24 Begonia Types & Varieties That Suit Your Patio

Transform your patio into a tranquil retreat with the simple addition of Begonias, a diverse genus with nearly 2,000 species that offer a spectrum of vibrant blooms. Not only do these plants provide a visual feast for sore eyes, but they also create a serene environment that rivals the beauty of a park right on your doorstep.

begonia types
Close up of Begonia Masoniana

Dive into the world of Begonias, where the flowers range from single to double blooms, and discover the most popular varieties that will flourish in your outdoor space, enhancing your daily routine with their captivating presence.

Rhizomatous Begonia Types

Rex Begonias, with their suitability for pots and hanging baskets, make ideal houseplants when provided with shade and careful watering to avoid overhydration.

Discover the most renowned Rex Begonia varieties to cultivate and bring life to your patio with their ease of care and stunning foliage.

1. Fedor Begonia

begonia types
Fedor Begonia

Begonia Fedor is easily recognizable by its distinctive silver and green leaves, a striking addition to any indoor plant collection.

While it’s a low-maintenance houseplant, it’s crucial to protect it from rain, as excessive moisture can be detrimental. This makes the Begonia Fedor an excellent choice for indoor environments rather than outdoor gardens.

2. Jurassic Watermelon Begonia

begonia types
Jurassic Watermelon Begonia

Watermelon enthusiasts may find a foliage friend in the Begonia Jurassic Watermelon, whose leaves sport a striking resemblance to the beloved fruit.

Ideal for the humid conditions of a tropical climate, this plant can easily brighten up a shaded patio area. Easy to grow, the Jurassic Watermelon variety of Rex Begonia requires protection from direct sunlight to maintain its vibrant pattern.

3. Silver Limbo Begonia

begonia types
Silver Limbo Begonia

The Silver Limbo Begonia, with its stunning silver-hued leaves, offers a visual illusion of ice-covered foliage, making it a standout ornamental plant for any home.

Best suited for warmer subtropical or tropical climates, its unique appearance can brighten any space, creating a striking contrast to traditional green plants.

4. Cherry Spikes Rex Begonia

Cherry Spikes Rex
Cherry Spikes Rex Begonia

You can imagine the foliage with cherry blossom color but in a deeper color combination. Also, the shape of the foliage is different since the corner of foliage looks sharper than the other.

Cherry Spike is attractive for indoor plants and easy to maintain. Simply just place it in a spot where the shade sun is available.

5. Escargot

begonia varieties
Begonia Escargot

The Begonia ‘Escargot’ is aptly named for its spiraled leaves that resemble the shape of a snail, boasting a striking color palette of dark green, light green, and pink.

This ornamental variety is perfect for enhancing the aesthetic of your patio with its unique and eye-catching appearance.

Fibrous or Wax Begonia Types

For those who adore pink, white, rose, or red flowers, Wax begonias are an ideal match, capable of flourishing in both full sun and shade in your backyard. While versatile, it’s important to note that not all Wax begonia varieties can tolerate direct sunlight without some protection.

Resilient and ever-blooming, these plants offer year-round beauty, withstanding all but the most extreme weather variations.

6. Angel Wing Begonias

begonia varieties
Angel Wing Begonia or Cane Begonia

Angel wing begonias, named for their wing-like leaves, offer the option to cultivate for their attractive foliage or encourage blooming.

Thriving in cooler spots with indirect sunlight, these subtropical and tropical plants are an excellent choice for those looking to add a touch of elegance without the need for intense sun exposure.

7. Begonia Polka Dot

begonia types
Begonia Polka Dot

Distinguishing between polka dot (maculata) and angel wing begonias is straightforward once you compare leaf size; maculata’s leaves are notably larger and its silver spots differ from the silver or white on angel wings.

Despite these differences, both types boast eye-catching spotted foliage that makes them equally attractive as houseplants.

8. Begonia Butterfly

begonia types
Begonia Butterfly

The butterfly begonia, with its distinctive foliage patterns resembling butterflies, thrives in warm climates, making it a perfect addition to sunny backyards.

To ensure its health and vibrant summer blooms, consider positioning it under the dappled shade of a large tree for optimal sun protection.

9. Begonia Semperflorens

begonia types
Begonia Semperflorens

Enhance your limited patio space with the colorful Begonia semperflorens in hanging baskets, where their lush green leaves and choice of pink or red flowers create a striking visual cascade.

These begonias are perfect for elevated displays, allowing their vibrant hues to be admired from any angle. Plus, their low-water needs, just once every five days, make them a convenient and attractive option for busy plant lovers.

10. Begonia Lucerna

begonia types
Begonia Lucerna

The Corallina de Lucerna, a classic relative of the Angel Wing Begonia, features distinctive olive-green leaves with subtle silver dots and a contrasting red underside.

This heritage variety is not only a visually striking addition to any space but also boasts ease of care, appealing to both novice and experienced plant enthusiasts.

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Tuberous Begonia Types

Tuberous begonias, with their vibrant blooms, are versatile enough for pots, hanging baskets, or garden beds, enhancing any yard or patio. Varieties like Solenia and Bertini offer lush, colorful displays in moderate light, tolerating morning sun and preferring afternoon shade.

Regular watering to maintain moist soil is key, ensuring these plants stay vibrant through all seasons without the need for rain.

11. Solenia Begonia

begonia types
Solenia Begonia

Solenia Begonia flourishes in the heat, requiring less maintenance and offering a full spectrum of color options from red velvet to light yellow, suitable for both sunny and shaded spots.

Whether you opt for a single color or an array of hues, these robust plants promise to infuse your backyard with a vibrant, eye-catching display.

12. Go Go Yellow Begonia

begonia types
Go Go Yellow Begonia

Imagine deep green foliage with yellow flowers blooming without waiting for the current season.

This type of Begonia is very pretty because the flowers’ color looks like the shining sun. It will make your shady spot in your yard lighter and prettier.

13. Bertini Begonia

begonia types
Bertini Begonia

The Bertini begonia, blooming from spring to fall with red-orange or pink flowers, creates a stunning color gradient that complements the late afternoon sunlight on your patio.

These hardy plants thrive in heat and humidity, ensuring a season-long display of vibrant, beautiful blooms that enhance any outdoor living space.

14. Non Stop Fire Begonia

begonia types
Non Stop Fire Begonia

The Non Stop Fire begonia, with its vivid blooms, ignites a sense of vitality and rejuvenation, making it an energizing addition to any garden. Its early blossoms are a herald of summer, bringing the season’s warmth to your yard before it officially arrives.

15. Bouton de Rose Begonia

begonia types
Bouton de Rose Begonia

The elegant Bouton de Rose begonia graces gardens with its charming pale-to-deep pink gradient blossoms set against rich green foliage from summer through to winter.

This plant’s striking contrast not only enhances garden aesthetics but also makes it a photogenic subject for capturing nature’s beauty.

Hardy Begonias or Begonia Grandis Types

Hardy begonias, particularly Begonia Grandis from East Asia, are a resilient choice for plant enthusiasts looking to add winter interest to their gardens. Capable of withstanding cold climates, these begonias bloom from July through October, offering beauty even in regions like Brooklyn and St. Louis.

While not suited for extreme winters, they can endure temperatures as low as -40°C in certain areas, earning them the title of winter-flowering begonias.

16. Begonia Grandis Alba

begonia types
Begonia Grandis Alba

You can see delicate white flowers through this plant. The foliage is olive green for the above and reddish green with red veining on the back.

Since Begonia Grandis or Hardy Begonias can handle the winter season, this one also fits for you who live in St. Louisiana particularly when the winter comes.

17. Begonia Grandis Torsa

Begonia Grandis Torsa
Begonia Grandis Torsa

Begonia Grandis ‘Torsa’ stands out with its rose-like pale pink flowers and larger size compared to its counterpart, Begonia ‘Alba’.

Not only is ‘Torsa’ visually appealing with its bright green leaves that can soothe and refresh, but it’s also prolific in producing bulbils which makes propagation straightforward. This begonia variant offers both aesthetic charm and ease of growth for gardeners.

18. Begonia Boliviensis

Begonia Boliviensis

If you want to see something blooming in the spring season through your own patio, get this Begonia Boliviensis.

This plant will bloom perfectly during spring, as it will make the foliage longer and look sharper. Also, you can see the flowers flaming beautifully in an orange color to recharge your spirit.

19. Begonia Sapporo

begonia types
Begonia Sapporo

The Sapporo begonia, hailing from its namesake city in Japan, features pale pink flowers edged with deeper tones, reminiscent of the country’s iconic Sakura blossoms.

Thriving in shady conditions, this plant rewards with a flourish of late summer or fall blooms, capturing the essence of its Japanese origins.

Rare Begonia Types

Rare begonias captivate plant enthusiasts with their extraordinary patterns and colors that often surpass the imagination. Their rarity stems from factors such as remote habitats and the challenges associated with cultivation.

The allure of these unique specimens lies not only in their beauty but also in the sense of wonder they evoke upon first sight.

20. Begonia Temuyuk

begonia types
Begonia Temuyuk

The Begonia Temuyuk, also known as Temuyuk Blue, is a highly sought-after rarity, originating from a limited region in western Borneo and prized for its unique metallic blue foliage.

To maintain its vibrant color and shine, this begonia is best cultivated in a terrarium environment rather than as a traditional houseplant. With a manageable size of around 30cm, it fits perfectly within a terrarium, allowing enthusiasts to observe its beauty up close.

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21. Begonia Goegoensis

Begonia Goegoensis
Begonia Goegoensis

Discovered in the 1800s in Goego, West Sumatra, the rare Begonia Goegoensis enchants with dark green foliage accented by rose pink flowers and distinctive pink lines.

Despite its rarity, this begonia variety is as effortless to cultivate as its more common relatives, offering a touch of exotic beauty without additional care complexities.

22. Begonia Imperialis

Begonia Imperialis
Begonia Imperialis

The Begonia Imperialis captivates with its heart-shaped leaves, adorned with a unique pattern reminiscent of a cat’s coat, featuring silver foliage with dark green stripes.

This striking yet serene color blend makes it an ideal ornamental addition to any patio, though it requires protection during colder seasons to maintain its beauty.

23. Begonia Luxurians

Begonia Luxurians
Begonia Luxurians

The Palm Leaf Begonia, with its unique, compact palm-like appearance, sets itself apart from typical begonia varieties with its luxurious deep green, shiny foliage.

This begonia’s distinct look offers an air of elegance and exotic charm, making it a standout addition to any plant collection.

24. Begonia Black Mamba

Begonia Black Mamba
Begonia Black Mamba

The Begonia ‘Black Mamba’ captivates those with a taste for the gothic, its dark, almost black leaves exuding a unique and sophisticated allure akin to the spiraled elegance of the Begonia Escargot.

This plant’s strikingly dark foliage offers a dramatic flair that can enhance the aesthetic of any space with its unconventional beauty.

Final Thought

Diving into the world of Begonias, this guide highlights their versatility, from the decorative foliage of shade-loving Rex Begonias to the vibrant blooms of sun-tolerant Tuberous Begonias and the resilience of cold-resistant Hardy Begonias.

It serves as an invaluable resource for garden enthusiasts aiming to enrich their outdoor or indoor spaces, offering practical care tips and selection advice to match various aesthetics and environmental conditions.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How do you choose the right begonia for your garden or home?

Select the right begonia by matching its type to your space and style.

Use Tuberous begonias for outdoor color, Rex begonias for indoor beauty, Angel Wing and Rhizomatous for versatility, and Cane begonias for height.

What are some popular types of begonias?

Popular types of begonias include Tuberous with their flamboyant blooms, Rex known for spectacular foliage, Angel Wing featuring delicate flowers, Rhizomatous offering diverse leaf shapes, and Cane begonias with tall stems.

Each variety brings its unique beauty to the garden, from colorful flowers to artistic leaves.

What care do different types of begonias require?

Begonias thrive with bright, indirect light and well-draining soil, with watering based on the soil’s top inch dryness to prevent root rot. Specific care, like regular fertilization for Tuberous begonias during bloom, ensures each type flourishes.

Can you grow begonias indoors?

Yes, many begonias, especially Rex, Angel Wing, and Rhizomatous varieties, excel indoors with bright, indirect light. Proper care, including well-draining soil and a meticulous watering schedule, allows them to thrive and enhance any indoor setting.

What is the most beautiful begonia?

The maculata begonia is the most beautiful begonia types because most people can recognize the plant easily. By seeing the dots above the foliage, people can tell that the plant is maculata begonia.

These Begonia are sometimes called Polka dot Begonia or Spotted Begonia.

Do begonias like sun or shade?

Begonias prefer morning sunlight or evening shade, thriving in bright, filtered light and requiring good drainage to avoid rotting.

Consider your climate and choose varieties that suit your environment, as most begonias are shade-loving plants ideal for patios and hanging baskets.

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