25 Begonia Types & Varieties That Suit Your Patio

Planting beautiful plants in your patio will be fun and can calm your mood. Having a plant is also good for your eyes since seeing the green colors can relax your tiring eyes.Imagine you will get up every morning and enjoy the beautiful view everyday without even need to go to the park, only to see the beautiful plants and flowers to spoil your eyes.

If you are still confused about what kinds of houseplants you should have, then we suggest you get Begonia. Begonia has almost 2,000 species with various colors of flowers. Here, we give you suggestion what Begonia types that suit your patio.

By planting the Begonia, you will realize that the flower itself is categorized again based on the single flower, double flowers, or more. Yet, through this article, we just want you to see the most famous varieties of Begonias from four types based on their physical appearance and where they should grow.

So, you better check them out thoroughly.

What Are Some Popular Types of Begonias?

Begonias are a captivating ensemble of plants, each type playing a unique note in this botanical symphony. Tuberous begonias are the divas of the group, boasting flamboyant, large blooms in a spectrum of colors. Rex begonias, the artists, mesmerize with their spectacular foliage, showcasing a palette of colors, patterns, and textures. Angel Wing begonias, the dancers, charm with their wing-shaped leaves and delicate flowers. Rhizomatous begonias, the chameleons, surprise with their diverse leaf shapes and colors, while Cane begonias, the giants, impress with their tall, bamboo-like stems and large leaves. Each type offers a unique performance, making the world of begonias a thrilling spectacle to explore.

What Care Do Different Types of Begonias Require?

Caring for begonias is like conducting an orchestra, each type requiring a specific rhythm of care. Most begonias prefer the melody of bright, indirect light and the harmony of well-draining soil.

The tempo of watering should be guided by the dryness of the top inch of soil, avoiding the discord of overwatering which can lead to root rot. Tuberous begonias may appreciate the crescendo of regular fertilization during their blooming season. Understanding the specific care composition for each type of begonia will ensure a beautiful performance.

Rhizomatous Begonia Types

Rhizomatous Begonias or more popular as Rex Begonia is very suitable to be your houseplants. Because of this plant can be put in the pot, you can hang it in hanging baskets easily as well. The most important one is not to over-water and keep the light enough through the shade, not a direct sun.

Here are the most famous Rex Begonias to grow in your patio.

1. Fedor Begonia

begonia varieties
Fedor Begonia

What we can identify the plant as Begonia Fedor is the leaves’ color. Begonia Fedor has silver and green foliage. You can see it clearly once you buy this plant.

Although taking care of this plant is very easy, you should pay attention when rain is falling. Because Begonia Fedor should be avoided from the rain. That’s the reason that Begonia suits as houseplants, not as garden plants.

2. Jurassic Watermelon Begonia

Jurassic Watermelon
Jurassic Watermelon Begonia

Do you like a watermelon? If yes, then this Begonia Jurassic Watermelon should be on your patio. The foliage, for sure, looks like the fruit, hence its name uses ‘watermelon’.

This plant is typically a tropical plant because it grows very well in a high air humidity place. Begonia Jurassic Watermelon is still easy to plant, but you should always notice that Rex Begonias cannot stand the sun directly.

3. Silver Limbo Begonia

begonia varieties
Silver Limbo Begonia

Once you see Silver Limbo Begonia, no one can deny how pretty the foliage of this plant is. The silver color looks like the leaves are covered by the ice in the snow. However, this plant is best grown in subtropical or tropical places.

The moment you bring this Silver Limbo to your house, the foliage’s color will stand out between the green foliage. It will enlighten the room since it looks like artificial leaves. That’s why Silver Limbo fits as ornamental plants.

4. Cherry Spikes Rex Begonia

Cherry Spikes Rex
Cherry Spikes Rex Begonia

You can imagine the foliage with cherry blossom color but in a deeper color combination. Also, the shape of the foliage is different since the corner of foliage looks sharper than the other.

Cherry Spike is attractive for indoor plants and easy to maintain. Simply just place it in a spot where the shade sun is available.

5. Escargot

begonia varieties
Begonia Escargot

The first time you see this type of begonia, you will realize why they named it ‘escargot’. The shape looks like escargot but in more beautiful color combinations. Dark green, soft green and pink in one foliage. Pretty much suitable to beautify your patio.

Fibrous or Wax Begonia Types

In love with plants where the flowers’ colors are pink, white, rose or red blossoms? Then Fibrous or Wax begonia suits your preference. Also, if you have an open backyard where the sun exposure will come directly, you can choose Wax begonia to be planted.

Because there is bright light for this plant. Since this plant can be put under the full sun exposure or shade, you still have to pay attention. It happens because not all wax begonias can live under the sun directly.

Moreover, this plant can grow and bloom all over the year unless the changing weather is quite extreme. We give you four recommendations of Wax begonias you can own for your backyard.

6. Angel wing begonias or cane begonias

begonia varieties
Angel Wing Begonia or Cane Begonia

Just like the name, angel wing begonias look like the wing shaped leaves. You can choose whether this plant will bloom the flower or stay still with foliage only.

Although the angel wing begonia is a subtropical and tropical plant, this plant prefers to grow in cooler locations and not direct to the sun. So, now you already know what you should consider when you want to grow cane begonia.

7. Begonia Polka dot

begonia varieties
Begonia Polka dot

Most people cannot see the difference between angel wing and polkadot begonias since both of them have freckles or polkadot on their foliage. But, you can spot the difference between them through the size of the leaves. Polkadot or maculata begonia has a bigger size than the angel wing.

The mature size of polka dot begonia can be twice bigger than the angel wing in asymmetrical shape. Also, the dots of maculata begonia is silver, while the angel wing is silver or white. Yet, all of them are beautiful as houseplants.

8. Begonia Butterfly

Begonia Butterfly
Begonia Butterfly

This houseplant has beautiful patterns on the foliage, hence the name is butterfly begonia. The patterns look like butterflies. For those who live in a hot place, butterfly begonia will be an ideal one to keep in your backyard.

Since the plant loves hot weather, butterfly begonia can stand the sun exposure. But still, you should consider placing it under the large tree as the safest place, then the butterfly begonia will bloom every summer.

9. Begonia Semperflorens

begonia varieties
Begonia Semperflorens

When you want to beautify your patio but the space is limited, then try to hang the plants in hanging baskets. Simply choose Begonia semperflorens as the houseplants. This plant has a very pretty color combination on the foliage.

You can choose the pink flowers or red flowers for the color that will appear under green foliage. Hence, you can see the color combination of these begonia types when it is hanging. Besides, you don’t have to water the plants everyday, because the new begonia semperflorens only need to be watered once for five days.

Pretty simple right?

10. Begonia Lucerna 

Begonia Lucerna
Begonia Lucerna

The original name of Lucerna is Corallina de Lucerna. Lucerna is the old or classic version of Angel Wing, but still there is a difference between them. The foliage has olive green with smaller silver dots on top, and red color of foliage on bottom.

You can grow them easily since it is easy to maintain and take care of.

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Tuberous Begonia Types

Tuberous begonias are the answers for you who are looking for colorful flowering plants in your yard or patio. This beautiful plant can be put in the pot, hanging baskets, or as bedding plants.

There are many types of tuberous begonias, you can choose based on your preference. For instance, the Solenia begonia or Bertini as potted plants, hanging flower clusters, or ornamental plants.

The important thing is, you should pay attention to take care of them. Although this plant can bloom in all seasons, place them where the light is medium, the sun shade is enough for them. This plant can handle the morning sun and afternoon shade. Also, do not forget to water the plants, especially when the rain is not falling. So that the soil will always be moist.

11. Solenia Begonia

begonia varieties
Solenia Begonia

Solenia prefers hot weather since it will bloom perfectly and is easier to maintain than when the cold seasons come. Because the plants love dry places, then Solenia Begonia can handle the full sun, although they can be placed with sun shade as well.

This pretty plant comes in various colors. For instance, red velvet, rose pink, light pink, orange, cherry, and light yellow flowers. You can choose one or plant them all, to make a very bright and colorful backyard.

12. Go Go Yellow Begonia

begonia varieties
Go Go Yellow Begonia

Imagine deep green foliage with yellow flowers blooming without waiting for the current season. This type of Begonia is very pretty because the flowers’ color looks like the shining sun. It will make your shady spot in your yard lighter and prettier.

13. Bertini Begonia

Bertini Begonia
Bertini Begonia

Bertini begonia can bloom from spring until fall. This one fits as bedding begonias, and will beautify your patio, particularly when the late afternoon sun sets. The color which is red-orange will match the sunset light, or you can choose the pink flowers just like your favorite color.

Hence, it will create the beautiful shade and color gradient in the backyard or patio perfectly. Furthermore, you will love it more because the plants can handle the heat and humidity, while the blooming flowers are still beautiful as the begonias grow.

14. Non Stop Fire

Non Stop Fire
Source: Pinterest (@etsy)

The color will give you a new spirit as the flowers bloom, hence the name is Non Stop Fire. Also, you can feel energized and refreshed when you plant these in the yard and see them blooming. Besides, even though it is not summer yet, by the time they grow, you will feel the summer is coming!

15. Bouton de Rose

Bouton de Rose
Bouton de Rose

A classy plant that produces beautiful flowers from early summer until the winter comes. Bouton de rose has the cute gradients since most of its petals are covered with pale pink while the edge has deeper pink. Its foliage is deep green, therefore the contrast of this plant will be very pretty to look at directly or through the photos.

Hardy Begonias or Begonia Grandis Types

Hardy begonias or people also known as Begonia Grandis comes from Southern China and Japan. Some people know this plant less than other varieties, but Hardy begonias still have a spot for the plant lovers.

When some people often think about what kind of begonia types that can handle the winter season, then they can choose this type. Hardy begonia can handle winter in Brooklyn, St. Louisiana and many more.

That’s why we can call it as winter flowering begonias, although not in an extreme winter. The coldest temperature that cold Hardy begonias can tolerate is -40°C but in a specific location. Also, the best time to see this plant blooming is in July until October.

16. Begonia Grandis Alba

Grandis Alba
Begonia Grandis Alba

You can see delicate white flowers through this plant. The foliage is olive green for the above and reddish green with red veining on the back.

Since Begonia Grandis or Hardy Begonias can handle the winter season, this one also fits for you who live in St. Louisiana particularly when the winter comes.

17. Begonia Grandis Torsa

begonia varieties
Begonia Grandis Torsa

There are many types of begonias, but Begonia Grandis Torsa has pale pink flowers or we can call them rose like flowers as the begonias grow.

When you see in a glance, somehow you cannot spot the differences between Begonia Torsa and the previous one, yet through the size, you can see that Torsa has bigger dimensions than Alba.

Begonia Torsa produces many bulbils, hence it is easy to propagate as well. This plant also produces bright green leaves, so that it is good to calm your mood and relax your eyes.

18. Begonia Boliviensis

Begonia Boliviensis

If you want to see something blooming in the spring season through your own patio, get this Begonia Boliviensis. This plant will bloom perfectly during spring, as it will make the foliage longer and look sharper. Also, you can see the flowers flaming beautifully in an orange color to recharge your spirit.

19. Begonia Sapporo

Begonia Sapporo

They named it Sapporo because this plant comes from Sapporo, Japan. The pale pink flowers with deeper ones on the edge are similar to the color of Sakura. Perhaps because Sakura and Sapporo come from the same country. This one likes shady exposure, so that the flowers will bloom in the late summer or late fall.

20. Begonia Pink Parasol

begonia varieties
Source: Pinterest (@logees.com)

Generally, all the hardy begonia has the same treatment and maintenance. So, the differences are in the appearance. This begonia pink parasol has pink flowers yet it only can be seen significantly through the edge of petals. The foliage is deep green, perfectly contrast with the flowers.

Rare Begonia Types

Each plant will always have the rare piece for each variety. And so do the Begonia types. There are some rare begonia types that people will love the first time they see it. The factors that make them become rare one usually the difficulties in getting the plants, for instance the area is far from the city or uncommon for people to get the plants.

Some of the species are hard to cultivate as well. But, since it is rare, the pattern or color is beyond your imagination too. It is not only pretty, but also mesmerizing you once you see it.

21. Begonia Temuyuk

Begonia Temuyuk

Talking about the rarity of Begonia types, Begonia Temuyuk is an absolutely rare piece of begonia plant. Begonia temuyuk or well known as Temuyuk Blue is hard to find since the first place this type was found is in a very small area located in western Borneo (Indonesia). Through the color that appears on the foliage, this variety becomes the bluest among the others.

The blue color refers to metallic blue and a very solid color. Due to the rarity and uniqueness, Temuyuk Blue is not suitable as your houseplant. This plant should be placed in a terrarium to keep the foliage shiny and vivid. The size of the foliage is around 30cm. So it is safe to keep them in a terrarium for the best way to grow them and see them in bright blooms.

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22. Begonia Goegoensis

Begonia Goegoensis

Another rare variety of Begonia is Begonia Goegoensis. This plant was found in Goego, West Sumatera, Indonesia around the year of 1,800s. The foliage is dark green leaves with rose pink flowers.

The pink lines around the foliage also appear circling the leaves perfectly. Although the species is quite rare, you can grow this begonia effortlessly, because this type has no significant difference to take care of compared to other varieties.

23. Begonia Imperialis

Begonia Imperialis

The first time you see Begonia Imperialis, you will find it hard to compare between the foliage and the cat pattern since the pattern looks like the body of a cat, although the colors are different. The shape of leaves is heart-shaped, with silver color foliage and dark green stripes above the silver.

The color combination is calm yet still beautifies your patio. Although some of the begonia types can tolerate the cold season, you should protect this plant during the cold season.

24. Begonia Luxurians

Begonia Luxurians
Begonia Luxurians

You will not believe that this plant still belongs to the Begonia species. Since the shape and look are very different from the common begonias. It looks like palm plants, but in a shorter and smaller size. Also, the color of foliage is very luxurious, just like the name. The deep green, shiny and also unique.

25. Begonia Black Mamba

Black Mamba
Begonia Black Mamba

All the dark or gothic people cannot resist this Begonia Black Mamba. Although it is dark, black, and some people may find it hard to see its beauty, yet, the classy look appears instantly once you look at it. The shape looks like Begonia Escargot when the foliage grows perfectly.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How do you choose the right begonia for your garden or home?

Choosing the right begonia is like casting the perfect actor for a role. It requires understanding the character of each begonia type and the environment of your garden or home. Tuberous begonias, with their vibrant blooms, are perfect for adding a splash of color to your outdoor garden or patio. Rex begonias, with their stunning foliage, can transform any indoor space into a living art gallery. Angel Wing and Rhizomatous begonias are versatile performers, thriving both indoors and outdoors. Cane begonias, with their dramatic height, make excellent statement plants for larger spaces. The key is to match the begonia’s needs and aesthetic to your space and personal style.

Can you grow begonias indoors?

Absolutely! Many begonias are like versatile actors, able to perform both on the outdoor garden stage and the indoor houseplant stage. Rex, Angel Wing, and Rhizomatous begonias are particularly adept at indoor performances, thriving under the spotlight of bright, indirect light.

With the right stage setup, including well-draining soil and a careful watering schedule, these begonias can bring a touch of botanical drama to any indoor space.

What is the most beautiful begonia?

The maculata begonia is the most beautiful begonia types because most people can recognize the plant easily. By seeing the dots above the foliage, people can tell that the plant is maculata begonia.

These Begonia are sometimes called Polka dot Begonia or Spotted Begonia.

Do begonias like sun or shade?

The most effective are in the morning sunlight or evening shade. Almost every variety has flowers that hang a little which makes tuberous begonia a perfect hanging basket instead of garden beds and borders.

Make certain the plants have good drainage to prevent rotting.

So, before growing begonias, you should consider the climate of your location or zones first, then see what you prefer to plant.

You can plant double begonia types in your patio as long as you know how to take care of the begonia species and how to get the bright filtered light since most of them are shade loving plants.

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