Do Monstera Like Air Conditioning? (The Shocking Truth)

Monstera plants, originating from warm and humid environments, do not prefer the cold, dry air produced by air conditioning. Exposure to air conditioning can lead to issues like dry leaves, brown edges, and slowed growth in Monstera plants.

My Monstera Deliciosa has thrived under careful attention, including proper misting, soil care, and ensuring it receives adequate sunlight. However, the arrival of summer and the use of air conditioning (AC) raises an important question: do Monstera plants like air conditioning?

Monstera plants originate from the warm and humid environments of Central and South America and thus prefer temperatures between 65°F and 80°F with high humidity levels.

Air conditioning can significantly reduce room humidity and temperature, which might not be ideal for Monstera plants.

do monstera like air conditioning
Monstera in Indoor Garden

According to research from the University of Florida, Monstera plants thrive in warm, humid conditions, and exposure to cold, dry air from AC can cause issues like dry leaves, brown edges, and slowed growth.

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Tips to Keep Your Monstera Healthy in an AC Room

To ensure your Monstera remains healthy in an air-conditioned room, consider the following tips:

  • Relocation. Move your Monstera away from direct airflow from AC vents. A location that receives indirect sunlight and is at a distance from direct AC drafts can prevent the cold air from directly impacting the plant.
  • Increase humidity. Regularly mist your Monstera to counteract the drying effect of AC. Using a humidifier can also help maintain a consistent humidity level around your plant. Grouping humidity-loving plants together can create a microclimate with higher moisture levels.
  • Adjust watering. With the AC on, the plant’s soil may retain moisture longer due to cooler temperatures and reduced evaporation rates. Let the soil dry slightly between watering to avoid overwatering and root rot.
  • Consider other plants. While adjusting care for your Monstera, remember that different plants have varying tolerances to temperature and humidity changes. Some plants, like Snake Plants and ZZ plants, may tolerate cooler and drier conditions better than others.

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Final Thought

By understanding and adjusting to your Monstera’s needs, you can keep it healthy and vibrant, even in an air-conditioned environment.

Monitoring and adjusting your care routine can ensure that your Monstera and other indoor plants continue to grow and thrive throughout the summer.

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