stop there. You have to maintain and watch the progress until the new roots develop after one month. Then, you have to wait for two or three months for the plants to establish.

How often should you water newly propagated pothos?

You can water the newly propagated pothos every few days. For instance 2 – 3 days. Then don’t forget to change the water (for the propagating in water method) every 1 or two weeks to avoid the bacteria or fungus appearing.

Is it better to propagate pothos in soil or water?

Some experts say it is better to propagate pothos in soil, because the rooted cuttings can develop and adapt quicker in soil once they become established, compared to propagating them in water.

But, as the first timer, you can do it in water first to see the growth process clearly.

What does an overwatered pothos look like?

The overwatered pothos will have yellowing leaves and then brown leaves.

The foliage can be felt soft and limp, also there are brown spots on the leaves. Smell plants can happen too since the water will stagnant when you overwater the plants.

How can you tell if golden pothos are healthy?

Healthy pothos plants have glossy leaves, the color is green and you can see they grow perfectly inside the pot. There is no brown spot on the leaves, the foliage is not curled and the color doesn’t turn into yellow. 

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