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10 Low Maintenance Shrubs in Michigan

Growing shrub borders in your backyard can be useful in order to add the layer and accent in your house. In Michigan, there are various low maintenance shrubs you can choose to beautify your yard easily. Since it is low maintenance shrubs in Michigan, you know there is no worry about growing it.

Here, we give you the best recommendations of shrubs you can have. Although not all of them are native to Michigan, you still can find it easily.

1. Crapemyrtle

This stunning plant will be happy if you place it under well drained or dry soils and full sun exposure. Hence, sunny locations will be their favorite.


Also, these shrubs tolerate drought. There are various varieties for this shrub and you can choose it based on your favorite and let’s enjoy the spring and summer while it is time to bloom.

2. Beautybush

Having flowering shrubs is the best one, especially if the flowers produce fragrance. Just like Beautybush. This shrub will bloom in mid spring.


You just need to water it regularly but do not over-water. Also, Beautybush will attract butterflies, birds, and bees to come! If your yard is an open yard, you can place it under the full sun.

3. Forsythia

If you have Forsythia then you should prepare yourself to see the beauty of this yellow blooms in early spring. Yes, the growing season for this plant is around April. Hence people think that this shrub is a sign of spring. This deciduous shrub can grow easily for around 2 feet tall per year.


4. Witch hazel

This one is a deciduous plant. A flowering shrub that you can have for your yard. Witch Hazel turns their foliage into something stunning during fall. Place it under the full sun or part shade. Don’t forget to use well drained soil but still moist one.

Witch hazel

5. Red chokeberry

Another easy to grow and it means low maintenance shrubs in Michigan you can start planting. It is Red Chokeberry or Aronia arbutifolia. It is native to Chicago, yet you still can own it in your yard.

Red chokeberry

This plant is usually used for landscape in commercial housing. Flowering shrubs are the best since you can have the best background for your backyard and see it blooms during spring to mid summer.

Planting shrubs like this, you just need well drained soil, prefer moist, place it under the full sun for higher production of red berry.

6. Michigan holly/Winterberry

Michigan holly might be the favorite shrubs for people who live in Michigan. It offers a colorful display in winter. You will need moist acidic soil conditions to plant it. This large shrub might be unique since during the late season, birds and pollinators will come since their food source is here.

Michigan holly/Winterberry

7. Common Ninebark

Looking for hardy flowering shrubs? Then you can consider this common ninebark. This plant grows happily if you place it under the full sun or partial shade.

Common Ninebark (Imagecredit:havlis,Crocus/Pinterest)

Its pink white flowers will show in May to June and the berries will start to appear in early fall for the birds. Common ninebark has glossy green foliage which is in contrast to its flowers and fruits.

8. Button bush

Compared to other shrubs, this one is pretty unique. It is not only for the flower shape, but also the soil type you need for this one. You will need wet soil to plant this one.

Button bush (Imagecredit:etsy,BigCommerce/Pinterest)

The glossy green foliage color is the iconic one for these flowering shrubs. Also, bumblebees and honeybees will come to this one for the food. Place it under the shade or part shade light. The bloom time for buttonbush is from late summer to September.

9. Bush honeysuckle

This plant tolerates drought and shade. In fall, you can see the foliage turn yellow beautifully. Also, the soil conditions for this one vary.

Bush honeysuckle

This honeysuckle is native to Northwest Michigan. The showy flowers will be the critical food source for the birds. Also, these shrubs will grow for 6 and 16 feet tall.

10. Boxwood

These might be the most popular shrubs in the US. In Michigan you still can plant boxwood shrubs, but still you have to pay attention when the winter comes. A very well drained soil and slight acid will be good for planting this. Keeping the soil moist will make boxwood grow happily!


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FAQ ( Frequently Asked Questions)

What is the easiest shrub to maintain?

Crepemyrtle is one of the easiest and low maintenance plants for gardeners. It is a fast growing shrub and loves sunny locations. Dry soils are their favorite and you can see the blooming time around spring and summer.

What shrubs grow well in Michigan?

Various shrub species can grow well in Michigan. For instance, Witch Hazels, Red chokeberry (Aronios arbutifolia), Michigan Hollies – 6-8 ft. Common Ninebark (Physocarpus opulifolius) – 3 – 6 inches. They not only grow well but also low maintenance plants for you.

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